Thursday, 1 July 2010

June 2010

Not many pretty pictures for June, it was a sad month for me :(
I did make some things but I didn't take any photo's......I feel all out of sorts at the moment & very forgetful, is it the heat?

So today is the 1st July..........Please spare a thought for those people who lost their lives at the battle of the Somme. I did a post about it last year that you can read here.

Onwards & upwards......a new month as started & I'm not working next week, lets hope the weather is good as I planned to do nothing but sit in the garden!!!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about being out of sorts too. Join the club!
    Julie xxxx

  2. Lets hope that July brings lots of happiness for you :)

  3. My dad would never let me forget about the Battle of the Somme!

    Victoria x

  4. Yes, We should remember. I hope that next month brings you more happiness. Suzie xx

  5. We should always remember xxx