Thursday, 19 November 2009

What do you think??

Morning, Shall I buy it????
It's a real bargain & I do love the colour but I'm not very good at updating things, I feel it's a waste of money when I already have a camera. Well it's OH's & it's only 5.0 mega pixel, all my photo's are dark & blurred but I think that's me not the camera!!

After getting in late last night I found this waiting for me.
Yes it's my goodies from worker isn't she??
I'm going to tease you now & show you later what's inside........maybe I'll take some photo's using my new camera! Let's just say I love it all & I'm very happy with my purchase.

Yesterday I went to Bristol for selling many times???? It was very scaring because it was really hard mobile phone shops!!...........not sure I can do that. It was fun though but a bit 'blue sky thinking'.
It finished 15 mins early so I made a dash to hear.....

Terrible photo but it was taken early this morning . This is all I got.....£1.60 worth of's unheard of!!! I had yet another bonus last month so was going to treat myself but after a long walk there was nothing I wanted........NOTHING I WANTED.....what's going on!!!
I went to buy the new iphone case hoping it would fit my Nokia but it didn't :(
There were 3 members of staff in store & just me....... they didn't say hello & were all stood behind the till chatting about chapped lips!!! I felt very uncomfortable & just wanted to leave....... take note Cath ..... you need to train your staff on customer service!

On the train home I had an idea...........

I'm going to make lavender bags to go with the Union Jacks..................
Do you like????

I need to press this & finish it with a spotty ribbon.
Also I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but who'll know?
Let me know what you be honest!


  1. Hi Joe,

    The camera looks fab! Go on you know you want to... lol

    I know what you mean about terrible customer service in shops, never had it in CK, but it really does wind you up! I do like your stickers though :-)

    Have a great week!
    Rose X

  2. I love the red camera - I am a sucker for anything red. Whether you shoud get it depends on, obviously cost, but how much you need god pics.(Not that I think your pics are not good!) I keep thinking I need a new one as I feel my camera doesn't sometimes display the stitches and the cheer quite as I want! I would be tempted. I love your knitted saying, I can't see any reason why you can't use it??? But what do I know! Really like it though. suzie. xxx

  3. You are a it vintage baubles..?
    I have those on the mind lately!
    I would treat yourself to the camera!! You deserve it!

  4. The camera looks great, I like the colour. The amount of pixels should be fine it just depends on if you think you may want to print off some of your pictures in poster size or if you want to zoom in to a picture and crop then you may want to consider more pixels 8 to 10 otherwise 5 pixels will be fine.
    I like what you bought at CK and am surprised at the service. They are ususally so good! The staff in Bath are brilliant!

    Isabelle x

  5. How on EARTH do you get letters in your knitting? I am in awe...

    My thinking on the camera would be to see how good a photo you can take with your current one if you really go for it - get some advice, follow it, and see if it really is the camera that's letting you down. If it is, then why not buy the new one? But if you start getting better results with the current one, you've saved some money and developed your talents... Sounds very boring advice, really...

  6. I wish I could knit like that, I've never been able to master using 2 colours within a piece.
    love the camera as red is 'my' colour.

  7. I have a Samsung camera and do love it... I justified buying it as it was beneficial to my blogger, I can't say I'm necessarily a better photographer but the camera certainly is!

    Victoria x

  8. It's red - I love it! Buy it!!

    I love the new idea too - very clever.


  9. i definitly would!you could treat it as an early christmas present to yourself,especially as you were so good in cath k!
    i have only bought things online from there p&p charges are scandelous though


  10. i definitly would!you could treat it as an early christmas present to yourself,especially as you were so good in cath k!
    i have only bought things online from there p&p charges are scandelous though


  11. like someone else said, go for it - it's gorgeous, and you were very VERY restrained in CK.

    Love what you created - that's so clever and I bet it would be a real hit, especially paired with the union jacks.

  12. if you can afford it and you'll use it. buy it. i too am debating on spending money on a newer camera....let us know what you decide!