Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lots going on.........

Lots to tell you about today so brace yourselves!!!

First up ....where did I go yesterday to celebrate Armistice day???

I headed off to Ottery St Mary where the local garden centre was holding a war time tea dance!!
For every 10 people dress in 1940's clothing the owners would donate a further £50 to the British Legion.
Now I'm not a great lover of fancy dress but I wanted to make an effort!

I made the ribbon corsage & simply dressed up my work outfit (all black) with red accessories. A lovely red beret, red button earring's & some red lippy! Teamed with my shopping basket I think I looked the part, I was getting some funny looks on the train!

I dragged my mum along (no chance with dad!) but when we arrived there was hardly anyone dressed up! It was full of really old people.....there's a pattern forming here with my days out!..... they were all dancing but it wasn't very war time. I was starting to feel a bit silly now!

We set off for a bit of retail therapy to cheer us up, mum works there so can get discount & I've just found they sell Yankee candles.....Silver bells is my favourite!

When we arrived back at the dance it was tea time........

Homemade biscuits...........yum! Then the music started again.....

No money wasted on decorations here! I was very disappointed by the lack of bunting!

This was the total number of people who had dressed up..... I was in the back so didn't put myself forward & no one asked me....maybe they thought it was my normal outfit!
These people looked fantastic but you could only see the back of them because they were facing the judges. I turned out to be a very enjoyable evening & it was nice to spend time with mum.
At the end of the evening they announced they had raised nearly £600 for the British Legion! The tickets were only £3.50 including the tea which I think is really good, unfortunately there were a few people sat in the normal restaurant watching that hadn't paid at all!

Next up are some gifts......

CK Christmas tea towel is a treat to myself! Does anyone know if you can still buy poster hangers? It's too nice to use. The Keep Calm mug was a belated birthday gift & the CK mug was a gift from Erica for teaching her how to knit.....I really haven't done very much as she's a natural.

Did anyone else see the White Stuff campaign to adopt a Gnome for charity?

I love Gnomes so couldn't resist this one. He sat in the shop window for weeks with my name on, I had quite a few texts & email asking if I really had adopted a Gnome! I went to collect him on Tuesday but it's far to wet for him outside, I think he looks quite at home next to the LA sign.

This week I've been trying to make badges & hair slides to replace the ones I sold on Saturday.
Looking forward to the fair tomorrow but wish I had made more stuff now!

Hope you all have a good week, for those of you lucky enough to be going to CL & Vintage handmade fair......have fun!
I'm working in Bristol next week so I think a visit to my favourite shop might be on the cards!


  1. Oh, I wish I'd seen you! Well done you for going, and for making something good of it, even if it wasn't quite what you'd hoped for.

  2. wow, what a fabulous idea. I had no idea at all that it was on, but it must have been great. Shame more people didn't enter into the spirit of things with the dressing up (and they could have made it a bit more decorative, after all, they sell plenty of the right kind of stuff!), but I'm glad it turned out to be a good evening anyway. I used to go Jive Dancing at St Georges Hall - it was really popular, people didn't often dress up, but loads and loads would come every week to dance - I bet plenty of them would have gone along if they'd known!

    Hope it goes well tomorrow - fingers crossed for lots of sales. And have a great time in Bristol xx

  3. That sounded like great fun and reasonably priced too!
    I love Gnomes also, wish I had adpoted one - boo hoo!

  4. What fun it must have been at the tea dance. I think your gnome would rather be inside.He looks happy where he is. x

  5. Oh Joe, it sounds like you had fun anyway, shame more people didn't dress up!
    The goodies are lovely and hope you sell even more at the next fair!

  6. What a great day out you had, shame there was no bunting on display - I would've thought that a must!!!

    Love that you adopted a gnome, I brought some of the gnome paper bags in IKEA earlier this week

    Good luck with your fair tomorrow

    Victoria xx

  7. At least you had a go!!! Definitely should have been some bunting up ;)

    Good luck with the fair :)

    Mel xxx

  8. I'd love to go to a 1940's tea dance!
    My friend does allot of charity events, I keep trying to talk him into arranging one!

  9. I love it! A war time tea dance, how wonderful! I am having my first giveaway over at my blog! suzie. xx

  10. Hi Josie,

    Re: the blogging for bliss book - it is good but to be honest i thought it was going to be more about other peoples blogs, where really its about how to set up a good blog. I've read through, but because my blog is really for me and about family life etc, i'm not worried about making it all look really professional or about attracting as many followers as i can get. x