Monday, 16 November 2009

Crafty day

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good weekend & enjoyed the beautiful weather we're having at the moment :(
On Friday, after working a 10 hour day (!), I fought my way through the gale force wind & rain to here....

(Yes this was taken on a different day!)

It was due to start at 8pm & we were thinking surely no one in their right mind would head out in this weather...... how wrong can you be!!
They were queuing up to get in & when the doors opened they all flooded in.

It was a slow start for me & at one point I felt like giving up, then they all came back!
The Christmas decorations were a hit & sold out very quickly, at one point I had 2 ladies fighting over them.
I didn't have time to take any pictures before the rush but here's one I took just before the end.....

I tried to keep my prices low but it's so hard when I know how long everything takes to make..... knitting is very different to sewing, it takes me 5 mins to run up a lavender bag in fabric but over an hour to knit one side, then you have to back it etc so I think £6 is a bargain!

I shared the table with my friend who does wall decals.....

Very popular, love the fairy.

So that was my 2nd fair & it was fantastic :) I loved it.... it was such a buzz selling my own things & I'm finally in profit :)
I've been asked to do my 3rd on Friday 4th November so it's all go (it's the first one that I'm doing alone)......I must be mad taking on 4 craft fairs in one month & leading up to Christmas. I work in retail so my hours have gone up as well! I'm hoping if I work really hard now I'll be asked back to these in the summer when I have more time on my hands....also loads of people were asking about ordering online so things are looking up. You never know I might make my millions & be able to hand in my notice soon :)

In my last post I show a photo of my basket that I took to the tea dance. After I wrote the post I went back to the kitchen to find this.....

Silly Nanny.

He didn't like it when OH picked him up.

Last year I showed you this Christmas cacti I brought......

I said I didn't know how to care for it so I didn't think it would last long but look at it now....

I'm so pleased with it, it's grown so much.

I thought I'd show you this photo of the lovely planters I brought from Habitat to go in my plant stand. Also my plate that I brought today....

I've been looking on the web for Spode baking days but haven't got round to buying any, today I went in to Panters...(do you have Panters?) & it was really cheap! This plate on the web is £10...mine for £6.20...bargain! I'll be having my dinner on that tonight.
This wasn't the only thing I brought today...... as you know I was suppose to go to the CL fair on Thursday & the Vintage & Handmade fair on Saturday, both of which I had to cancel due to I treated myself to some goodies from Michele, can't wait for them to arrive so I too can share my V&H goodies.

Have a good week


  1. Hi Joe
    love your union jack knitting how clever is that.
    Have a great week

  2. wow I'm glad you had a sucessfull fair. Your stall looked fab. I love those knitted union jacks.


  3. well done on all your crafty projects...I'm off for another look !

    Sam xx

  4. In profit after only two fairs? I am impressed. I love your stuff and I am sure yiou are not over-pricing it. I can see what you mean about knitting taking so much longer than sewing. It's a whole lot harder, too!

  5. So pleased your fair was a success and I'm sure you'll be a household name next Summer!

    Victoria xx

    PS I can't wait to see the goodies you've ordered.

  6. Wow, you've done so well! Gorgeous things hun. What a shame you had to miss the two fairs though :(

    Mel xxx

  7. So pleased your fair was a success!!!
    Your stuff looks great and yes you are brave taking on all those fairs but you can do it!!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  8. Well done on battling through the bad weather!
    Glad you have found a place to sell your goodies!
    See you soon!

  9. So pleased that the fair was a success for you, I love knitted union jacks!!! These kinds of fairs are great. I went to the V&H fair at the weekend and had a fantastic time.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  10. Love those union Jacks! oooh, it all loos wonderful! suzie. xxx

  11. fab!! Oh, I am so pleased that the second fair worked out for you and was so good. How exciting. Definitely sounds like the start of a new and exciting development.

    Love the picture of Nanny too - he looks very comfy and very much like he doesn't want to be disturbed!

    Look forward to seeing what loveliness you have coming your way from Michelle - so nice to have a little treat - you certainly deserve it after all your hardwork. x

  12. well done josie! i love the union jacks xx