Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Business as usual

Hello everyone......I'm back :)

Say hello to my new friends all ready to come to the fair with me.
I knew as soon as I saw this lovely basket in Otto Retro it had to come home with me, well it is red!!!
My excuse was I needed it to display my pussy cats at the fair..... it's a little too big so now I have to make more cats & bears to fill it up.

I also brought this.....

A lovely scarf.......I normally wear scarves as I feel really uncomfortable when my neck is exposed.....why is that?
All winter I wear polo necks because of's a bit odd as I don't really like wearing a necklace as they're too tight! Weirdo!!!!
So this was my bargain scarf at only £3.50....pure silk, I've been wearing it to work most days as it brightens up my black uniform.

Last week I noticed my pear tree had come to life.....

Spot Nanny??? My shadow, he follows me everywhere.
Now I'm going to need your help with my pear tree.......OH gave it to me for valentines day about 3 years ago.....year 1 = nothing, year 2 = a few leaves but not this...what's going on?
Does it mean I'll have lots of pears?
He brought one that could go in a pot but I'm not sure if I should re pot it.....lots of space & no roots showing at the bottom of the pot. I've moved it to a sunny place in the that right? Can't find much out on the Internet & anyway sometimes it's better to ask....not so confusing.

As some of you will know from Twitter I've had a nasty tummy bug this week but pleased to report I'm on the mend. I must admit I've really enjoyed being ill!!!! It was time I could spend on me....only 2 days but it was good while it lasted. Back to normal today as it's my day off so I felt I couldn't use the.....'I'm ill'.....excuse any longer!
I've made quite a few things for the fair so I'm not panicking as much now. I was up at 5.30am this morning making this brooch.

Only 3 weeks to go until my fair......why did I start this?

I hope all you Exeter/Devon folk will pop in to say won't be as good as the Vintage & Handmade fair but hopefully it will be a darn site better then the normal fairs in Exeter!!!!

Today was Pop's birthday & we've just had the most wonderful Carvery for lunch......just hope it stays down...whoops sorry too much information!!!

Looking forward to saying hello on Saturday

Monday, 26 April 2010

Show & Tell Sunday......

Sunday 2nd May.

Where has the time gone?
This month we'll be sharing you have a favourite plate? Or a mug you must have your morning tea from? Or a mug that's too precious to use?

Please Show & Tell!

Busy weekend ahead for those people that are lucky enough to be going here.....

Vintage & Handmade Fair

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Thank you......

Just a short post to thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I really appreciate your support, it's great to have so many lovely friends who understand my situation.

Update: She's still with us....... I know the problem won't go away & I'm just buying time but I don't care. She won't get any better but if she can stay with me for a little bit longer I'll be happy.

On a lighter note I've been really busy with the craft fair......ahhhh only 4 weeks to go & I don't have enough to sell. I've been so busy organising it I haven't spent any time making.
This has got to change now....... I must spend less time on the laptop & IPhone & more time making!
Sorry about the photo's but I didn't get time to take any tonight so I thought I'd use my very cheerful new brooches!

I hope to be back on Sunday with some photo's of my Otto retro goodies I promised you weeks ago.
Fingers crossed it'll be business as usual.
Enjoy the sunshine

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Difficult times

Just to let you know I may not be around very much over the next week.
I'm trying to make the hardest decision of my life, I think you know what it lovely Zoe who is nearly 20 years old. I don't want to sound miserable so I think it's best that I back off for a bit.
Today hasn't been pretty.....god it hasn't even happened yet :(

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another week gone & good news

Hello everyone.....I can't believe it's been a week since my last post.....just where does the time go?

Sorry about my last post about that what you call hard sell??...hehehe
I've been told you really need to push yourself to sell things on Folksy so I added the Firefox add on so every time I list something new or want to tell people about my things I just push a eh? So I did it very early thinking I'd delete it before you all saw it but forgot!!!
Then I had a few comments & felt bad about taking it there you go, sorry again but it's a great gadget.

Tuesday was the 3rd meeting of Make, Do and Mend, it was a funny night as only 12 people turned up but it was strangely better then the other 2. It had a lovely relaxed feel & the things we were talking about.....ohh it'll make your hair curl!!!!

