Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you're all having a lovely sunny bank holiday :)

I've had today off so enjoyed the sun for a couple of hours..... back to work tomorrow.

I feel like I've lost my crafty mojo this royal wedding book finally arrived on Tuesday & I started making the Queen...

It's been a slow process :(

Fingers crossed my mojo is just hiding in the bottom of the wool tub!

No news at work...... haven't heard anything from head office but I've been told that the decision has been made so the other person isn't going to bother filling out the paper work as they already have the job!!! I've completed my CV today & I'm all ready for the meeting on Wednesday. I've also heard that other people have had problems with getting redundancy pay..... oh it's such a worry!!!

Back soon with a finished Queen...... hopefully!!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

What a week!!!!

Hello everyone.... it's a week since I last updated my blog & what a week it's been!

I'm still waiting for my royal wedding knitting book.... it better hurry as I now have less then 2 weeks before the big day! 

Last Sunday I also treated myself to some new jeans...

I brought them from Freddies of Pinewood - I'd been eyeing them up for a while now so when I saw they were reduced I had to snap them up. While I was there I also brought these...

The web site tells you how to measure yourself as the sizes are very different to high street stores..... well I measured & found my correct size but I have to confess they are a little tight around the tummy area!!! They fit well on the hips & waist so maybe I've got a huge tum.... well no maybe about it!! I could send them back but I think I'll keep them, I'm sure I can loose the weight (!!) & they're perfect for Make, Do and Mend & any 1940's event I attend.

So what's happened this week...... it all started on Tuesday when I was told my job will no longer exist from June 6th :( There are 3 managers in store at the moment but going forward there will only be 2....... I've been recommended, for reasons I've yet to find out, to take a non management role. This will be a selling role in the store working on commission. But of course a large pay cut is in order. I have to wait 2 weeks until my first consultation.
So who knows what 2011 will bring!! I think this is a positive move for the company but I never thought my job would be at risk.... for those who don't know I've worked there for 16 years!!! But hey it's happening to lots of people in lots of different jobs so why should I be any different...... it also may be the best thing for me.
I have to re apply for the new positions so today despite the lovely sunshine I've been attached to my laptop trying to rustle up a CV .... no fun!!

Just when I thought Tuesday couldn't get any worse I found out my web site had been hacked & had to be removed.... it never rains but it pours!
So on Wednesday we spent the day trying to get a new site up & running as I had people wanting to buy Make, Do and Mend tickets.

My brain has been like mush this week & I haven't really felt like making or doing anything..... I just sit & think & worry & panic!!!!

I hope your week has been better then mine!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gotta have it!!!

Have you seen this???

I'm sure you have as it's been everywhere!

I've been looking at it for weeks ..... I just want to knit the corgi's....but is it worth spending £10?
On Friday I popped to Cath in Bristol & had a good look..... I can now say it's definitely worth it :)

You can buy it from The Book People for only £3.99... bargain!!!!

So now I'm waiting.... hurry up Mr Postie, I want to knit corgi's!!!

I'm looking forward to The Wedding....are you? What do you have planned?

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather..... unfortunately I've had to work. I've now been told my day off has changed next week so I'm working a whole week without a day off...... oh blimey I'm too old for that!!! I already have swollen feet thanks to my day out in Bristol..... standing & walking around the shop for 8 hours, rushing to the station to find my train was delayed so I had to stand on the platform..... train arrived packed so had to stand all the way home..... I think I was on my feet for over 10 hours!!!
Thank goodness for Clarks shoes!

Have a good week..... back soon

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

March 2011

April has come so quickly this year.... don't you think?

I was really looking forward to March & my 2 weeks holiday but blink & you've missed it!

But it was a good month..... full of treats & days out.

I was lucky to have today off as it was a crazy Make, Do and Mend last night. It just gets busier every month.... which is a good thing but it's hard work!
I've spent today changing web sites, emailing people about the poppy appeal as we're making corsages to sell...... no rest for me!!

I've recovered from the fair on Sunday.... it was a long day & not as busy as I hoped but hey ho you live & learn. Here's to the next one!

It's going to be a long week for me as I go back tomorrow until next Tuesday..... then after 1 day off I have to work another 5! 1 day off in 10..... damn my retail job!!!
Hence why I've been working so hard today. I have to work in Bristol on Friday but I'm hoping a trip to Cath's will make the day bearable.

My lovely new sign..... I just had to have it!!!

Hope you're all having a great week..... I'll be back when I can.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Off to the romp.....

Today I'm off to the romp!!! I will be selling my wares (!) here today

I've been busy making for the last week so I hope I have enough stock!

This is what I've been making...

Crocheted burlesque pasties complete with leatherette backing!!

Phew it's been a busy week! It's not over yet as I have a sell out Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday..... this is the first month I've had to turn people away, we have 31 people booked & have now started a waiting list!

Back soon to let you know how I got on