Monday, 30 November 2009

Busy weekend

Hello, Hope you're all had a lovely weekend & have eased yourself gently back into yet another week. Just a short post today as it seems very quite in blogland & hey I don't want to be talking to myself!!
I had a great weekend even though I had to work yesterday. I went out for my friends birthday last night, a very small group of her family went to a local pub for a trust me we're not the brightest group but there was 8 of us, ........ imagine our surprise when we WON!!!! It was £1 each to enter & we won £25!!! So Claire kept the money to treat herself to yet another present.

Above you can see my crocheted granny square lavender bags. I've just received a large order for these so I'm working flat out to complete it before the fair on the 4th & the 13th....... I've just updated my web site.

I've also been selling these crocheted lavender hearts........... they can be used as tree decorations, on your coat hangers or even on your bed frame as I have done to help me sleep. I've not been sleeping well for the last few mind is flat out at the moment so I've been going to bed about 11ish then up again by 5 to do somethings before work. Please remind me to be better organised next Christmas!!

At last but not least............. Russian doll felt brooches......

A close up.............
You can find out more here.

Have a good week.


  1. Hi Jose-Mary! - I absolutly love your lavender bags and the crochet hearts are gorgous. I've just taken a peek at you website - very nice!

    Love Jayne

  2. Your Russian dolls are so sweet!

    Victoria xx

  3. Those Russian dolls are particularly great, but the knitting and crochet are lovely too - how busy you are!

  4. Hello! I love your crocheted bags, they are lovely and aren't those russian doll so sweet too! Clever lady! suzie . xxx

  5. Hiya!
    I'm here!
    Does go quiet this time of year....apart from the hum of sewing machines across the land!

    Lovely makes JM.....fab!xxx

  6. Fabby stuff!
    I aim to own something made by each one of my blogg friends xxx
    Love the crochet hearts!
    I really need to sort out my paypal account!