Friday, 30 October 2009


Thanks MelMel for these 2 awards....

So the rules....... back to the lovey ladies who awarded you.........and thank them......

2.Post the logo or award.

3.Share 7 things about yourself.

4.Pick some lovely fellow bloggers to pass the awards onto!

I've put off doing this because I never know what to say about myself.
So as it Halloween tomorrow I thought I'd share some spooky stories.....

1. I did my first Ouija board when I was 16 & believe me it worked!!! The glass moved & answered a question that only I knew, the glass then flew off the table & smashed against the wall...never again!

2. I moved out of home the same year
to a shared house with my sister & a few spooky things happen. The person who I lived with had an affair with a married man, she ended it when he had triplets & it was all over the paper!! Unfortunately he committed suicide...sad story, just after this happened some really odd things started happening in the house.
Music coming on in the middle of the night, washing powder in the kettle so when it boiled it foamed up & locked doors opening! I was quite frightened so I use to lock my bedroom door, one night the door opened & everything was knocked off my chest of drawers...when I say knocked I mean swept off....this continued all around the room until the curtains started moving. I ran so fast out of that room!! I slept with my sister in a single bed for weeks after that!

3. About a year later I was living above a pub & in the top bedroom I saw a solider walk in & sit at the end of my bed.... I put it out of my mind thinking I was seeing things but years later someone else who lived there told me about it & said he was quite famous.

4. I used to work in a shop in the high street in Exeter, after a few years of working there odd things started happening but only on a Saturday night. It would start about 5pm from the ground floor..... you could hear banging then the pictures would start moving on the walls on the stairs as if there was a very strong breeze. Things would then start falling of the shelves, needless to say no one wanted to work Saturdays! The final thing was a phone call from what sounded like a little girl giggling & saying 'Hello it's me'.... this really freaked me out & apparently I was a white as I ghost...hahaha!!!

5. I've been regressed twice......... I was an old lady called Gertrude! I helped the smugglers in to Cornwall then stole all the loot...ever so unlike me!!! But I did have a very large dog called John...more like me!!!

6. The second time I was a man living in Nottingham in poverty..... I had a wife & a child (called John...see a pattern forming!!!) ....... I really resented him because I had no money to feed him & wished he hadn't been born..... it was very sad & I was crying when I was talking.
Is this why I don't have children now???

7. My nan, who passed away in 1977, visited me once on Halloween about 5 years ago. She spoke to me through a friend.... I won't go in to details...... my nan knew my mum had found a crochet hook in her living room but she wanted me to let her know it wasn't a crochet hook it was a hook for doing up boots.
I phoned mum the next day & before I could say anything she asked me to teach her how to crochet. She had found a hook on the floor but dad thought it was a boot hook!!!
Don't know how I held back the swear!

So that's it..... 7 things..... are you scared now?????

I wasn't sure if I should do this post because I know alot of people don't believe in this kind of thing & a few people will be thinking ....'she's just made that up' but I didn't, honest!
The good news is it doesn't happen so much now.

Now I know I'm supposed to past this on but I'm not sure who as you're all great!! If you read this & want to give it ago feel free.

What are you doing for Halloween?

Back soon.


  1. Hi Joe
    how fab I love anything like that, I often have people walking next to me, and I have a man who walks across the garden, I don't think it helps that we live next to a cemetary, spooky.
    Have a great weekend

  2. WOW

    i Love spooky stories - I'm gonna read them again!

    Happy Halloween!

    Sam xx

  3. I'm hiding from Trick or Treating children!



    P.S.BOO Trick or Treat???

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  5. Sorry that was me..pressed the button twice! duh!xx

  6. Oh my goodness,what creepiness!!! ;-)

    (Yes I would do the sickie thing!!);-)

  7. Ok note so self... I'm never living with you, far to many spooky things happen!!

    I love all this sort of thing, I was only 2 when my granddad died in the night, when I got up in the morning and my parents went to tell me I told them it was ok as he had came to see me that night and explained everything! Mum said she looked at me very strangely after that for a while!

    Victoria xx

  8. Wow - that's so spooky. Sometimes I wish things like that would happen to me - but maybe not!!

  9. Spooky!!
    I believe in stuff like that hunny xxx Sounds like you get allot of it but I think that happens!! my friend Lou is alway having d=stuff happen to her xxx Glad i read that in my house on my own tho :)