Sunday, 28 February 2010

What's in the bag???

ooohhhh look at me posting twice in a week!!!!! Today has been my day off & what a lovely day it's been. Even though they forcasted heavy rain all day it didn't happen. It was very chilly but I feel spring is just around the corner especially as it was still light at 5pm with....wait for this......sunshine.....oh my goodness, remember that???

March is knocking at the door & bringing me a gift of 2 weeks off......yippee!!!'s been 5 months since my last holiday. It doesn't sound long but I rarely get 2 days together & we all know that 1 day is just not enough. So roll on March the 8th & keep your fingers crossed for more sun!!

When I started blogging I joined Show & Tell Sunday with some ladies from the US. Sometimes it happened sometimes it didn't but I really enjoyed finding out what the topic would be & sharing. It's been over a year since the last one so I thought let's do our own......

Who wants to join in?

Post a link on your blog & let me know. I thought we would do it on the first Sunday of the month.....Sunday March 7th......& the first topic will be your favourite spot in your house.
Is it your armchair? Your craft room? Kitchen? Or bed?

This week Kelly did a post about her handbag & I thought I'd join in.......

What do they say about the bigger the bag the more c@#~you carry??

I took these photo's on Friday because I thought this was really funny.
So first up......

My CK cool bag for my pack lunch, CK shoe bag for my crochet (I was planning to go to Otto Retro to the Knit & Natter evening but I didn't leave work until 6.30 & it finished at 7pm) camera & purse.

Now the little things......

Spotty shopping bag, diary, Make, Do and Mend flyer's, business card holder, bus pass, umbrella. lip balm, gloves, yet another purse, phone, 2 sets of keys (home & work), a hole punch I brought in my lunch break and finally my extra strong pain killers...........I wonder why I need those???!!!!

On Saturday the lovely Sal & Mr Snippet popped in to see me at work....always nice to see them....check out Sal's latest post, you can (almost!) see where I work.....don't forget to wave!!!

It's the 2nd meeting of Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday so I must go & pack my bags....well I say pack to be honest my trolley is still full in the kitchen from the last meeting...well it was only 3 weeks ago....not bad eh???

Don't forget to join in Show & Tell Sunday......look forward to seeing your favourite spot next Sunday.

Have a good week

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Slow down.........

Hello everyone.....I'm back!
The title of this post is aimed at all you lovely ladies........ I can't keep up!!!!
I read all your blog whilst eating my breakfast but I just can't keep up with all your posts! I think I'm nearly there but when I check back there's loads sorry everyone.....I'm trying my best! I do read them all even if I don't leave a comment.....sometimes it's hard to think of something to say at 6.30 in the morning! Thanks for sticking by me & still leaving me comments :)

So what have I been up to in the last 10 days....... well last week was 1/2 term, that means a busy time at work because the managers is always on holiday & he lets other people take time last week we had 6 member of staff off & just me in charge!!!
We also had a very surprise visit from the new owners! They were suppose to come down this week to see the store manager but changed with less then 24 hours they got little ol me!! Hope I did ok because this was one of the biggest visits our store has ever had. Like all new owners they were looking to save money.........we had a 4 hour meeting & I think they were happy although they didn't give much away!

I was so tried last week that I was going to bed at 9pm........working 10 hour days really does take it out of you......imagine being nice & smiling for 10 hours??? Heavens above it's hard work!!!
Then on Monday I was struck down with this horrible tummy bug that seems to be doing the rounds..... I soldiered on & continued to work but thank goodness it's my day off today. Not very relaxing as I've been cleaning all morning :(

So a while ago my good friend Mel asked us for some vintage Cath. I managed to find time today to go to the dreaded cupboard to find my old catalogues.....why dreaded??
When you open the doors they fall off, the shelves are broken & everything falls out.....please tell me you've all got one of these?

Here we go.........

The oldest one is 2003....... I thought I had some older ones but maybe they're hiding in the loft.....I'll show you one day but don't hold your breath!!!

I do have a lot of Cath Kidston, I've been a shopper since about 1995 when I joined Habitat & started to earn enough to 'treat' myself!
You can see more of my collect here.........I've been trying to think of the first thing I brought but I can't remember. It would take forever to photograph everything I own so I'm going to do it when I find's a little taster........

