Monday, 28 June 2010


I'm still here!!!!
Sorry I haven't been around........I haven't felt like doing very much of late what with the Habitat sale starting last week & the heat. I did take these photo's on Monday 21st when I had the day off but never got around to showing you. As you can see I was working very hard!!!!

In my defence I had spent most of the morning weeding....where do they all come from? So in the afternoon I decided to sit & enjoy :) I needed to make some slippers for a friend's birthday but I had to be very careful in the sun as I suffer from sun stroke so I couldn't stay out very was nice while it lasted.

Of course I had my little shadow......

As you can see he doesn't like the sun in his eyes!!

Not sure how to get rid of the black stripe so we'll just pretend it's not there shall we!!!

Don't forget it's Show & Tell on Sunday....this month is being hosted by Justine.


  1. Your little spot in the sun looks very comfortable :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with sitting and enjoying the sun! We don't have it that often...yes, weeds appear from nowhere and are rampant at the moment.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Glad to hear you sounding cheerier again :-) Spending time outdoors with the flowers & sunshine always puts a smile on my face too (even if I am hot & bothered and stroppy most of the time at the moment! lol)

    I can't wait to let my kitty outdoors (2nd injections were yesterday, so technically she can now, but I am scared she will run off!). Looking forwards to lots of lazy garden days crocheting with my little friend sat by my side, just like in your pics!

    Rose X

  4. Your little sunshine spot looks perfect!

    Victoria x