Friday, 23 July 2010

Change of plan....

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good week. For most of you today means the start of the summer holiday...... :) for me it just means the buses will be empty in the morning & should hopefully run on time!!

Now I had to have a very quick change of plan today. Last night was spent making a 100 follower picture to launch my giveaway as yes I had finally made it to 100! Just a 100 I hear you say?...... Well it's been very slow & as soon as I get close someone's like being the popular girl at school isn't it?

So this morning I was all ready to do the post when I noticed I had 99 followers!!!

So sorry everyone the giveaway will have to wait!

I thought I'd show you this picture of my kitties in the basket which I hope to use on my web site.

It's been my day off today & what a lovely day I've had......after a mad rush to get booking forms & art work off to Exeter Phoenix for something exciting involving Make, Do and Mend.
I picked & sorted my dried lavender then watched The Damned United this afternoon.
Have you seen it? I really enjoyed it :)

Hope you all have a great weekend....back soon


  1. Oh I'm excited for your giveaway, I would join twice if I could :)
    Love your kitties picture! I watched the Damned Unites this week too and really enjoyed it, Brian Clough was such a charachter and Michael Sheen played him so well.
    Kandi x

  2. Will you be at Topsham on Sunday?
    Michelle x

  3. Well I'm still here Honey, I won't leave you hee hee. x

  4. Looking forward to your giveaway :)

  5. I know what you mean about the followers, mine go up and down all the time, I try not to worry that I have upset someone!
    The basket of kitties look so cute!

  6. Ha ha! I'm the 100th! As I read your marvellous blog all the time anyway, it seemed silly not to sign up :D

  7. I see you just got your hundreth! Congrats! Love the kittys. I haven't been on much as we are having lots of jobs in the house done, and we had to have Archie, our little doglet put to sleep just over a week ago, and quite frankly it has really knowcked me for six, and I just feel so miserable. Why do we get these animals and fall so much in love with them! Suie xxx

  8. I love those kittys! I have missed you xxx

  9. It's a cute picture!

    Victoria xxx

    PS I spy 102 followers!!