Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crafty Sunday

Hello...... How's your week been?
I can report mine did get better, thankfully!

I thought this week I would do a post purely for Crafty Sunday.

I starting the week doing something just for me.....

It's coming on nicely but I promised myself I would make 2 hexagons a week but it hasn't worked out that way. I will finish it one day

I finally finished my granny square blanket....

This is a gift for my friend's new baby, she loves these blankets & I've offered to teach her but she won't have it. She did plan to come to Make, Do and Mend to make one before the baby came but it's 2 weeks to go & she never made it!

I made this before I found out she was having a boy so it's unisex!

I have a stash of wool.....

and this week I'm about to start another gift for him, I hope to show you soon but maybe not next week!
He has no name as yet, we were thinking of names last week....blimey it's hard!

I'm excited this week as I've had a brilliant idea for Make, Do and Mend, we're also going to be part of a 1940's event & we've been nominated for an award!

I'll be back with more news :)

BTW I'm up to 97's a slow process as 1 person joins another leaves - not sure what I'm doing wrong!.....but anyway when I finally get to 100 followers I will be doing a if you read my blog but don't follow please do.


  1. I love crochet, that blanket is beautiful and the hexie one is incredible. I still can't quite get the hang of it but I am trying.
    Kandi x

  2. Your blankets are gorgeous, I think it will be years before I finish my first blanket, I have to be in a calm mood to crochet or I get frustrated by it !

  3. Beautiful crochet - I love the hexagonal blanket xx

  4. Hey! Thank you for popping over :)

    Your blog is lovely and this is my favourite type of blanket!

    Good luck in getting to 100. You will do it no probs :)

    I look forward to your giveaway. Please enter mine I'm having right now and help me spread the word!

    Bye for now.


  5. The hexagon blanket is so lovely! It may take some time, but would love to see it when its finished! x

  6. A beautiful hexagon blanket! Suie xxx

  7. Those blankets are gorgeous, I bet your friend will be thrilled with the baby one, what a wonderful gift.

    How exciting for Make Do and Mend - I'm not going to be around much over the next couple of weeks, but I'll look forward to hearing all about it next time I'm on the computer. x

  8. Both the crochet blankets are lovely! I'm just about to start on one for my friend's baby - I love the colours you used so may well check back for inspiration!

  9. i'm a proper official follower now! Tho i had to get my 11 yr old son to show me how to do it lol
    love the crochet blankets xx

  10. Really wish I could crochet, everyone tells me its easy, but I cannot even knit!

    Vanessa x

  11. Just had to join and make it 100!
    Lovely blog
    Helen x