Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance day & craft fair

'They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them'

Hello, sorry to repeat last years post but I don't think anything more can be said.
I stayed at home today to watch the TV service, this was the first time in years that I hadn't made the effort to go out. I was thinking about the time I made the journey to the cenotaph, it was about 6 years ago. I'm so pleased I did it but not sure I could face it again, I still remember how cold I was & how my legs didn't work after it had finished.
Listen to me moaning when people died in freezing trenches!

So on a lighter note yesterday saw me & Penny heading off to Whipton Community Hall in Exeter to attend our first craft fair.
Come on in......

It was a very cold grey afternoon ................ just look at those lovely heads on the windows....

I arrived first to find a very tiny hall full of tables, our was the 2nd one just inside the door. They were so tight together I couldn't even get my stuff set up!!!

Here's our table all set up.
What do you think?

It didn't look as good as I hoped, I had a picture in my mind that just didn't work out on the day. The table was so small we had trouble fittings both our things on.
It was only £5 a table so maybe we should've gone for one each.
Did you spot my lovely new bag?
I ordered it from The Mail On Sunday back in June but it only arrived this week.....
I love it, it stands out in the crowd!

Before pricing anything we went for a wander to see what was on offer, well Vintage & Handmade fair it was not!!! In fact it was rubbish! One lady had a whole table full of knitted toys that were really bad, she was charging £1 for them. I felt really sorry for her because she told me she knitted all the time just for this fair..... not sure if she sold anything because her table looked just as full at the end.

What do you think of Penny's dresses??

Beautiful aren't they, all made from recycled fabrics.

I made my first sale at 2.05!!!! I was so chuffed!
Here's a close up of the table looking slightly messy from people 'looking'.

Christmas decorations, lavender bags, corsages, shoes & slippers.

So was it worth it?
It was full of old folks coming for a chat & a cup of tea. One lady even told Penny her patchwork double size quilt was so expensive.....she put £225 on it because it took her years to finish it.
It just wasn't our target market but I did sell lots of little things that added up so I did make a profit on the day..... I suppose you can't ask for more. Unfortunately Penny didn't sell one thing even through she had made some beautiful things.

I have another one on Friday 13th (oh dear!), I think this will be better because The Body Shop at home will be there plus a locally owned shop that it quite high price but sells more things in keeping with my stuff. Hope it will be worth it.
So angry I gave up my Saturday off & now I can't come to the Vintage & Handmade :(


  1. Oh dear, it is sad when lots of effort goes into things and people do not appreciate it.
    Hope you sell lots on Friday.

  2. I stood at the Vintage and Homemade in Northampton yesterday and wasn't sure what to expect. As it was both Vintage and Homemade it was good not to have to spend weeks behind a sewing machine machine - I took of some of both. It did seem though that people were happy to buy a few things with low prices on rather than any one more expensive item. I've learned to make sure there are plenty of low priced items so that I can be sure not to bring everything home with me. I also try and have a wide range. Good luck on Friday!

  3. oh i am sorry to hear that the crafty stall didnt go well!
    i love those kinda things and they never have them in my area!

    your stall looked really pretty though,im sure that the one that you do on friday the 13th will be much better sorted for you!


  4. Sorry to hear that the craft show wasn't as good as expected but at least you gave it a go.

    Fingers crossed for the 13th

    Victoria xxx

  5. People just don't realise how much time and work goes into crafting. Also the cost of the materials too. Hope it goes better for you on the 13th! Lucky for some! suzie. xx

  6. Oh do make me laugh though,Joe!
    I hope the next fair is better for you!
    BTW ...I wish you could come along on Saturday!!

  7. Hi Joe,

    I am glad your fair went ok - fingers crossed for the next one! I guess all we can do is learn from each one and hope to make a profit :-)

    (that said I am terrified of my one in 3 weeks! lol)

    Rianna made me laugh when she said they were learning about rememberance day and the poppies at school - how do you teach 4/5 year olds the concept of war successfully? - she was telling me that the poppies were for the grand old duke of york's marching men that all fell down and died, I guess she had a least part of the concept right! I tried to explain more, and told her that my grandad (her great grandad) was in the war and that she should ask him about it, but she couldn't understand why he was still alive if all the marching men had died...

    Have a great week :-)

    Rose X

  8. Awwwww Joe, at least you know it wasn't your lovely things that were the reason you didn't do well! I think your stall looked great. Are those little bunny slippers on the left? V cute! Hope the one on Friday goes better.

    Mel xxx

  9. Well done on the fair.....I'm hoping to do one...some day, they look such fun!
    Did you enjoy it?

    Sorry not been about much, trying to work hard!
    this week is def easier...less swearing from little children....what a joy...not!!!