Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Catching up.......

Hello everyone, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.... where has it gone?
I had a very stressful week at work with staff phoning in sick, customers complaining & the till system crashing!! But hey it's all over because once again I'm off this week.... It's not a proper holiday as I had to work 6 days last week so it's just a few days added on. You'll be pleased to know this will be the last one until the end of August which so happens to be my birthday!!!

I'm not sure if I'm going to have to go back at some point this week as we now have one confirmed case of swine flu & 2 more people who's family etc have it. Did you hear about Exeter uni?? It was all over the news that they had lots of confirmed cases...well I work with a number of students! Brownies has also been cancelled due to it & I've also found out today that Olivia has it.... my friends little girl.... I was at their house on Friday. Yesterday I woke with a really bad sore throat & felt really hot but it disappeared by lunch time..... I'm hoping it stays away but I have been told by my company that it's only a matter of time before we all get it!

I haven't really be doing very much which I guess is why I haven't felt the need to blog.... I've been feeling really lazy & not up to doing anything.
I had my first fete on Saturday at Olivia's school. I only made a few things as I was sharing her mum's table. I received a text on Saturday evening saying it hadn't gone very well because it was so wet & lots of people had stayed home, she said I sold a few things but not much. However when she dropped it over today it turns out I've sold loads...they wanted to surprise me.... the most popular was the crocheted hair slide & Cath Kidston badges...... I have made more badges for the next fete I'm doing & I've popped then on my blog shop if you fancy treating yourselves take a look. I will be putting some hair slides on soon.

So things are looking up, ok so I haven't made my millions but it's a start... I have a few more local shops who would like to stock my things...... just working out the prices. The local florist has now sold out..... it seems people are buying the corsages for teachers gift...what a good idea!

Do you like the sun flowers???
Bargain from Lidl..... now only £1.99, well I had to treat myself!

One more thing before I go....have you seen the £8 dresses from Asda???
I was really lucky to get this one...
The problem was I haven't worn a dress for 3 years so I brought that size completely forgetting I've lost 3 stone since then! My friend at work got it & she's now on holiday so I couldn't take it back.... I wore it to my sisters birthday drinks & had it pinned at the back!!! You couldn't see it under my cardigan but I think I need Penny to help me take it in.

Think that's all I have to tell you... ooohhh nearly forgot that I'm very close to my 100th post, look out for a giveaway to celebrate.


  1. Well done on your sales and how funny of your friends to pretend you hadn't sold all that much.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Jo,

    Hope you are feeling ok?

    Glad you have sold a few bits :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. EEEKKK....swine flu!
    Its made its way here, Iphoned the Doc's to book in, then was told thay had a massive outbreak, so declined the appointment offer!
    Thats all I'm short of coming down with that!

    Hope it passes you by...hugs

  4. Hey, that's a fab dress. Is it as nice in the flesh? Wish I had a big Asda close by (ours doesn't do clothes). Hope you are feeling better - just about everyone I know has one germ or another at the moment.

  5. Congrats on all your sales! I boght an £8.00 dress too! Hope everyone gets better soon & that you don't get the flu.


  6. congrats on the successful fete.

    Hope you are feeling OK. Sunflowers are lovely - enough to brighten up any day!

    Loved the idea of a campfire breakfast on Dartmoor, will definitely try that in the future