Sunday, 30 November 2008

Didn't go to plan....

I'm having one of those weeks..... I've had enough of being nice to everyone!!! So I'm going to have a rant to let it all out.... sorry!!!

On Friday I had a really bad day at work with someone moaning at me all day.... everything I did was wrong..... the funny thing was I was in charge that day, that's how soft I'am!!! I had a moment where I thought I'm just going to sit down & cry but I managed to pull myself together.

Yesterday was my friends birthday & as I mentioned we were going to Bristol to TGI's, her favourite restaurant, I booked the tickets for the train last Sunday only to get an email back confirming we would be doing most of the journey by bus!!! I didn't want to travel by bus that why I booked the train. I emailed my friend who was also not happy about this so I tried to get a refund.... something I'm still trying to sort. As it was her birthday I decide to just get on with it & make the most of the day. Her mum agreed to drive, although she really didn't want to. My friend can drive but she wanted to have a drink. Anyway I've spent all week sorting out the tickets, trying to order her birthday presents from amazon.... every year 3 of us buy a present together so I had to send several email to sort this.

I was happy we were going to John Lewis because as you know I was planning on getting the sewing machine.... this will be my Christmas present from my parents.... please note another present I had to sort. Anyway the day came & I was collected, I had my camera with me to share the day with you, I felt like a real blogger!! We set off but they were not happy as they'd had some family problems in the morning. My friend had to drive so this meant she couldn't drink anyway. We arrived at TGI's to discover it was packed, 2nd thing to go wrong. We only had to wait 1/2 hour for a table so not bad. Her mum waited in the car as she had decided she didn't want to eat. I ordered something different off the menu & I didn't like it... it tasted like sick!!! (sorry!!) We stayed for an hour then popped to John Lewis.... please let this day be saved.....but it was so busy & they had moved the wool to the top floor!! I felt a real pain because they were just walking behind me & I could tell they didn't really want to be there. So we left empty handed!!! After just over 1 1/2 hours in Bristol we headed back to Exeter, the journey to Bristol takes 1 hours 10 mins each way!! Have you noticed there are no photo's??? Yes that's right I didn't get the chance!!

Because we got back so early I had a chance to go home for 2 hours to relax then it was back out for round 2..... the evening meal. Some people had pulled out, including her mum, so there was only 5 of us. The food was lovely, which was good, but after the meal they wanted to go for a drink in an area of Exeter I hate on a Saturday night....... I felt like an extra in one of those TV programmes about booze Britain.... it was awful!!! I'm just not that kind of girl, it's not that I'm too old I was never like this in my teens.... don't get me wrong I like a good party but not with these people!!! At 11.30 I decided I had done my duty for this birthday..... roll on next year!!!

So today is a new day & I was hoping to get some crafty things done but after doing the shopping & housework it's already mid day. I didn't think I had that much housework to do but when I looked at the kitchen I realised it needed a really good sort out. Oh well another day off wasted!!!
When will I every get time for me??? I think in the new year I'll have to address this or else I'll go crazy!!
Back to work tomorrow & so it starts again.... working 13 hours on Thursday & I have the Christmas party on Saturday.... god how I hate the party... sitting with people you don't really like trying to have fun. I always end up drinking loads just to block it out.... at least with the smoking ban I can stand out side all night!!! I'm the only one who smokes.... what a bad person I'am!!!
I went for reflexology on Monday & she told me that I was not very good at letting things out... eg I don't show anger.... hope this has helped.
I'm now off to have roast chicken then I'm going to bed to watch a lovely old film.... what a nice Sunday afternoon. I now don't care if I don't finish my Christmas gifts, sod it!!!..... maybe I'll cancel it this year.... I'm not even bothering with a tree.... bah humbug!!!

Rant over!!!!!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday......

Thursday, 27 November 2008

20% off at habitat.....

Yes we're doing it again.... I have another friends & family email for 20% off......valid 4th-7th Dec. You can use it in any habitat store so if you fancy a treat or need to buy some Christmas gifts give me a shout & I'll email you one.

I was hoping I could be clever & put it on my blog so you could help yourself but my skills don't stretch that far!!!!

Hope you're all having a good week..... looking forward to the weekend & my visit to John Lewis.... thinking about getting the red sewing machine like Mel's. What a treat...

Monday, 24 November 2008

Thank you Lesley for this award & the 7 tags....

I found this really hard to do...... not the 7 favourite food bit!! - hope it doesn't make me sound too sad!!!

7 Things to do before I die

See the Northern light

Visit Lapland

Visit Las Vegas

Be less stressed

Own a Bernese mountain dog

Start my own knitting business

Buy a house

7 things I do now

Spend to much time on the computer

Live my life by lists!!

Try & make everyone happy

Battle with my weight!!!

Buy things I don't always need

Drink to much

Put thing off

7 things I can't do



Ride a bike


Stand up for myself


Do anything sporty

7 things that I find attractive in the opposite sex

Make me laugh

Looking after me

Putting up with my love of cats

*After being with my boyfriend for 20 years I've forgotten what I look for in the opposite sex!!! I've tried to think of my boyfriends good points......I leave it at that!!!

