Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Hello everyone, having a good week so far?

It's been a funny one for me.......back to work which I was not looking forward too.
But Monday morning brought it's own challenges.....
1st - I was trying to do something on my blog at about 6am & noticed the 'New' template tabs....oooh I'll have a look I thought & as you can see I'm all changed!! Yes I clicked apply to blog instead of the return to blogger button! I think it looks ok but I miss my spots :(

2nd - when I charged my IPhone it asked if I wanted to download the latest software, well of course. Well you can guess what happened can't you?....yep the whole thing crashed & I had to spend an hour wiping the phone then re installing. I was in a right panic! I think it has updated the new software because it's a bit different.

3rd - the bus was 15 mins late then hit a bus stop & mounted the pavement! We all fell about & I hit my head & arm badly.

I hope you're all having a chuckle at my bad luck but really Monday was rubbish!!!!!

Just to add to my troubles I've been off today & hoped to get in the garden but rained all day, we even had thunder :(
At 10am this morning a man arrived to tell us there was problem with power in our area & the power was to be switched off from 10.30 - 2pm! It didn't come back until 3.30pm!!
Blimey it's been a long hard TV, no Internet...oh my goodness!
I couldn't even hoover....ok so it did have it's plus side!

Luckily it came back in time for my roast beef tonight :)

So back to the point...... ah yes Lavender.

As you know I make lavender bags & have always loved the smell & try to have it growing in the garden. Well I can say it loves my new house! I planted it 2 years ago & I'm still using dried lavender from last year.

This is what it looked like in June

And 3 days ago

And today

This is just one bush...I still have another 3 to go :)

Dashing in & out of the rain I managed to clear the nearest to the door that was a bit worse for wear. The house now smells very lovely, I'd normally dry it in the out house but because it's so wet it'll go mouldy which means it's the doesn't help OH's asthma....whoops!

I found out on Friday my lovely friend Charlie is having a little boy in 2 weeks.....what can I make? I'm stuck...... I've made gifts for little girls for too long.
Fair isle tank top? Plan v neck cardigan with a motif on a pocket?
Any idea's welcomed.

Click the link for my Folksy shop to see my latest necklace :)

Hope my week gets better....working late tomorrow for this.


  1. Oh my word! What a time you have had of it, well hopefully you have had all your bad luck out of the way for the whole year! Can I ask how long does the lavender have to dry for?
    Kandi x

  2. What a week, I hope your arm and head are feeling better. Your lavender looks lovely, I always harvest my lavender too but haven't started yet.
    Hope your week gets better.
    Ann x

  3. Poor you what a bad start to the week! I hope the rest of it went better and you have an even better weekend to make up for it

    Victoria xx

  4. hope your arm and head are feeling better - what a Monday morning - I think I'd have given up and gone back to bed if all that had happened to me!

  5. Oh no! bad start! Loving the lavender sweetie, how pretty it looks!
    Wow a boy!! I think you should make a really cool hat, boys look cool in hats!