Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Birthday flowers.......

It was my birthday at the end of August but with the upset of losing my cat I hadn't visited my friend that I've known for 23 years!!! She cooked me a lovely meal, all home made as she's a SAHM. We had a fantastic cheese cake for dessert & her 4 year old daughter presented me these lovely flowers. I don't get flowers very often so I thought I would share them with you. Don't they look good beside my lovely dogs??

Ikea curtains

My CK Ikea curtains in their full glory

Close up of the pattern

My Apron that I wear when baking yummy cakes!!

My day off

Guess what I've been doing today????
I love pickled onions & home made ones are the best. It was my great uncle's nickname for me as a child & I still eat loads now. My friend had a whole jar one night when she found out they were zero points on weight watchers, she didn't make it to work the next day - I won't go in to detail about that!!!

This is what they look like now...I have to wait 24 hours before I can put them in jars. I made loads last year because I was making everyone Christmas hampers, thought I would save money but it didn't work out that way because the ingredients were so expensive.

20% off at habitat

Hello everyone, for those people who don't know me I work at habitat & I've been given a 20% off email voucher to send to all my 'friends & family'.....I think you all count as this!!! It's valid from 2nd Oct - 5th Oct, sorry it's short notice...don't think it was planned. Anyone like one????? Let me know & I'll email it to you........:)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dambuster flies again....

Today has been my day off from the dreaded work place & not only has it been a lovely sunny afternoon but I also got to meet a real life Dambuster....... George 'Johnny' Johnson is one of two survivors from the dambuster raid in 1943. The 2nd lives in Australia so I don't think I'll get to meet him!!!
He was a lovely man who even at 88 stood when he shock my hand.....it was such an honour to meet him....a real hero. It's a shame that men today don't have the same manners. He was in my home town giving a talk for a group of ladies, average age 70!!!, I was invited by a friend so I jumped at the chance to meet him, we were very lucky to sit in the reception area & have coffee with him before the talk. He spoke in great detail about the training & the event. For those of you who saw the channel 5 documentary the talk was the about his travels back to Germany to see the dams. He was a very interesting speaker & I was shocked by how quickly the time went.
At the end I pushed all the old folk out the way, very unlike me, to ask him to sign a book for my dad. I wanted to ask him how he felt about the crazy country that we now live in, children out on the streets killing each other out of boredom .......it must be really odd for him to think he risked his life & lost close friends for this.....................

Thank you .......

Thank you for your comments....I'm feeling better already. And yes MelMel it is me!!!! Thought I would come and join in the fun of blogging. Hope to make lots of friends.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

First blog

This is my first blog so it's all a bit new to me......Why I'm I doing this???? I think one of the reasons is because of the 'old fella' pictured above. I lost Charlie at the age of 16 on the 10th September & since then I have felt a bit lonely & low......so I thought I'd give this ago.

I also wanted somewhere I can have a bit of a rant & moan without friends & family knowing!!!! Is this the reason most people so this???

Not sure if my life is interesting enough for blogging but I'll soon find out.....