Sunday, 19 July 2009

Strange week....

Well my holiday is over & what a strange week it's been..... I've been feeling odd all week but can't put my finger on what it is. I've done nothing, some days not even getting dress!!!
Yesterday I was home alone & felt like I was going to pass out every time I moved.... I've been sleeping loads but not doing anything to get tried. I've gone right off food...... which for me is a good things.... & had to force down toast some days just so I was eating.

Today I tried to pull myself together & I must admit I feel a bit better. I went to the shop this morning to get some proper food & I think the fresh air did me good. I also spent some time in the garden. Running in & out between the heavy showers :(

What do you think of my harvest???
Not much is it!!! I've never grown beetroot so I've been looking in my 'cook your own veg' book to find out how to cook it. I was planning on making my fave pasta dish this week with the courgettes but some how I don't think it's worth it. I've been checking them everyday & they keep on going slimy.... what gone wrong??? The flower at the end dies but doesn't drop off, it just goes to mush & rots the courgettes.
I'm just grateful to have any peas as this is my 3rd year of trying but I think I may need to mix them in a stir fry.

I'm wondering what's going wrong this year as I'm not having a good time with my veg.... as I said before my lettuces just keeps dying & even radishes aren't growing any more!

I was going through my photo's from last summer.......

My grapes..... I think they're doing better this year.

My main bed last year.....beans, courgettes & tomatoes. I try to improve every year but I'm still making mistakes.... like what do I grow courgettes in??? They get so big the block everything. Any ideas for next year.

This is the garden this year..... it's all a bit wind swept as the weather has been terrible this week. My arch is now broken so it sways in the breeze!!! The cat mint is now flatten & all & all it's looking a sorry state! I'm trying to keep on top of weeding but they come up so fast.

Brownies has now finished for the summer & I'm thinking should I return..... I want to join the WI, is anyone a member?
I'm also launching my web site in the next week..... hope I can get myself motivated to do this! I can even be bothered to crochet.

Hope to be back soon with some thing a little bit more interesting & my 100th post giveaway.


  1. Maybe it was just one of those weeks where you needed to do nothing... Your body may thank you for the inactivity!

    Ben has continual setbacks with his veg, too. I think that the more you grow the more you can accept the odd failure - if you only grow a few, the failures seem more obvious! I'll ask him about your slimy courgettes, because I think he knows about that from experience...

    Anyway, I hope that next week goes really well for you.

  2. Hi Joe

    I had about a month off blogging but I'm back now! Thanks for coming to see my blog :)

    Your veggies look good to me, well done hun. I have no experience of growing them at all so I'm afraid I can't help on the sliminess :-S

    Hope you stay feeling a lot better xxx

  3. Hello!

    I've been having headaches and severe tiredness-wonder if its a bug?
    I feel dizzy and very rubbish...odd!

    Hope you are back to your normal self soon!

    bah at having to go back to work!

    I'll catch up via email soon.....maybe tomorrow!xxx

  4. I think it's lovely to 'slum it' at home, now and again...and just hide if the doorball rings!
    Your garden looks fine...we just need a bit more sun!;-)

  5. She had new tin lunch bowes, also a smaller cowboy cup in its own little cowboy printed tin....well cute!!!

    She had some more bits but had not unpacked them!

    If London does not have one, I could send you one...?

  6. Hang in there with the courgettes - mine had been slimy but today I managed to pick some great ones . Gove them a bot longer before you give up on them!

  7. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, I've been out of action the past few days myself.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Victoria xx

  8. How are you feeling today?x

  9. I can solve your courgette problem - take the flowers off! They rot & cause the courgette to start rotting from that end, so once the courgette is a few inches long just take the flowers off - it'll keep growing beautifully.

    Hope you're back to your normal self soon!


  10. was ok, till about 2 hrs back and now feel drained!
    Such an odd feeling, I've had it about 5-6 days now....wonder if we had piglet flu...?
    Not as big as swine flu....:>)

    I'm going to get an early night, hoope you get a good nights sleep....blimming work!
    Whens is your next day off?