Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kick up the backside needed!!

I've been having a odd week ..... I can't be bothered to do anything & it seems I've lost my craftiness!!! I've had a few knitting orders but I don't want to knit.... I need to make lots of crocheted flowers but I don't want to crochet.... no what I want to do is stare at the TV & watch rubbish!!!

Work is stressful at the moment & I really need a holiday. I'm off from the 9th March for 2 weeks & I can't wait!! Last week we had a few shoplifters, I confronted one & got a load of abuse... I'm very placid but I got very cross with them... I suddenly realised what I was doing & I imagined the phone call to my parents telling them 'well at least she got the stock back but I'm afraid...... ' No I stepped back at this point, let them take it its not worth getting hurt for.

The police have told me that the shoplifters are now carrying needles to inject anyone who tries to stop them. Two days later we had 2 guys trying to get a sofa... I kid you not... I guess the credit crunch is hitting everyone!!! Just after this happened Sal from SAL'S SNIPPETS came in... how lovely to see a friendly face. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a manager... I just don't need all this rubbish.

We're also having problems with students from the local college cutting through the shop.. this saves them from walking around a corner!! It's been happening for years but is starting to get worse. On average we have over 1,000 a week... can you believe it?? On Tuesday I had a gang of 9 boys...... they sat on the sofa in the window for 20 mins shouting etc.... I knew they were waiting for me to throw them out but I really didn't want to give them the pleasure... anyway after several complaints from customers I had to ask them to leave. I was trying to be jokey but they called me a fat b*t*ch!!! I was so shocked.... not that I'm not aware I'm fat but I prefer tubby!!.... the fact they could come into a shop & abuse a member of staff.... what is the world coming to. I called the college but they wanted to know if I'd asked their name.... uuummmm NO!! I was suppose to have a call today from the top dog but it didn't happen... oh what a surprise!!

So that's my rubbish week so far... I'm off for the weekend.... yippee... my first since beginning of Jan. Then only next week to go.... I'm hoping to get back to crafting on my holidays ... so many ideas but I need to start doing something now.

I think the motto for the rest of the week will be.....

BTW I feel I have to clear up the fact I'm not a cider drinking hooligan... my friend read my post & said it sounded that way.... I'm a nice girl... honest!!!! I thought I'd share the fact I had a skinhead because it's funny now......those people who have meet me will know I have lot's & lot's of hair & it's quite long!!! I hate having my hair cut now.

I hope to be back at the weekend with a more cheerful post!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Awards & 25 things....

Thanks Bekimarie for these awards....

She's also tagged me .... so here goes 25 things about me.....

  1. I have 5 brothers & sisters & 13 nieces & nephews....with another one due today.... but strangely I don't like children!!!
  2. I can't walk in a straight line even when I'm sober so hence I don't drive or ride a bike!
  3. I can't swim & hate the sea.
  4. I drink too much cider & have been known as 'Cider women'!!!
  5. I'm a Virgo which is why everything has to be perfect
  6. I like watching horse racing & having a bet
  7. I'm not a girly girly
  8. I used to ride a scooter & go on the scooter rallies
  9. I used to have a skinhead.... see above!
  10. I'm a music snob... if it's not music I like I won't listen to it..... don't let me near a juke box!!
  11. I love Sunday roasts with a nap in the afternoon
  12. My ideal meal out would be fish & chips on a seaside wall with a can of date!!
  13. I've been knitting since I was a child & I've taught loads of people over the years.... including some male scooterist!!! I won't say who!
  14. I love 'the kids from fame' ....sad I know but I still listen to it on my i-pod & I was very happy when it came out on DVD
  15. I don't like the cinema... it's too loud & the screens are too big
  16. I have a fear of large buildings after seeing the Maryrose as a child. I can't go near St Paul's & I have panic attacks if I'm visiting a new city
  17. I've seen a ghost
  18. I would like a St Bernard or a Bernese mountain dog... well if you're going to have a dog have a big one!
  19. I would like a vintage car.... if I can't have one then I won't drive
  20. I was born in the wrong era
  21. I like history & I love finding out about the wars, I've visited several WW1 cemeteries
  22. I couldn't live without my Sky+
  23. I like to go to sing-a-long-a..... Rocky Horror is my fave.. me & my friend were caught if full outfits at 5pm in the afternoon by Roger Taylor & his wife.... remember Duran Duran?? How embarrassing??? They were collecting furniture from work as we were leaving
  24. I like to grow my own veg
  25. I love animals.... when I was young I used to travel in the boot of the car with the dogs (please note this was before stupid H&S rules) they were better company then my sisters

