Sunday, 28 February 2010

What's in the bag???

ooohhhh look at me posting twice in a week!!!!! Today has been my day off & what a lovely day it's been. Even though they forcasted heavy rain all day it didn't happen. It was very chilly but I feel spring is just around the corner especially as it was still light at 5pm with....wait for this......sunshine.....oh my goodness, remember that???

March is knocking at the door & bringing me a gift of 2 weeks off......yippee!!!'s been 5 months since my last holiday. It doesn't sound long but I rarely get 2 days together & we all know that 1 day is just not enough. So roll on March the 8th & keep your fingers crossed for more sun!!

When I started blogging I joined Show & Tell Sunday with some ladies from the US. Sometimes it happened sometimes it didn't but I really enjoyed finding out what the topic would be & sharing. It's been over a year since the last one so I thought let's do our own......

Who wants to join in?

Post a link on your blog & let me know. I thought we would do it on the first Sunday of the month.....Sunday March 7th......& the first topic will be your favourite spot in your house.
Is it your armchair? Your craft room? Kitchen? Or bed?

This week Kelly did a post about her handbag & I thought I'd join in.......

What do they say about the bigger the bag the more c@#~you carry??

I took these photo's on Friday because I thought this was really funny.
So first up......

My CK cool bag for my pack lunch, CK shoe bag for my crochet (I was planning to go to Otto Retro to the Knit & Natter evening but I didn't leave work until 6.30 & it finished at 7pm) camera & purse.

Now the little things......

Spotty shopping bag, diary, Make, Do and Mend flyer's, business card holder, bus pass, umbrella. lip balm, gloves, yet another purse, phone, 2 sets of keys (home & work), a hole punch I brought in my lunch break and finally my extra strong pain killers...........I wonder why I need those???!!!!

On Saturday the lovely Sal & Mr Snippet popped in to see me at work....always nice to see them....check out Sal's latest post, you can (almost!) see where I work.....don't forget to wave!!!

It's the 2nd meeting of Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday so I must go & pack my bags....well I say pack to be honest my trolley is still full in the kitchen from the last meeting...well it was only 3 weeks ago....not bad eh???

Don't forget to join in Show & Tell Sunday......look forward to seeing your favourite spot next Sunday.

Have a good week


  1. A very red and lovely post, Joe!!
    Exeter was quite pleasant yesterday..away from the crowds!
    BTW Love the bag!

  2. Thankyou for letting us have a nosey!!

    Sam xx

  3. You bag is very organised not to mention pretty!!! Thank you for showing us!!!

  4. Ha ha someone with more stuff in their bag than me :)
    I'll do a show and tell Sunday, sounds like fun!

  5. I can't believe how clean and tidy all your bags are!!!
    I really believe you're all fibbing LOL.
    Am I the only one with a years worth of receipts, chewed lolly sticks, snotty tissues and 6 pieces of lego???
    Gorgeous CK gear in it though!
    Love to join in your show and tell, bit dim on the rules though, I'm new :-) Please help.

  6. Your bag contents should be sponsored by CK! LOL!

    I used to do Show and Tell Sunday so it'll be fun to join in again

    Victoria xx

  7. I'd love to do the show and tell Sunday, what great fun! xxx

  8. Snap with the messenger bag - mine's a different colour though. It's so big isn't it! Mine always gives me back ache, I think it's because I feel I have to fill it due to it's size!

  9. Hi Joe....count me in! It's a fab I just post on Sunday the topics for that week...know I sound thick can you just let me know to be sure please??!!!
    Thanks hun...
    hugs Karen x x x

  10. Count me in to the Show & Tell Sundays, please.

    Hurrah - another CK messenger bag with the world loaded in to it ;)

  11. Vintage Vicki pointed me in your direction- I will join in with Show and Tell Sunday.

  12. haha, I saw this one, and there's no way I would show people the contents of my bag -it's simply too messy! I love your bag.
    As for Show and Tell, I just couldn't commit to doing it - I know I'd miss out the posts. I can't keep up with blogging as it is! x

  13. Hi Joe

    I'd love to join in show and tell.... but you may well have to remind me!!! Love all your red stuff :)

    Mel xxx

  14. Hi there, I'd like to do show and tell too, should be a giggle :-) Emma