Sunday, 9 January 2011

1st week gone......

Another week has flown by...... did you do anything nice???
I was off on Monday so enjoyed a day at home....doing the housework!!
Tuesday was Make, Do and Mend day....

We planned to make granny squares but the Phoenix were having loads of work done & forgot we were coming so we could only stay for 2 hours..... but we made a start

Teaching was harder then I thought!!!!

There was lots of other things being made

I was planning on taking some photo's today as it was a lovely bright sunny day.... however I messed about on FB & Twitter..... chatting to people about our school reunion...*gulp* ....& before I knew it the sun had gone!!!

I think I've missed the boat for showing my Christmas gifts but here's just one...

My friend Claire brought me this..... he's now been packed away for next year :)

Now I have a few questions for you......
How do you feel about craft parties???

I know if you're lucky enough to live in London you have a wide choice but mainly hen parties....... have you every been to one????
Would you like to go to one????
I think there's somewhere in Bath that also run day parties but I find it hard to give up a whole day...... do you? Would you prefer evenings.....maybe just 3 hours??? or is that not long enough??? What would you like to learn?

How much would you expect to pay??? Some charge up to £80 per person.... wow!!! I only charge £3 a month for Make, Do and Mend!!!
  Would you expect alcohol or just tea????
I don't know about you but I find it hard to craft while drinking..... I like to keep those two separate!

I would really appreciate your feedback with this :)

Have a good week


  1. Great idea, personally all the craft stuff I see up this way are through the day and for us that work full time it's a problem. Evenings and weekends would be a good idea. I wouldn't fancy alcohol and making stuff, it's not a good mix, but the offer of a cuppa is a bonus. Not sure about charging, it depends on what is supplied and what you get for your money, others might help out here.
    Looking forward to seeing the replies to this one.
    Kandi x

  2. hi, tuesday was such fun, thanks for your patience - I think it was probably your pupils that made being Teacher such a tough job!!

    Crafting parties sound like a great idea - would definitely say evenings and weekends, because of the working issues. Personally, I would think tea and maybe a bit of cake would add more to the vibe of the event than alcohol, but then I don't drink, so what do I know ?! Perhaps it could be something that the host could decide, depending on the people that she has at the party. I would suggest pricing it to include all the materials, so that people don't have to get stuff before they come, and there aren't issues about people not having (the right) stuff. Am sure it would be really popular though, as so many people seem to want to give crafting a try, but sometimes going to a knitting group/sewing circle, or what have you seems a bit daunting, especially if you are a complete beginner. Perhaps a link with a local fabric/wool shop would be a good source of leads - they could push the parties in return for a regular contract to supply all the materials ?
    As for crafts - I would say that it should be one per party, so everyone is doing the same or it would be to hard to manage, but that could be knitting/crochet or sewing something simple (like the yoyo brooches perhaps, or the sock toys). Again, perhaps having a menu of choices that the host can select from before hand. I guess like the Jamie at Home/Pampered Chef parties it's probably something where, as you do a few, more bookings will flow from people invited to the party who want to host their own - perhaps you could offer them some form of incentive for booking another party on the night they attend (free materials for the host or something similar).
    Sounds an exciting plan anyway - I take it this is something you are considering starting up ?

    Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks - take care x x
    [PS it's Julie of julieslittlejoys posting this, I was playing about with names earlier and have got stuck in another account but dont want to loose my comment by trying to sign out!!]

  3. Aren't you good at organising crafting fairs, parties! I think it'd be a great idea,

    Victoria xx

  4. What a great idea! I think a lot of the people who are interested in this kind of thing (like myself!) are people who work and often have kids and families who it's harder to pawn off on someone else during the week, so weekends sound like a good idea. Getting local craft/textile shops to sponsor to get discounts on craft materials would be one way to keep costs reasonable and it would mean they might be able to do some advertising for it as well. Anyway, sounds like a lovely idea. :)

    //Ulrika xx

  5. I would love to go to a craft party! I think the cost of £80 is insane though!!! I have no idea who would have that kind of money?!?! Haha...

    I personally could pay about £10 for a 2-3 hour session with a good cuppa. If I drink wine, I go into relax and clumsy mode so thats a no go for me! I think full days would be lovely but for me, an evening is more practical.

    Hope my input helped you.

    Have a good week yourself. xxx

  6. Day off?

    I love the little fire, like you, I've often thought about the price and the mess...*shudder*
    Watching Born and Bred, going to Downham where it was filmed at the weekend!
    So excited!
    Have a good day off!xxx