Phew glad that's over with.... mind you now I sound like a weirdo so maybe I shouldn't have done it!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentine swap

Now Jayne has received & opened her swap I can show you what I sent....

This is what I was using the Bondaweb for..... it seems like a life time ago - I have forgotten the trauma & I may try again!!! I really enjoyed making this & might do one for myself.

I also really like the heart with (of course) a crochet flower... The book was recommended by the owner of my local book shop so I hope Jayne enjoys it.

I do try to shop locally where possible & this book shop is fab, the paper backs are all one price (& a very good one at that!!). Unfortunately they're are closing in March due to really high rent increases from the council which will be a real shame..... oh well back to Waterstones & the other big companies eating up the high street!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine day.....

Hope you've all had a good day.

Look what arrived on Thursday........

It's my Valentine swap parcel from Jayne @

I didn't have my camera at work so had to wait until I got home.

Lovely card & heart wrapping paper.

Lovely red tissue & lots of red hearts.....

And this is what was inside.......a Valentine knitted doll, a heart, a large heart, 2 little parcels of chocolate hearts & a bar of lovely Green & Black chocolate... 'my one weakness'!!!

Sorry it's short & sweet today.... very busy but I'll be back soon. Ooooh thanks to
A Thrifty Mrs for arranging the swap

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Interesting day

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments on the last post... I'm still feeling rubbish but better then I felt on Saturday/Sunday.... thanks to drugs!!!
I went to work yesterday at 7.45, the store manager was due in at 10am so I was planning on waiting until he arrived & then heading back to bed.... when he came in he asked how I was feeling & was I OK to stay... he then said I could go home later.... well the day went on & finally at 4pm he said I could go.... I was due to finish at 4.30 anyway!!! Don't think he likes being the only manager in!!!
When I got home I had an envelope from Cath... my samples that I ordered 19th Jan from the web site.... I'd forgotten all about them!!!

The small ones on the right are from LA. I really wanted the circus one because I had plans to cut out Stanley on the bike & frame him..... can you see what they did......


Today was thankfully my day off & I was hoping to spend time with my OH as I haven't really seen him for over a week..... he was trapped in Majorca by the snow this end & had to stay another day.... so what with that & me working we've been like ships in the night. However he had other plans..... things are a bit tense here at the moment with the forthcoming move. He had to see someone at the bank today to sort out the money needed but it didn't go well........ he wasn't very happy so has decided to stay in his office tonight... there's a flat out the back. He was cross with me for going to work as he said I look 'terrible'... thanks I thought!!! It's not that easy phoning in sick. So that meant yet other day alone for me. Men!!!!!

My Valentine swap arrived yesterday but I was working :(
It will be re delivered to work on Thursday..... yippee.
I was supposed to post my swap on Friday but due to the snowy weather I couldn't get to the post office.... I also realised that I didn't have a jiffy bag big enough... not a problem I thought I'll get one on Saturday... I forgot.... never mind I'll get it on Monday..... I forgot. So today is the last day for posting & I can't do it.... sorry Jayne!!!
I promise I'll take it to work tomorrow where I know we do have jiffy bags & I'll get one of the staff to run it to the post office.... I'm the only manager in for the next 2 days so can't leave the store for 10 hours :(
I'm sure it'll arrive before Sauturday.
Here's a taster of things to come........