7 things I say most often

I'm sorry

Can I help you??? (yes I do work in retail so I have to say this all the time!!)

I'm such a goon!!

I'll do that

It's not bad weather just inappropriate clothing

It's like Blackpool illuminations in here

I need to go to the wee.......!!!!!!!!!!

7 celebrities that I admire
I don't really admire any celebrities, I don't do that celeb culture so I've put some real people.....

Harry Patch - or is he a celebrity??

My late grandmother

Anita Roddick

Anyone who stood up & fought to make the world a better place

uummmmm this is a hard one....think I may have to leave it at that

7 favourite foods

Fish & chips


Anything with sausages!!


Roast Dinner

Bacon Sandwich

Pie & mash

(can you see why I battle with my weight!!!)

7 people to join in the fun..



Faerie Nuff


The Vintage Magpie

At home with MelMel

Vintage Tea

Think I should add 'can't blog' to the list... it's taken me 2 hours to do this post!! Everytime I save the changes to the post it comes up with big spaces .... does anyone else have this problem??? It drives me mad!!!

Sorry I haven't been about so much, now I'm back to work I find it really hard to post anything. I'm looking forward to the weekend because I'm off, I'm going to TGI Fridays in Bristol for a friends birthday..... I'm hoping to pop to John Lewis.

Have a good week.....

Friday, 14 November 2008

Last day

Hello again, hope you've all had a good Friday & are looking forward to your weekend off. It's my last day at home today....I'll be returning to work at 8am tomorrow....aahhh, how will I cope???

I went to the physio again today, the exercises seem to be working but I still have the numbness in my right hand.... I'm suppose to have a 20 minute break every hour to complete the exercises, stretch & have a sit down... yeah right!!! I'm sure we're going to be busy tomorrow because there's a 20% off voucher in a magazine hence why they needed me back because there isn't enough staff!!! The physio did have a good poke around my neck & she did say it felt very sore & had to agree as I had tears rolling down my face!! Anyway fingers crossed it will get better soon.

I've managed to finish one of my Christmas gifts...yipeee!! This was always going to be the one that took the most time so I'm hoping I can start ticking more things off now..... Do you remember her????

This is what she looked like the last time you all saw her & I was unsure if she was going to be a cat or a girl. Well I decided on a girl & she's called Amy....this is what she looks like now...

All her clothes are removable & she even has a nappy on. The box will be her bed & I decided to make a blanket the same colours as her clothes. She will be going to my friend's little girl, she called Liv, she's 4 now & every year I make her a toy. Her mum won't let her play with them so the shelf in her bedroom is quite full. She also has a box of all the clothes I've knitted her over the years. I was so pleased to find the fairy wings in a teddy bear shop as I've brought Liv some paper wings herself that she can colour in. These will go in her stocking.

I must admit I do like her, she's taken a while to complete because I wasn't in the mood but I'm pleased with the end result. She looks like something my mum would've made me in the 70's, so much nicer then the Bratz toys!!! And I know her mum will agree.

I thought I would share a picture of my this is an honour for you all as she doesn't get seen very's because she very old, 19 now, & I hate looking at photo's of her because she looks like an old lady. I normally shut her in another room when people come around so no one will say I have to take her to the vets, she walks funny as her back legs are very bad but she's happy & I'll know when the time is right......As you can see she's sporting a lovely crochet flower!!! I was trying to take a picture of the flower but it was too small & my camera is not good with small things....she kept poking her nose in so I thought she could wear it...she's not very happy!!!

I got the pattern from attic24, Lucy's blog is excellent I look forward to her post about crocheting.

Well that's me done for a few days....... how will I cope not reading your blogs all day??!! I'm hoping tomorrow won't be that bad... I did get a text today from one of the other managers saying he couldn't wait to see me tomorrow & he's brought me a better be good!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Another award.......

Thank you MelMel....I'm not sure what this means..... I'm real to you or I'm a real person? Because I'm real... promise!!!

Anyway I've got to pass this on to 7 people, that's going to be hard because some people are going to get it more than once...

The first person has to be......

At home with MelMel

....because she is real to me, I agree Mel I talk more to you then any of my friends I work with etc.


...because she is real, I know I've met her!!


...because I always look forward to reading her post

Diary of a Tinyholder

....because she was the first person to leave me a comment

Just Original

...because she helped me cook


...because I love her crochet patterns

Help!!!! I'm running out of ideas!! There's not that many people I speak to day to day so I'm not sure if they're real!!! Think I'm going to cheat & just have 6 people. Enjoy your award you're all brilliant!!!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A special treat.....for me & you

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my shoulder, I'm still off from work but plan to go back on Saturday as we're short staffed. I visited the physio yesterday & she did point out that my back & shoulders were very stiff..... why did she think I was there?? for a cup of tea & a chat!! I've got some exercises to do, the neck ones have to be done 10 times an hour!! I'm now waiting for a call to confirm that I can have a MRI scan to find out how much damage there is.