I also made a big decision this week.......I brought an iPhone!!!
Now anyone who knows me will know I've wanted one since they came out but couldn't get a signal with 02 where I live....gutted!!
So since then I've bored everyone I can think of about how MUCH I want one....including all my customers!
In June last year I purchased the Nokia version, you can read about it here, but it wasn't what I really wanted. In October they went over to Orange & I was really angry I hadn't waited.
I'd been saving & trying to justify spending that much money for the last 4 months.....this week I was on a mission & spent most lunch breaks in mobile phone shops trying to get a discount or a won't happen you know, it cheapens the brand :(

Friday I headed to work with OH telling me to just buy the damn thing & shut up.....all day I was thinking should I, shouldn't I, then I spoke to a customer who was spending a lot of money on sofa's....the reason was a friend of his & just been given 3 months to live & he thought sod it you could go tomorrow & what's the good of savings!!

I explained about my situation & he made me promise to get it & text I did!!
And it feels good :)

I wanted to share my trip to Otto Retro with you, I went here over a week ago but haven't had chance to tell you all.

You liking????

I couldn't fit this in my bag so sadly had to leave it behind.

aahhhh lovely :)

I brought 2 things which I will show you next time .....ooohhhh I could take a photo with my new phone!!!!! Can you feel the excitement???

There's so much to show & tell but I don't want to bore you so I'll try & post again soon.

In the meantime this is the poster we've chosen.

The web site is now up & running....
Handmade Home Fair

Take a look & tell all your friends.
Craft fairs are springing up all over the place......a group of ladies has set up one for June in Exeter.....hope we have enough customers.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.....spring is here or could it be summer?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

Well another month has gone by so it's time for Show & Tell.

This months theme is .....your favourite picture/photo.

Now before we start I've had problems with shinny spots on all my photo's & also I couldn't get my scanner to work...(yes my week just gets better!!) so I had to take picture of photo's hence the shinny spots.....please bare with me!

So here goes.....

I met OH in this pub way back in 1988, we lived there for a bit & had so much fun but it came to a end when it closed about 6 months later.
Years later OH was talking to the new owners & this sign was still in the basement so he brought it for us......ahh how sweet!!

This is me in 1977....

There's the shiny spot!
I love this photo as I think it sums up my life.....while my sisters were bickering with each other I was happy with lovely pets!
Ki the golden retriever, Hedi the white cat & my Jason....more on him later.

This is me Christmas 1977....

Check out that 1970 decor!!! Did you spot Nookie bear? He's still with me & was in my last Show & Tell on my bed! I remember this Christmas really was such a happy time, before teen angst then discovering life is all about working, paying the bills etc. I would love to go back to that age again with not a care in the world.

This is the worse photo but one of my all time favourite so I had to show you.....

My beautiful Jason.....named after Jason from The Walton's......he was a gift for my 3rd birthday, one of the best gifts I've ever received.....he came with a red ribbon around his neck & was given to me when I was still in bed......I can remember like it was yesterday. I loved Jason....even though we had lots of other cats he was very special. I would carry him around all the time, knit clothes for him & even pushed him in my dolls pram!
He was put to sleep when I was 11 & it broke my heart....I was in bed for a week!

I just know that he's waiting for me with Charlie at Rainbow bridge

So that's it for this month. Thanks to everyone who joined in......see you all Sunday 2nd May.

One more thing....

Enjoy your eggs & hot cross buns.....mmmmmm

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Well another month as gone by ladies......where do they go?

March was very busy for me...... this year I was going to doing something but I feel I may have taken on more then I can cope with.
Make, Do and Mend will be meeting again on Tuesday & the craft fair is only 7 weeks away!!!!!
In the mean time I'm suppose to be selling at Knit Expo in Exeter in 2 weeks time......crumbs I don't even have much stock!!!
Last night we had a planning meeting after I finished work which was 7pm...I finally got home at 10.30 but then had to send emails to sellers etc until midnight......up again at 5.30am ......
All this & holding down a full time job......I must be crazy!!!!
I just want this to work so some day soon I can do what I love doing........
maybe I'm just having a tired day?

Ok.... I'm off now to send more emails for advertising..... Facebook group......and the list goes on!
oh by the way I now have a Folksy shop.......check it out

Don't forget Show and Tell on Sunday.......I'm not working that day (shop closed...yippee!!)
so I can relax.....maybe?