Friday, 29 July 2011


I've been away so long.... sorry!

Last year I told you all about my lovely lavender growing in my garden

It was getting out of hand so I cut it back early this year

I have 4 plants in the front garden, this is the crop this year


It's all hanging up in the shed drying

Plus the 3 plants in the back garden have done really well this year ...... they're different & much easier to cut & dry..... must remmeber that for next year!

I bagged some up to sell at the vintage fair & sold out so I'm thinking of putting it in my Folksy shop.

I have more then enough to make my lavender bags!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend..... work for me!

Back soon

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

All the fun of the fair.....

On Saturday I headed off to sell at the first Exeter Vintage & Handmade Fair

Wow what a day!!!

It was so busy..... gotta take your hat off to Shelley & Cassie who organised it, they had over 1,000 people through the door!

Some people complained it was too busy but hey better then not busy!

This was the view behind me

The only problem with being so busy was I couldn't take many photo's or spend any pennies.... in both sense!

My next door neighbours

The Southwest Lindy Hoppers went down a storm

People were dancing in the aisles.... fantastic!

My table..... couldn't get to the front to take photo's!

Can you see Mr Fox?

I put a very large price tag on because:
  1. He took hours & hours to make
  2. I love him!!!

You can see more/better photo's on this blog

And to top it off my friend brought me these lovely flowers :)

My best seller....

All in all it was a great day & I'm looking forward to the November one...... better get knitting!!

I have my first interview tomorrow....nervous? Moi?

I found out today that John Lewis are unlikely to recruit this side of Christmas..... boo!!

It's Make, Do and Mend tomorrow so a very busy week for me...... back soon, have a good week

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Back to the 1940's

Yes it's that time of year again...... on Sunday me, ma & pops headed off to the South Devon Railway's 1940's weekend. You may remember our trip from last year.

It was busier this year with lots more people dressed up. We arrived to see the brass band playing outside.

After a nice cup of tea we went to book our tickets

We picked up a wee snackett from the WI stall as our train pulled into the station.

Like last year there was a mad dash for the best seats so we ended up sitting on the train for 20mins in our private compartment. I went for a wander to see what was going on.....

In the dining carriage two ladies dressed in black & white were serving cream teas. 

We had our identity cards checked on the train by 2 policemen..... pops was in trouble as he had put his in ma's handbag & got a ticking off! They also got in trouble for not bring their gas masks...... lucky for me I had remembered mine!

We arrived in Totnes

And once again decided to stay on the train to keep our good seats.

Near the station is Totnes rare breeds farm & this fella was welcoming the visitors.

Bit blurred up close!

Back at Buckfastleigh we went up on the bridge again for a birds eye view of the campsite

Some lovely WW2 American jeeps.

Back along the platform to see the next people waiting to board.

We were just heading off when the Southwest Lindy Hoppers started dancing

We had a lovely day & once again we're looking forward to next year. 

It was a welcome break from the rubbish going on at the mo :( I've been on holiday since Friday which has been lovely, I have to go in tomorrow & Thursday for 2 hours but that's it until Monday 18th..... yippee!!
It's going to be a mad rush this week to make things for the Exeter Vintage & Handmade Fair on Saturday! I also have to do some prep work for an interview I have on Wednesday 20th...... gulp!

Back soon if blogger allows me to post!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

June 2011

Another month has past & what a funny one it was! 
At the beginning of the month I was feeling positive about my new job & by the end I'd lost it!!!!

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post..... at the moment I feel like Moaning Minnie, nothing seems to be going well for me :( But I'll try & remain positive & carry on!

I've applied for 4 jobs so far..... 2 of which I'm very excited about.
I'm trying desperately to find out more about John Lewis as that would be perfect for me. I'd love to leave Habitat very soon with a large pay off...... take a few months off to focus on me, Make, Do and Mend & Josie-Mary then start work in the haberdashery section in John Lewis..... now don't that sound good!!!!
If anyone knows anyone connected to John Lewis please put my name forward :)

I was off yesterday so made the most of the sun by catching the train to the coast before returning to Exeter, to Belmont park to see Billy Bragg

Excuse the poor photo! It was really sunny & hot with good music & great people.

We then headed to the pub to finish the day off...... seems to be the norm for me at the moment!

Today being the 1st of July made me think there are worse things that happen in the world....

The battle of the Somme 1st July 1916

See I'm trying to see the bright side :)

Back soon