Saturday, 28 November 2009

Crafty day ....Part 3..

Hope you're having a relaxing Saturday. I've been off today....thankfully.... it was much needed as I've worked 10 out of the last 11 days! I was up nice an early...5am!!!....... & started the housework so I could spend yet another day off being crafty.

First I thought I'd share my living room with you........... while it's tidy!!!

I love the slides!!!.....OH & his friend tried to break it when they were doing up the house because they hated it but I think it's great. It's kind of orangey yellow coloured glass which I'm told is very unusual.
The storage cubes are a new buy, they used to live in Habitat with all my paperwork in so when I heard they were being skipped I had to give them a home. I plan to store all my fabric in here when I can find the time to sort it all out. The tiger on the sofa was a Christmas present from OH, I have more things like this that I'll save for another post.

The lighting in my kitchen is so bad & I hate sitting out there so I brought the table in to the living room......

It takes up quite a lot of space...........something I don't have............ but I'm going to go with it until the fairs are over. At least it's more cosy in here & I can still watch TV!!! Today I've been making card holders, Christmas cards, wheat packs & more brooches.......... I hope to take photo's for my web site on Monday so I'll try & show you.
It was hard work with the machine again.............. I sorted the cotton snapping problem & was going great guns until............ my cotton ran out, then the bobbin went & I had problems yet again with putting in the new one..............then the bulb went!!!!
I think it's trying to tell me something but I'm a stubborn old girl & I'll keep going :)

I've saved this terrible photo until last........

I washed my hall & stair carpet today................... I don't have very much carpet in the house, OH is allergic to cats & wooden floor don't get so furry! I choose a light colour carpet as there's not much natural light & for the last 3 years I've cleaned it nearly every month.............Yes that's right this filth is only one months worth!!! Every time I do it it shocks me so I just had to share.
Remember it's just me & OH here, he's away lots & I'm working all the time so how can my carpet get this dirty???? We don't have a visitors so I can only guess it must be those damn pussy cats not wiping their feet!
My last house was rented & I never washed the carpets goodness how bad must they have been? So how often do you wash yours???

Back to work tomorrow & out in the evening for my friends birthday....... we had a terrible time last year.....remember??...........I'm hoping this year will be better.


  1. Oh yes, washing carpets is a revelation, isn't it? We did was our rental house carpet when we moved, and it really made me feel sick to think we'd been living with that much ick...

    Now we have pale tiles everywhere, and just a few rugs which keep feet warm in winter. The trouble with that is that every bit of dirt is instantly visible, and sometimes I almost wish I could have dirt-concealing carpets again!

    Other than that, thanks for the tour around your house - I love the tiger!

  2. Lovely to see where you live ...and do your crafting!
    Hope your weekend is going well ;-)

  3. Great to have your tour round. Our carpets really need a proper clean - I hoover (a lot), but our hall carpet is just minging - we really need to replace it with wooden flooring, because I dread to think what lurks within, with all four of us walking outside shoes over it, plus the pushchair wheels, yuck yuck. A project for the new year is forming I think!

  4. I dread to think what the carpet in my bedroom would look like... I have so much stuff in here it's hard to hoover it let alone clean it properly!!

    Victoria xx

  5. I seriously need to wash my carpets!! They are practically white and I hoover all the time. Today
    I moved a mat thet had been in the same place for 2 years (with a bureau on top of it!)
    I was shocked at the difference!
    I need a vax!!!!