Sunday, 11 July 2010

Welcome to the 1940's

As some of you know I've always wanted to attend a 1940's event but we don't have many in my area..... I regularly check out this web site but never find anything.

Last year Hen did a post about Severn Valley Railway I was so jealous but then she told me about the South Devon Railway event. So we waited & waited & yesterday we went!!!

We set off early, me in my 1940's get up completed with a gas mask box!

It was very quiet when we arrived & no one else was dressed up! I'd spent hours getting the victory roll hair style...not easy when your hair is waist length!! Oh well at least I was getting in to the spirit of things!

My first stop was the dig for victory garden.....

Shame about the modern campers

Then we spotted the first train......

Bring the passengers back from Totnes

We decided to have an early lunch before the rush ..... mum had packed a lovely picnic in this fantastic picnic basket...


So refueled we headed back to find a few more people dressed up & a lady singing outside the station. We couldn't get too close as it was being filmed by the local news.

A tour around the camp out for the guns!!!

Now shall we take the bus or the train???

Train I think.....

1st class???

No we went to the back as there was a fight for 1st class & as there were 5 of us we wanted a whole carriage to ourselves. My dad was telling us how people would sleep in these carriages & the children would be put in the luggage rack.......well we had to try it!!

How cute is that??? But the best place for children!

Matthew was very good as we were on the train for nearly 2 hours.
Having a quiet moment with Grandma

We arrived at Totnes station but decided not to take the 1/2 walk in to town, it was very hot..... I guess air conditioning wasn't part of the 1940's!

When we got back to the Buckfastleigh I went on the bridge to see if I could get a sooty face......

We were really lucky to see this used to take supplies to the troops in WW1 & was one of the first steam trains not to go to the scrap yard

It's been restored in the original livery.

Of course I treated myself to a few things from the shop which I'll share with you another day. It wasn't as big as the Severn Valley event & didn't have much to buy but we had a lovely day out.

Looking forward to next year :)


  1. Those sort of events look great - I'd like to go to one sometime. I'd be happy to dress up - not sure about the boys & MrVV though.

  2. Sounds a fab day out hun!
    Love the idea of the train....

    Karen x x x

  3. What a wonderful day, I would have loved to see you dressed up with Victory Rolls! How sweet is Matthew, he looked like a little refugee up there, bless.
    Kandi x

  4. Sounds like a lovely day out, bet your hair looked great.
    Ann x

  5. That all sounds so much fun :)

  6. Looked like you had a good time. I've always fancied going on one of those days out - but like you I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  7. I'm going to have to go to one oneday!
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. I think you need to post a photo of you and your victory roll!
    I love going to these 1940's events, have you seen August Homes and Antiques magazine, all vintage and a bit about North Yorkshire 1940's weekend.

  9. I just love that kind of event! Great atmospheric photos.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  10. Matthew looks really cute! :)

  11. What a lovely day.I love the way you've done your pics. Only thing missing is a pic of you

  12. what fab pictures!!! but where's one of you in your victory rolls???
    i love the one of your little boy in the luggage rack so cute!!!

  13. When my Son was younger, we always had to find everything we possibly could to do with trains. Steam Trains were my favourite!!

    Is the Tarka Line still closed? Thats a great ride!!

    I am just outside Exeter.

    I am having a Give Away on my Blog if you fancy popping over to have a look.
    Michelle x

  14. sounds like a great day out and I love the "look" of the photos - they go so perfectly with the whole theme. Sounds like lots of fun - did you end up with a sooty face ?!

  15. looks great fun! I want to take my dad to the severn valley one!