Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Slow down.........

Hello everyone.....I'm back!
The title of this post is aimed at all you lovely ladies........ I can't keep up!!!!
I read all your blog whilst eating my breakfast but I just can't keep up with all your posts! I think I'm nearly there but when I check back there's loads sorry everyone.....I'm trying my best! I do read them all even if I don't leave a comment.....sometimes it's hard to think of something to say at 6.30 in the morning! Thanks for sticking by me & still leaving me comments :)

So what have I been up to in the last 10 days....... well last week was 1/2 term, that means a busy time at work because the managers is always on holiday & he lets other people take time last week we had 6 member of staff off & just me in charge!!!
We also had a very surprise visit from the new owners! They were suppose to come down this week to see the store manager but changed with less then 24 hours they got little ol me!! Hope I did ok because this was one of the biggest visits our store has ever had. Like all new owners they were looking to save money.........we had a 4 hour meeting & I think they were happy although they didn't give much away!

I was so tried last week that I was going to bed at 9pm........working 10 hour days really does take it out of you......imagine being nice & smiling for 10 hours??? Heavens above it's hard work!!!
Then on Monday I was struck down with this horrible tummy bug that seems to be doing the rounds..... I soldiered on & continued to work but thank goodness it's my day off today. Not very relaxing as I've been cleaning all morning :(

So a while ago my good friend Mel asked us for some vintage Cath. I managed to find time today to go to the dreaded cupboard to find my old catalogues.....why dreaded??
When you open the doors they fall off, the shelves are broken & everything falls out.....please tell me you've all got one of these?

Here we go.........

The oldest one is 2003....... I thought I had some older ones but maybe they're hiding in the loft.....I'll show you one day but don't hold your breath!!!

I do have a lot of Cath Kidston, I've been a shopper since about 1995 when I joined Habitat & started to earn enough to 'treat' myself!
You can see more of my collect here.........I've been trying to think of the first thing I brought but I can't remember. It would take forever to photograph everything I own so I'm going to do it when I find's a little taster........

This could almost be me eating my toast in the mornings........maybe a bit too stylish for me......& far to white!!!!!

My lovely slippers......RIP :(

I wanted these for so long but they were sooooooo expensive for a pair of slippers........ on a trip to London I popped in after visiting the pub (whoops!) & found them for £25..................still a lot of money but I can say they were the best slippers ever but sadly they've now fallen apart. I still have them because they're so comfortable.......if not a little smelly!!!!

Loved these postcards........

I still have them in the wrapper....... I will get around to framing them one day!!!!

The boats have always been a favourite of mine......

As you've seen before.......

So that's all my Cath for today but I'll show you more another day. I must confess I don't like the fact it's become so commercial, everyone likes it now & even my day could spot the bags in Tesco's......goodness me....what is the world coming to!!!

Finally I'll show you my gloves......

You like????

I was planning on making these to sell but they take forever to make so I'd have to sell them for hundreds of pounds if I was to get minimum wage!!!!!

Hope to pop back soon.


  1. Love your gloves, they're fab. Cath is great too.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Thank you for doing this my friend!
    I'm off too today!
    I love the gloves!

    I wish I owned the slippers, they are so lovely!

    I love the show n tell you did before, just had another peep!xxx

  3. You have been busy!! I love your gloves!!! Nice to see your CK too!!!

  4. Just to reassure you that yes I have a cupboard where I keep all my wool stash and every time I open it at least half the bags fall out - although the doors do stay on (cupboard in the utility room has doors off hinges does that count?)
    Great gloves but yes I know what you mean about some things taking forever to make and then not being able to sell them for a fair price! xx

  5. If you can't sell the gloves how about making them as a gift .....for me :) They are gorgeous!
    I'm new to cath, loving some of the vintage bits I have been seeing!

  6. I don't have a cupboard like that. I have several. And a couple of drawers, crammed full of stuff (so much so that once opened, they are very hard to shut again!).

    Hope you are feeling better from the bug - glad the meeting went well at work - sounds like your manager knows when to take time off!

  7. Hi Josie
    Another early bird.. just got your lovely comment.. thank you!
    You have an impressive collection of Cath K's .. hang on to it all and keep the wrappers as they are sure to be great collector's items and antiques of the future.
    Seems strange that vintage reproductions will become vintage themselves.. but everything has a collector and a value.
    Love the mittens.. !
    P.s Thanks so much for linking the fair.. and best of luck with yours.. Village Fete sounds good.!!!!!

  8. The gloves are wonderful! I know what you mean about keeping up with all the blogs, I have been commenting for on and a half hours so far! only how many to go?!!! Suzie. xxx

  9. WOW I want to come round yours and delve in all your old CK mags!

    Victoria xx

  10. I have a collection of CK catalogues too!...Thankyou for your lovely message about Hamish xx

    Sam xx

  11. I have a collection of CK catalogues too!...Thankyou for your lovely message about Hamish xx

    Sam xx