Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Be thankful.......

Today is July 1st which can only mean one thing........

93 years ago today thousands of men were forced over the top of their trenches to sacrifice themselves for our freedom in the battle of the Somme. It's a day that not many people remember but when you hear about how many young men lost their lives, around 60,000 on the first day alone, it makes you wonder how we would cope now ..... national out pouring of grief for someone you don't know??? Flowers laid on the spot where they died??? Books of condolences???

No these brave people just got on with it.

Sorry rant over but it does make me angry!!

And so on such a hot sunny day I decided to be thankful for what I have.

I dashed up the stairs this morning & saw this.....

My bed..... how welcoming it looks & maybe a bit OOT with CK!!! The lovely red glow is from my red blinds.

Roses from my garden.....

I'm a lucky girl!!!

Last week I was rushing around making birthday presents. Theses are for my friend Kim....

I meet Kim every Thursday for Frappuccino & crochet in Starbucks. 5 weeks ago she didn't know any stitches but now she's made about 15 squares for her granny blanket & loads of flowers. She arrives every week with her crochet in a plastic bag...oh no that won't do!! So I made her this bag. The pot holder is made from left overs of cowboy fabric from my other friend's gift.

I must go out & sort out my vegetables now it's cooled down a little, unfortunately I can't go in the garden on my day off.... I did this last year & the following day I was so ill at work with sun stroke that I don't want to risk it again!!! I must get some shade sorted so I can sit out in the sun.

BTW..... I have really swollen ankles again, like Pat Butcher but I haven't been dancing!!! They've been like this since Sunday.....any ideas??? I thought water retention? Or maybe I'm just getting old!!!


  1. You are right to remind us all...well said!

    Love the red in your bedroom!
    Swollen ankles...You must drink lots and lots of water,Joe!

  2. You are right - there is a huge outpouring of grief for a pop singer & these men who sacrificed their lives for us are forgotten.


  3. My dad would be very proud of you for honouring such a day, he's a militaria collector and expresses the same opinions as you!

    Your bedroom looks fantastic - not OTT at all!

    Victoria xx

  4. Copmpletely agree - this grief culture is just so odd to me. We must stop and remember to ensure such a tragic waste of life never happens again - aside from this, I didn't hear anything about it at all.

    Your bedroom is lovely, and I don't think it's OTT either. Be glad - Mike refuses point blank to allow anything flowery or pink in our bedroom at all!

  5. Lovely gifts!

    I'm sure the ankles are weather related.....more water needed?
    I've found drinking more helps mine.....

    I really enjoy your posts.....interesting and pretty, I just so agree with you...the bed looks fab!x

  6. Hello Jo..
    Yes ... you are so right...we should remember those that sacrificed their lives.. they are the true heroes of our country not the pampered celebrities of this world.. It is good to appreciate what we have too..

    I sympathise with the swollen ankles... I had them so bad when I was pregnant with my son.. the heat was a lot to do with it. Put your feet up when you can and keep cool.. if you can.

    Michele x

  7. Hi Jo,

    We might be paying Exeter a visit as the weather for next week is suppose to be rubbish! We are staying at Ilfracombe. But I know exactly where you are in Exeter unfortunately for my bank balance.

    Vanessa x

  8. Beautiful bedroom!
    Thanks for the reminder to remember.
    I get swollen feet when the weather heats up - for me it's a circulation problem.

  9. Gorgeous bedspread and what lovely bags for your crochet friend , take care and put your feet up !