Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Happy Holidays

Yes it's that time of year again......I've got a week off!!!!

But I'm home alone :( I thought I would be bored but my days are filling up....good thing??
I'm not sure!!

Today I treated myself to Dance on Broadway
Thankfully I'm on my own!!! It's fun but I'm not very good!

On Sunday I brought myself the Hipstamatic app for the IPhone.....I love it!!!

You'll be seeing a lot more of this!

My roses

My first cucumber!!!

Last night was the 6th meeting of Make, Do and Mend......I can't believe we've been meeting for 6 months! Lots of new faces despite other knitting groups being set up in Exeter!

You can see more pictures here

School fair on Friday then my special day out on Saturday. I'm off to my lovely friends house tomorrow to find an outfit. I'm also going to visit a venue for the next Handmade Home Fair, hopefully it will work & we can book it for November......busy, busy, busy!!!!


  1. That app looks so cool - I am def. going to buy it this evening when I get in from work!! (Yes Joe I've managed to get my hands on the iPhone 4!)

  2. Wish I live in Exeter then I could join your Make-do-and-Mend it looks great fun.
    Julie xxxx

  3. It's always the way when you have time off and think oh a bit of time to myself and it never quite happens like that!

    Victoria xx

  4. You are busy! I have had my forst cucumbers too, isn't funny how excfited it gets you! I get all giddy when I see something I've grown that I can actually eat! Have a lovely weekend at your friends and the venue too! Suzie xxx

  5. sounds like you've been busy, but it all sound very interesting and exciting. Good luck with the venue, and hope you have a lovely day out