Sunday, 25 October 2009

My holiday

The story of Can'pastilla

12 years ago me & OH decided to head for the sun for the first time. We took a flight from London to Palma & booked in for one night, we only took small back packs & planned to go where ever we wanted.

After spending a night in a tiny but very expensive hotel we headed to the bus station & got on the first bus that was going to the sea! We went through a little town & when the bus stopped we could see the sea ahead so off we jumped. Now little did we know this was the start of a love affair that is still going!

The town is a mix of Spanish, German & English (less now), we booked into a hotel & went off to see the sights. The first street we went down had a English bar, we popped in & got talking to the owners...... OH went on to set up their web site & helped them sell the business when the time was right. We ended up becoming friends with loads of other bar owners & OH got lots of work from it.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it suited us for short breaks, I felt happy to walk around alone at night as there was always someone you knew about. It was all about relaxing, laying in the hotel room or on the beach & going to the bars with a bunch of great people.

I used to go about 3-4 times a year but this all stopped 3 years ago when we moved. The cats became too old for me to leave them for more then one night & I don't fancy asking anyone to come in as we now have a litter tray. OH continues to go every month, he loves it there & would like to move. He doesn't do as much work over there but because he deals with web sites he can take his laptop & work .....better then the office!

This week the flights worked out just right & cheap, so on Tuesday morning we headed to the airport. I hate flying..... not because I think it'll crash but because there's never enough room or air!!! I must confess it was a terrible flight, very uncomfortable & seemed to go on forever!

So we arrived last..... the sun was out & it was lovely & warm, you know that nice warm.... sunglasses on we headed to the bars!! It was lovely to see everyone again...some people thought that OH had buried me under the patio so I think he wanted to prove them wrong!!!
Lots of kisses & cheap drinks later we went back to the hotel only to wake at 2am to listen to the rain :(
Now I'm well known for bring the rain..... I think they should send me to countries that haven't had rain for years!!!

We had nothing planned so laid in bed reading.... OH said 'you could've done that at home' but no I couldn't because there's always things to do...... how come men don't notice mess??

At midday I was hungry & the rain had stopped so we went was flooded & the wind nearly knocked you over! The bars & restaurants were all closed but the KFC was open.....yay!!! .... at least it was food!
We decided to go for a walk before heading back to the hotel but the heavens opened again so we had to dash to an open bar....thankfully..... then the storm came!
Now you all know how much I hate storms!

This was the beach just after the storm.... look at those crazy people!

It was amazing that within a few hours the sun came out again but look at the wind!

It was really mild so although the wind was strong we found shelter & enjoyed a coffee in the early evening sun before hitting the town for our final night.
All to soon it was over & time to head back to the airport......until next time!
The flight back wasn't so bad but we came back into Bristol...... hence the travelling with a very bad back :(

I've been taking my pills so it's not as bad but I can still feel it hanging around...... it must be this time of year because last year I was signed off with a trapped nerve.

Today was the last day of my holiday :( I don't want to go back tomorrow but I must say today has been trying! Lots of clearing up of crafty things before getting out the sewing machine..... the needle broke & hit me in the face :(
I changed it but couldn't get it to work without snapping the cotton..... after fighting with it for about an hour I put it away..... any tips??? I've changed the tension.
Then I made my dinner & spilt the whole lot down me...... now I've really had enough so maybe an early night is on the cards. I told you those pills make me crazy!!


  1. Blimey Joe you really know how to pack it all in, I'm exhausted just reading your post, glad you had a nice break.
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Kate's right, you didn't get much of a rest but it sounds like over all you had a good time, shame about the gremlins when you got home! early night tonight for you!

  3. Glad you had a nice trip!!!
    Sorry to hear you are heving a clumsy spell! (I do it all the time!)
    Remember 'keep calm adn carry on!)
    Hope your back feels better soon xxxx

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  4. Your holidays sound perfect but sorry to hear you're struggling with you back and suffering a few mishaps!!!

    Hope the return to work isn't too bad.

    Victoria xx

  5. Cor - what a busy time!
    I go through constant mishap spells where nothing seems to go right - most frustrating. Shame about your back, and having to go back to work!

  6. Sorry to hear of your back trouble, but what a fab holiday it looked! So busy, you may another one just to rest! suzie. x

  7. Hiya!
    Looks amazing!
    I'd love a hot sunny holiday.....:>)

    You have awards!xx

  8. Yes hunni...both...cos your blog is brill!xxx

  9. Oh Josie honey, thats so sad, why don't you like christmas? Thinking of you. LissyLou xxxx