Sunday, 22 November 2009

New toys & kind friends...........

Hello everyone, I'm tempting you with this yummy apple crumble..... I made this a few days ago & wanted to share it because it's the first time I used my spotty dish. I wish I had another one today............ I could just eat that now.

In my last post I told you all about a bargain I had found...........
Well to be honest I didn't hang about to read many of your comments because I had to work & just before I left I decided I wanted I got it!!!
It was only £69.99 reduced from £199 so it was a real bargain! Regular readers will know I don't do technology........OH took his old camera back & took the lovely picture of Nanny in my new header picture. I think he wanted to prove that you could take close ups with it if you knew how to use it! Today has been the first time I've had chance to play & it's great!! I like the fact it tells you what to do on the screen...... an idiot could use it so there's hope for me!!

Here's Nanny yet again...........

I seen black & white photo's on other blogs & been very impressed.............hey now I can do it & it's so easy!!! I'm chuffed to bits :)

Now onto some serious stuff.............last year I brought this little fella from Michelle........

I fell in love with him & just like all my deers he stays out all year. I've been telling you all week about my goodies that I order this year so here they are...............

Fantastic!!!!....... I was so happy when I opened the box........... We used to have a Santa just like this & every year it was my job to find him in the box of decorations. I could never understand why he had to go away in January. I asked my mum only a few weeks ago where ours went & then I spotted this on Michele's blog............ but will he go away in January???
My deer collection is growing quickly & I've just placed an order with Jayne :)

Couldn't resist these cards, so much better then the tacky ones in the shops.

Yesterday I had a visit from Sal, I'm sure you'll remember how fed up I was about working on the day of the Vintage & Handmade fair............ I did moan just a little bit!!!
Sal had a lovely gift for me to make up for not going.........

Thank you so much Sal, you said it wasn't much!............I couldn't believe how much you gave me. It's all great....fabric, lavender bag, heart, cards & more!
Now I feel like I went to the fair :)

The last few photo's have been taken with the new camera........... if you can see a difference please let me know............ if you can't see a difference please keep quiet!!!!!

I'll be back with more deers soon. In the meantime if you would like to donate money to the poor people who have lost everything in floods you can do it here...... I worked out if I didn't treat myself to coffee & the odd cake this week I could give. My heart goes out to them, I only wish I could do more.

Have a good week :)


  1. The photos look great, Joe! I look forward to seeing what else you can do with your excellent bargain.

  2. The camera just looks so good - never mind whether the photos are good or not! But actually they are, so well done!

    You are going to have a whole herd of deer very soon!


  3. Your camera will give you hours of fun,I am sure!

    I know how lucky I was to go to the Fair...and I know how fed up you must have been not to be able to go.
    I was so sorry you weren't there to have a cup of tea with me,like last time! will love Totnes late night shopping!!

  4. I loved my Samsung (I think I wore it out!) The black and white photo is lovely.

  5. Glad you got the camera, your photos look fantastic!!!

    How kind of Sal to get you so many lovely things and I love everything your brought from Michele

    Victoria xxx

  6. the photos do look lovely - I'm sure the camera will be worth its weight in gold with the pleasure it will bring.

    I decided you'd be the winner of the Simply Knitting Giveaway - either drop me a line with your address (juliepyne at hotmail) or, I expect I'll be coming into town at some point this week, so I'll drop it off at your work for you if that's easier. So pleased that it will be properly used and enjoyed! x

  7. Hiya hunni
    Thanks for popping over and for your lovley comments.
    That camera look's very swish indeed. I hope you have lot's of fun with it.
    Ps you'd better make a start on those christmas pressies there's only a few week's left lol

  8. your apple crumble looks lovely, ive been craving an apple crumble and hot custard for a while now must be the colder weather, fliss xx

  9. Obviously a good buy as your photos are brill and I love the black and white one! suzie. xx

  10. Nanny is so cute!
    oohh I love kitty pic's!

    Great camara...fab gift....ppl can be so kind!xx