I've been fiddling around making purses for the last few evenings... I'm doing some summer fairs & I've also got a few shops interested in selling some of my things. I finished it off today & got out the iron to press it before sewing on the lining..... I unplugged the iron & then lent across burning the inside of my arm......arrrrgh!!!
I went to the shop on Saturday to buy a zip for the purse... I had it on Saturday evening because I was measuring with it..... & now it's gone!!!!
No .....I really mean gone..... I've looked everywhere & it's not here.....

Now this is a bit weird because my mum gave me a knitting pattern last year for a toy she had made me as a child..... I made one for Liv & I was planning on making one for Bracken & that's gone too...... now I'm not the most tidy person but I never lose anything.
And here's another thing.... I lost my hankie yesterday at work.... about 10 years ago I went to John Lewis in Oxford street & brought some lovely hankie which I use all the time..... they have seen me though many a cold & funeral..... I didn't have a pocket yesterday so I tucked it in my waist band.... as I was leaving the store at lunch time i noticed it wasn't there..... OK so it must have fallen out in the locker room.... nope.... we have searched the store top to bottom & it's not there..... yes I did make my staff look for my used hankie.... they love me!!!

I'm very upset about this... now I know it's just a hankie but I hate loosing things & it reminds me of a happy day spent in London.... happy days are few & far between these days. Tomorrow I shall phone CK & buy one of the new boat hankies to cheer myself up.... if I order from the web site it may be here for next year's winter cold!!!!!
Hope you've all had a interesting day!!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Kind friends & treats...

Thank you MelMel for the lovely gift that was waiting for me when I returned to work yesterday :)
My manager had put it in my tray & was asking what it was, I tried to explain but he couldn't understand..... 'so let me get this've never met this person but she's sending you a gift to cheer you up???' !!!
I've been feeling a bit down since I found out I have to move so MelMel sent this to cheer me up... how kind.... a lovely CK purse, stickers & postcards (which I haven't seen before) & a little white heart....

In Thursday's post I mentioned that I may have hay fever from all the spring bulbs in the house... nope it's a full on cold :(
I woke up on Friday feeling pretty rubbish but that was nothing to how I felt yesterday. I went to work but at 11.30 I felt so ill I asked to go home.... I was told to wait until the store manager had his lunch then I could go.... it came & went.... at 2pm I was told to go for lunch. I had to go to the handicraft shop to get one button for the shoes I made & this is what I came away with....

Some lovely FQ's .... I've never brought Amy Butler fabric before but because I felt so bad I treated myself....... it was cheaper then a Saturday night out!!! I remembered the button just as I was leaving..... when I got home I had brought the wrong one....GOON!!! Lucky I had brought 2 so now the shoes have different buttons to the cardi but I don't think it matters... they're both flower shape.
So where was I.... returning from lunch I was told to sit at the computer & look busy as I was very pale..... I thought ...just send me home!!! You don't like to ask twice do you?? So there I sat blowing my big red nose looking pale & ill when finally at 3.30 I was told to head off home to bed. I was working today so I think he wanted me well enough to go in.... which I did but I must say I didn't do very much!!! It's so quite at the moment ..... what with the bad weather & the credit crunch Exeter was like a ghost town today!!! I'll soldier on & go in tomorrow to open the store at 8am but I don't think I'll see the day out.
Any tips to get rid of a cold???? It's been lurking in the back ground since November so at least it's finally coming out.

This is what I've been fiddling with for the last 2 evenings.... I'll show you the results when I've finished.... loving these colours.... in fact I've brought the same 2 balls of wool twice not realising I already had them.... I must really like the colours!!! Good job they're cheap!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

More snow & tarting up......

Last night at 9pm my friend text to say ... 'OMG...look out the window!!'...... I had given up on snow, the forecast said we would have light snow on Friday am & heavy snow on Monday. Well I forced myself out of my chair... I'd sat there for about 5 hours, you'll see why in a moment. When I looked out of the window I couldn't believe my eyes... the snow was so heavy it covered cars etc within about 15 mins. Of course I had to go out in the garden.....I was in my pyjamas but that didn't stop me!!!

