Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bah Humbugs!!!!!

No not Christmas......I'm talking about a fantastic on line sweet shop I've found.
Does the picture above bring back any memories???
aahhh happy days when a Curly Wurly made you happy :)

And remember this???
We used to call it Space Dust......I'm not sure if that's a Southern name. Hours of fun was had with this.

And my favourite.....

Sweet Peanuts....... I can remember going to the sweet shop on a Sunday lunch time (it only used to open for about an hour) & getting a 1/4 of these. So sticky they would clump together.....don't leave them too long or you'll never get them out of the bag!!!! Not a problem I had :)

Check out the web site here.....

Bah Humbugs

and take a walk down memory I just have to decide which ones to buy!!!

For all you Northern ladies they are based in Ripon so you might fancy a visit. I visited Ripson in was lovely.....I always thought I'd go back so this could be the reason!

It made me chuckle when I saw they had also been featured at the start of Emmerdale.....see how nice the shop looks.

mmmm enough about sweets for one night....don't forget you still have time to enter my giveaway.....

Back on Sunday with Show and Tell & to draw the winner.

(all imagines from Bah Humbugs web site)


  1. Oh sweet peanuts, not seen them for years, and they were lovely!

  2. I love a proper sweetshop - its great they are back in fashion again.

    I went out with a friend this week for her 40th - her sister did us party bags with lots of old fashioned sweets in them :)

  3. Hmmmmm sweets!!!
    When I was little the shop on the corner was a delightful little sweet shop called 'Candy Corner' no less! My dad always asked for those peanut things, I used to love 'rainbow crystals' and put it in a bowl when I got it home, lick my finger and stick it in the lovely teeth rotting colourful mixture. Yummmmy! x

  4. We have a trditional sweetshop near us, I always likes the peanuts too.
    I quite often pop in the get american hard gums for my Dad! He loves them!

  5. Having grown up in a village post office & store, I remember all of these yummy delights! Once a month the wholesaler used to bring his van & I was allowed to go in and choose something just for me (hence the many fillings I have now, Lol!)

    Willow x

  6. Liquorice is my favourite sweet. When I was little I always remember the Liquorice Shoe Lace was always tied in a bow and there was a pretty ring attached.
    Julie xxxxx

  7. I love Liquorice the mostest! Liquorice pipes with the hundreds and thousands on the top, and the really hard sticks too. yum! Susie xxx

  8. thank you for your blog comment, you should get yourself over to Shepton mallet if you can asap! On Monday i think they are "doing" VE day!

  9. We've had a sweetshop opened locally that stocks all the old sweeties!

    Victoria x