Monday, 2 November 2009

Crafty day

Today I've been mostly making a mess!!
With only 5 days to go until my first fair I've been panicking & falling out with my sewing machine yet again!

OH has gone back to Majorca for 6 days so I'm home alone....thankfully!
I was up really early this morning & with all the housework done I thought I could have a full day crafting. The day has gone so fast & I feel I haven't got much done.
I'm really hoping this fair will be the first of many but if I don't get my act together it could be my last. I've been selling my knitting for about 15 years & always talked about doing fairs etc but never got around to it.
2 years ago when I met Penny we've talked & talked about it, finally the day is nearly here & I'm not ready!!! I know I can sell..... I'm pretty good at it at work, lets face it if I can sell a £3k sofa surely I can sell a few corsages...... but I'm worried I won't sell anything!

I settled down at 11am with my machine....... why does my cotton keep breaking?????
I can't even sew one seem without it happening, I've tried everything....... including shouting quite a lot!

So after making rather a lot of mess I decided to stick to what I know & sat in front the TV to do my crocheting!
I watched Cliff Richard's 'Summer Holiday'................fantastic!
I love that film & after 2 hours of singing & some armchair dancing (!!) I felt much calmer & happier! Not sure I can face the machine again just yet though.

Now I think some of you ladies will be very jealous. I was hunting for my flat cat (more about him later) when I came across this white box that I haven't looked at for 3 years!
I wonder what's inside???

Lots of fabric & some knitted things from when I was planning on setting up a web site, I think I should take those tanktops to the never know!
Now lets look more closely at the fabric.....

Do you know what it is???

Here's some still in the unopened bag!!!
How naughty, at the time I really wanted it........ it makes me feel so bad..... I'm such a spend wonder I don't have any money!!!!
So now I'm thinking about what I can do with it that doesn't involve my machine.....hahahaha!!

This is my flat cat..........

The picture's so bad, I can't believe how dark it is at 4pm...hardly worth drawing the curtains.
I made him years ago but thought he may go down well at the fair, I need to work out what I did....... I never write anything down as lots of my things are one offs.

Another bad picture!!
These are my gifts I received from some lovely bloggers.......

They were included in the hat parcels....... thank you Hen & Karen.....sorry it's taken so long to post about it & I don't think I've done them justice with the terrible photo!!!

Things just aren't going well at the moment...... do you ever have days like that????
Well mines lasted 4 days now & I'm starting to get a little bit fed up with things going wrong!
I think it because my back it still bad & the tablets I take make you feel yucky.
Hope to be back soon to show you some things I've made, have a good week.


  1. If your thread keep breaking check your needle doesn't have a hook on the end & also the top tension.

    I also still have some unuseed Ikea Rosali fabrics - pity they didn't produce them for longer!


  2. My thread kept breaking when my needle had got a bit bent, which is what Jayne's saying, I think.

    I also read one blogger saying that IKEA thread was really tough, and worked when everything else broke. Do you have any of that tucked in your bag?

  3. Your table looks like mine has looked today but can you believe OH has just made me clear it so we can sit down and eat tea, how dare he lol!
    I'm also a little nervous about the fair but nothing ventured, nothing gained, that's what I keep telling myself anyway.
    Yours is before mine so look forward to hearing how you get on.
    Beki xxx

  4. Where and when is the fair?!
    Please tell!!
    Hope it goes really well for you!

  5. Good luck with the fair - I'm sure you'll do really well. That Ikea fabric is great - I wish at the time I had bought some more of it as it didn't last long!

  6. You haven't nudged the tension dial by mistake? Yes I have those day, I seem to be on the go but not getting anywhere and I just seem to make a huge mess! Never mind maybe tomorrow will be better. Good luck with the fair! Suzie. x

  7. I always feel the same if I have a day off that it just goes to quickly! That doesn't seem to happen at work!!

    Victoria xx

  8. I can't beleive you had CK rosalie fabric that you'd forgotten about, thats a crime! lol. I hope your sewing machine starts behaving. I've had a crafting day today too, but it got dark so quick I didn't get to take any pics, so will try and pop them on my blog tomorrow. I hope you do well at the craft fair, and sell lots. xxx Pixie xxx

  9. Wow, you lucky thing, what an amazing find!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the fair, I had to admit defeat and have started a mini blog shop instead lol. Sewing machines are waaayyyy beyond me I'm afraid but it sounds like you have some good suggestions there :)

    Mel xxx

  10. Hope you can get your sewing maching working properly!!
    Good luck with the fair!!

  11. I know what you mean about sewing-not my favourite past time either. I say stick to crochet!
    Hope everything goes ok for you at the fair.

  12. Your comment resonated so much - we're obviously feeling the same at the mo. I think for me it's partly cos there's simply been no autumn, really. Not like there used to be. It's straight into dark winter nights, and I feel miserable about it.
    I'm sure the fair will be fab. My first fair earlier this year... I was so incredibly nervous, I was shaking. I only took about £35, but I had so much fun. Wish I could pop along. Good luck.
    As for the rosalie... if you pop it on ebay, please let me know! Lucky you finding a stash like that. Stashes are good cos they cheer us up at the best possible moments.
    Have a lovely day. xxx

  13. Good luck at the fair.
    Isn't it fab when you find stash tucked away?

  14. oh dear, sounds like a really trying day. Hope things have improved.

    Thanks for your comments - shame you didn't have better weather for your holiday, but sounds like it was a good break apart from that - always nice to have a change of scene, eh ?
    When is the fair ? Will definitely try to pop in and see you. x

  15. Hope the fair goes well!

    Still unsure if I should keep the Yellow Teacup!

    Vanessa x

  16. where is the fair josie? i would like to pop in. I am still going to the handmade fair so i can pick you up if you like. I spotted a local girl in one of your blogs she lives here in silverton so she may come with us too.

  17. Erica is her name...

  18. Time always goes too quick when I'm trying to be creative!!!
    Love the fabrics, you really should think about making something fab with them :)