Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines day

Hello.........once again I've been away too long :(
Hope you all had a good day & your loved ones treated you well. I had to work today so no romance for is my anniversary at work, it's been 15 years!
My if I think the weeks go quick that nothing compare to how fast these last 15 years have gone. I can't believe I started as part time after losing my managers job, I wasn't planning on staying very long.....haha! I had my long service award in gift vouchers which was lovely........I won't say how much but I can now afford a new armchair! Now I just need to decide which one!

Once again I forgot to take photo's of my new time I promise.

So what happened on Tuesday........

Well with just over an hour to go before it started I walked in to the room to find this......

I'd forgotten how bad the room after a mad dash I changed it to this.....

It was starting to look more cosy & I had a few comments saying how pretty it looked. So now we just need the people.......

ahh there you are.

And the other side........ I had 16 people turn up....yey..... I was very happy!!

My good friend Helen proving it's not all about knitting!!!! She makes lovely wedding figures.

So that was it, we had a great night, it was really nice to meet new people but hard for me to be the hostess with the mostess!
Looking forward to the 2nd March for the next's hoping for even more people next time! oh & we decided to go it alone......remember I asked your advise? Well you all said don't join force with Make it and Mend it & I agree.
Now I just have to make that phone call to say ta- ra.......
........ can I relax now? :)

Have a good week.


  1. I'm so pleased it went so well....congrats!xxx

  2. Well done, looked fab after your makeover.

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. So happy for you. It looked wonderful! suzie xxx

  4. Wow, you efforts really paid off - the room looked lovely after you'd transformed it. Really pleased the event was a success for you!


  5. Happy Valentines day!
    I hope you do not mind but I have added your blog to my blogroll. :) xxxx

  6. Hi Josie....yep me's back!

    Have you seen my new you fancy sharing.....I'd love to see some of your vintage CK....xxxx

  7. ah ,it looks like a great night. I'll definitely be first there in April!

    I'd love to go to the Fair, but I'm not sure yet what M's commitments are, or if I can get someone to have the kids for the day if he's working - I'll look into it and let you know as it would be great to go again. I can't believe it's been nearly a year already - where does the time go?

  8. So pleased it was a sucess, you worked very hard! Glad you decided to go it alone too :)

  9. Just popped by to say hiya....nice day off?

    Back to work for me tomorrow, BOOOOO!
    Never mind, only 5wks till Easter!