Anyway the special treat...... I have 5 30% off at Gap vouchers that are valid until 16th November. If you would like one leave a comment & I will email you, remember I only have 5 so be quick. I think you do need to sign up to get the voucher but they send out lots of vouchers through out the year. It's for friends & family of the staff.

I went to Tesco's today & this is what I found......

Sorry this picture is a bit blurred the print is very small, not sure if I like it.....but hey I had to have it. There was a big pile when we arrived, we went for coffee & when we returned the pile had gone down so much we couldn't see them, we rushed from till to till trying to find them....

Thought I'd share my lovely new clock with you all, it has a timer on the bottom. I found one years ago in a shop in Totnes for £20..... when we returned to buy it for my birthday they had sold out....... you'll never guess where I got this from....

Lidl...... can you believe it, £4.99!!! They went on sale on Monday so I was there at 8am to get one...not sure if they would've sold out but I couldn't risk it. I'm lucky that I live across the road so I can always get a bargain.

I also got this.....

I've never had a Christmas cacti before so I'm not sure how to care for it & I didn't know they last for ages. It's on the window sill in the living room...... it was really sunny this morning & when I returned from Tesco's it was all across the floor.......naughty Nanny had been laying in the sun & knocked it off....

This is what he does when he has the devil in him...... can you believe he's 14, he acts like a kitten.

Hope some of you got the chance to watch the service this morning on TV. I must admit I did shed a tear. Harry Patch is amazing, has anyone read his book??? I would've love to have gone there to see them, it may never happen again.

I've been so bad this week, I had the prefect chance to make all my gifts & I've done nothing!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday

'They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them'

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Stop press.........

I got some flowers..... after 20 years of being with my boyfriend he finally brought me flowers!!

As some of you know I've been signed off from work for one week with a bad shoulder. At first the doctor thought it was a trapped nerve & gave me some pain killers nearly a week ago. I continued to work but had to go back yesterday as I've had a numb feeling in my right index finger since last Thursday. I've now been given some very strong muscle relaxers as the pain killers weren't working. I have to return to the doctors on Friday to arrange a MRI scan as they think my muscles have displaced. As you can imagine I feeling pretty poo from taking so many tablets so the flowers were to cheer me up.

I've been looking at...

Lucy has posted instructions on how to make a crochet I thought I'd give it ago.....

It doesn't lay that flat...what am I doing wrong Lucy??? Don't think it's bad for a first attempted...I try again tomorrow.....not sure if I'm getting confused between doubles & trebles.

After looking at Lucy's blog I thought I'd show you my crocheting. My gran taught me how to make a granny square when I was really young, she passed away when I was 6 so I was really young. Any how I'd forgotten how to do it until a lovely lady came into the shop & showed me. With her help & the internet I've managed to do this.......

These squares are for my 2nd bedspread that I started in March......

I've made a bedspread before which is one giant square, it took me a year to complete but I still love it now.....every time I put it on the bed I smile 'cos 'I made that'!!

I've also made one for my cats...

I got the lovely basket at the car boot sale for £2...

And no they don't use the basket....sometimes they look at it!!!

I'll get back to my crocheting now & try to keep the cats in away from those noisy fireworks..

Monday, 3 November 2008

I've got an award....

Thank you Mel Mel.

The rules say I have to pass this onto 6 people, here goes.......

I enjoy reading everyone's blogs but these have to be my favorite.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Show & tell Sunday

How exciting, I've been chosen for show & tell this week! It's the first time my name has appeared on the list, I'm a little unprepared as I didn't think I would have to do it.

The topic this week is favorite collections and I've chosen to show you all my Home pride Fred's...

Sorry the pictures aren't was a bit of a rush.

I love Fred because he will always remind me of my Auntie Lucy. We used to visit her house on a Saturday tea time & have sausage one can make a sausage sandwich like Auntie Lucy. She had some Fred's on the window sill in the kitchen & I was allowed to look at them, she was quite stern so you wouldn't really play with them!! That was in the 70's & I've loved them ever since. They remind me of a happier, simple time with no worries, why do we have to grow up?

I was likely to find this little one.....

He's only 1 1/2 inches tall & is used for sweetex. I've never seen another one & I was told he's quite rare.

I have a number of old & new which I think sit nicely together, some of the new pieces are limited editions so at some point they will be collectable.

This one has to be my favorite. I brought it from a lady at a boot sale, she told me she was given him in 1971 as a wedding present but she felt it was time he left. This is the year I was born so I just had to have him, I promised I would give him a good home! He has a chip on his foot but I think he's looking good for his age....better then me!!

As you can see they only take up a small space in my kitchen & sit along side all my other favorite things......Cornish blue, red & cream tins etc.

My love of Cornish blue also came from Auntie Lucy, boy does she have a lot to answer for!!! When my sister came to my new house she did point out that it looked like Auntie Lucy's.....what a complement!! And yes I still love sausage sandwiches!!!!!