I stayed up until 10.30 just looking out the window & at 4.30 this morning I got up very bleary eyed to look outside & it was still here!!! On switching on the TV I see we're all over the news.... fancy that little ole Exeter being on Sky news!!

What's funny is that the Met office is just down the road from me & they didn't forecast it.... even last night when it was coming down the met office web site was still showing cloud for us!! They could've changed it by looking out the window!!

So why was I sat in my chair for 5 hours......

Well you didn't think I would leave the cardi plain did you???

I've also worked out how to crochet shoes.....

These were really fiddly but hey I like to fiddle with yarn, hooks & needles. The first one took me hours to make but I'd got the hang of it by the second one. I watched Atonement whilst fiddling... I love that film... I've seen it it about 5 times which is unlike me I don't normally like watching films over & over unless it a classic.

Now today I really must get out of this chair & do some housework....

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I'm back....

Sorry for the delay in posting. Lots going on at home at the moment so it's hard to focus. It looks like I will be moving very soon...... decision just made, all a bit out of the blue because I thought we had decided to stay but hey ho!!

One of the reasons why I don't want to leave.

So what have I been up to in the last 10 days..... well not very much.... having problems with the Internet so last week I had to go for 3 days with out it.... how do you cope?? When it came back on it took forever to catch up on all the posts I've missed!!

On my day off last week I had a crafty day ..... no blogs to distract me!! I finished my valentine swap.... can't show photo's just yet.

I made my friend a birthday gift.... this was very last minute!!

Knitted gloves with crocheted flowers on (of course!!) & a lavender bag.

On Tuesday I went to Brownies.....can't believe I've been 3 times now. We've been looking at the Chinese new year, we made lanterns & tried Chinese food.... this week the girls decorated paper plates with Chinese writting etc. Not sure how much longer I'll be going due to the move.... I did think this week would be my last because I didn't want them to do the police checks etc & then leave but they were cool about it & said to come along for as long as I could.

See even the helpers get to make things!!! I've gone over the top with spring bulbs this year..... I think they're giving me hay fever because I've got a very itchy nose!!

On Thursday 29th January my sister had her baby..... a little girl called Bracken.... not sure of the name.... reminds me of a dog!!! She was 8lb 11oz which is really small for my sister, her last one was over 12lbs oooohhhh...!!

This is her 5 child & it makes me a auntie for the 13th time!! Oh yes my family like having children...... not sure what happened to me...... I don't really like children & believe it or not I've never held a baby. Just not my thing... now if it had a furry jacket on like this.....

Or this........

(My parents dogs.... I can't have a dog because I work full time... one day!!)

I'd love it!!

This is what I've made for Bracken..

It's the first cardigan I've crocheted.... I've only ever done granny squares & flowers before so I'm pleased with the result.

Like most people we had snow on Monday.....

I love the snow & get really excited when it happens. I'm old enough to remember the 70's when it used to snow all the time.

I'm on a day off today which I'm really looking forward to, we had to stock take yesterday, thankfully it's only once a year. I started before 9am & didn't leave until 10.50!! Now that's a long day.... I only had an hour lunch break then 20 mins at 8.30 so I'm really tried today. I was still awake at midnight trying to stop counting!! For someone who's bedtime is 10pm this is not good. My back is killing me & I can hardly walk so I think a lazy day is on the cards. I'm working all weekend so I have tomorrow off as well... think the house work can wait til then. My OH is flying to Majorca today....lucky him.....only away for 2 days but he was up at 4am so hence I was too!! Why can men never do anything quietly??

Has anyone read this book????

It's excellent, a bit fluffy but I really enjoyed it & can't wait to read the next one. My dream is to have a wool shop so I spent the whole time feeling very jealous. What I need is silent business partner with loads of money...... any ideas???!!!!