This could almost be me eating my toast in the mornings........maybe a bit too stylish for me......& far to white!!!!!

My lovely slippers......RIP :(

I wanted these for so long but they were sooooooo expensive for a pair of slippers........ on a trip to London I popped in after visiting the pub (whoops!) & found them for £25..................still a lot of money but I can say they were the best slippers ever but sadly they've now fallen apart. I still have them because they're so comfortable.......if not a little smelly!!!!

Loved these postcards........

I still have them in the wrapper....... I will get around to framing them one day!!!!

The boats have always been a favourite of mine......

As you've seen before.......

So that's all my Cath for today but I'll show you more another day. I must confess I don't like the fact it's become so commercial, everyone likes it now & even my day could spot the bags in Tesco's......goodness me....what is the world coming to!!!

Finally I'll show you my gloves......

You like????

I was planning on making these to sell but they take forever to make so I'd have to sell them for hundreds of pounds if I was to get minimum wage!!!!!

Hope to pop back soon.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines day

Hello.........once again I've been away too long :(
Hope you all had a good day & your loved ones treated you well. I had to work today so no romance for is my anniversary at work, it's been 15 years!
My if I think the weeks go quick that nothing compare to how fast these last 15 years have gone. I can't believe I started as part time after losing my managers job, I wasn't planning on staying very long.....haha! I had my long service award in gift vouchers which was lovely........I won't say how much but I can now afford a new armchair! Now I just need to decide which one!

Once again I forgot to take photo's of my new time I promise.

So what happened on Tuesday........

Well with just over an hour to go before it started I walked in to the room to find this......

I'd forgotten how bad the room after a mad dash I changed it to this.....

It was starting to look more cosy & I had a few comments saying how pretty it looked. So now we just need the people.......

ahh there you are.

And the other side........ I had 16 people turn up....yey..... I was very happy!!

My good friend Helen proving it's not all about knitting!!!! She makes lovely wedding figures.

So that was it, we had a great night, it was really nice to meet new people but hard for me to be the hostess with the mostess!
Looking forward to the 2nd March for the next's hoping for even more people next time! oh & we decided to go it alone......remember I asked your advise? Well you all said don't join force with Make it and Mend it & I agree.
Now I just have to make that phone call to say ta- ra.......
........ can I relax now? :)

Have a good week.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Big day nearly here..........

Hello everyone, wow I can't believe it's over a week since I last popped in to say hello.
I've had a busy week stocktaking at work.....although this only goes on for one day it's really tiring......I can remember a time when I used to go to the pub after we finished now I'm just ready for my bed!!!
Lots going on at home as well & to be honest I've just felt really lazy!

Today I had to force myself to get moving as some of the housework hadn't been done for over a week so I really needed to get out of the arm chair...... I've been trying to finish my hand warmers, I finally finished last night so I could share them with you today but I forgot to take a photo......oh well there's always next time :(

So as you all know tomorrow is my first meeting..............

I know, I know........I've been going on about it for weeks but I'm excited & also a little nervous.

What about it no one turns up???
What about if loads of people turn up???

You see I'm quite shy & don't really like talking to new people, I have to at work but that's different because they're paying me to do it!
But in real life I'm a bit timid!!

At the moment about 25 people are due to come....(OMG!!!) .....but I know some people will pull out at the last minute.

So this afternoon I've been packing all my things to take......

ahhhh biscuits....better not forget those!!
Tablecloths because the tables are covered in paint & I want it to look pretty.
I've also had to pack needles, wool, books & there's a lot to take.

While I was packing up I thought I'd make so badges to take......what do you think??

So then I thought if I'm selling the Cloth Magazine then why couldn't I sell some things of mine, well at the end of the day I've spent hours doing this so if I can make a few quid then why not!

So I'm taking a few craft bags, some pretty covered note books, corsages & some Cath badges.
(oh & some more biscuits!!)

Talking about Cloth Magazine have you checked out their web site yet? Click here
I can't tell you how happy that made me!!!

So I'm all packed & ready to go.....thankfully I'm getting the 7.15am bus to work tomorrow so no one will laugh at my very bright trolley. It's the first time I've used it as OH will NOT let me take it shopping!!!

So that's it.....wish me luck!!!!