Friday, 23 October 2009

Show us your Cath...........

ooohhhhhh I'm late for the party......sorry everyone but I did want to join in.
I've had this on my blog list for a while (does anyone else have a blog list?) but hadn't got around to it, thanks LissyLou for inviting us.

First things first....breakfast....

I do like the boat design.

Now which bag shall I take to work??

My lovely lunch bag & other goodies that I have in my handbag....

Lots of purses! I have a travel purse for my bus pass & money, the clip purse is for my food shopping money & the really big purse is my 'to spend' money! I know this might sound crazy but I've been doing this for nearly 2 years & it's really helped me sort out my money. The gadget case is for my mobile phone.

Now do I need a hankie.....

Hope I won't be needing this today....

No I'm not traveling today so I'll leave my weekend bag at home....

Loving the shoe bag at the moment. It's been really handy for traveling, I took my knitting on the train, then used it for underwear & socks when I went to Majorca.

Now I can relax with my sewing....

Pop to the bathroom before bed...

My new PJ's (thanks for the tip off Kelly!) & my welly socks that I'm using as bed socks....

Whoops....someone got there before me!!!!

I realised I haven't taken photo's of everything Cath...boy that would take all day..... my knitting bag was too messy & my books (all 4 (!) were on the top shelf)
Ok I think I have a Cath problem!!
I started buying just after she opened, at the time I could only afford little things & it would be a real I think things have got out of hand!

I'm glad to be home after my break in Majorca..... 48 hours is not long enough!
I'll be back soon to tell you all about it, unfortunately I've got a really bad back. It came on late yesterday afternoon..... the last time it was this bad I was taken to hospital in an ambulance!!
I remained calm & continued to travel home but I've never been so pleased to see my bed!
I'm back on my 'crazy' called because I can't speak properly when I take them or walk in a straight line!!! It's only happened twice before but it's so painful, I loose the feeling on my right side & can't breathe. Fingers crossed the pills will work........


  1. my goodness, you have alot of i jealous??? of course i am!!!!!!!

    thanks for taking part xxxx

  2. have a real Vintage CK bag....ooohhh so green eyed...tis so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All you CK is lovely, after my house....your house would be my next choice to live!
    A feast of fantastic CK goodies.....yay!!!

    I'm so sorry about your back, how annoying to be in such pain..are work being ok about it!??

    I'll email you to have a catch up, when your felling more yourself...((hugs))xxxx

  3. Hello! Sorry to hear about your back. I love all your wonderful CK goodies, you have got a lot, I am having a party too, but I have only a few little bits and bobs, had to make up with Ck inspired! Suzie. xxx

  4. Hi Joe
    sorry to hear about your back hope its better soon, lovely Cath stuff she's made a fortune out of us lot hasn't she. LOL
    Hope you have a good weekend

  5. Hope your back feels better!! Not a nice way to end your hols : (
    Lovely post, you have a gorgeous selection of CK yumminess!!
    Have a good (painless) weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  6. Hope your back feels better!! Not a nice way to end your hols : (
    Lovely post, you have a gorgeous selection of CK yumminess!!
    Have a good (painless) weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Hope that your back is starting to feel a bit better ~ I love all your Cath K things although there does seem rather a lot! But I'm sure there will be others out there that have a much bigger CK problem than you! Hope you have a very lovey weekend :O).

  8. Sorry to hear about your back! I hope it get's better very soon!!
    You have loads of great Cath though!! Lucky you!!!


  9. Wow great stuff!!
    I recognisse those socks :)
    wish I'd got some now!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  10. Can I just say Ditto to Kelly's comment about recognising the socks!!!

    Victoria xxx