Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How Much?????

Ok so I'll give you a clue.... you find this cutlery at boot sales but they're normally a bit dirty & the sort of thing you wouldn't want to eat from. I've seen good condition knives in bundles of 6 for £5 & once paid £2 each for 2 knives & 1 butter knife.

The cutlery wasn't priced but mum had offered to buy it for me for Christmas if it was out of my price range. When we asked the man I didn't hear him......all I heard we my mum saying ...'yes, yes we'll take it'!!
I thought he said £25 pounds but he actually said £5!!!

I couldn't believe it...£5 for all of this!!!!
Now I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but you'll be hard pushed to get any cutlery for that price. I left it on the counter while we looked around & saw a man going through it....nooooo..... I ran back, he was a local dealer & was trying to see if he could buy it off me at a better price.

It's not about money is it????
I've always wanted this so I'm not going to part with it.
However the novelty did wear thin when I tried to take out one of the knives & cut myself :(
They're so sharp, much sharper then my dinner knives & I paid £4.50 for one from Habitat!

Can you tell I still love my cutlery???

Today my friend came to see me with my birthday present....yes I know it's late but it was worth the wait......

Now just need to find the time to 'Sew'!

Big Knit update:
Thanks to the people who have joined in since Hen did her post, I think we should get 100 now.
I need them by the weekend if you're planning on posting me any.

Don't think I'll be around much for the next week, tomorrow I'm heading off to London to meet OH as he's been away for a week. We're going to see The Men They Couldn't Hang..... again!! .... this time it's in Camden. Back to Exeter late on Friday then work at 8am on Saturday :(
Working all weekend & getting the train on Sunday back to London for work..... managers meeting...oh I look forward to them!
So 2 night in a lonely hotel on my own......or not!!!!!

I'll be back to tell you all about it soon


  1. I am knitting some hats for you tonight - please could you email me the address to send them to?

    Pomona x

  2. Ok I'm soooooo jealous!!! I love this type of cutlery. We have one random knife that I have to use to butter bread and thankfully I've gathered many other bits and pieces over the years but nothing as great at this.

    You will certainly not be on your own Monday night! ;o)

    Victoria xx

  3. Isnt that cutlery lovely! Have a great time! Suzie. xx

  4. Blimey what a bargain, well done you, have fun in London you can't seem to stay away can you, must be all the clean air we have LOL.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Lovely cutlery and what a bargin!
    Hat's are on the way to you my love will be with you for the weekend I hope!
    Will you let me know when you get them because I worry :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  6. That was a great bargain - I'm not surprised that dealer wanted to buy them off you! Have a wonderful (safe) time with your new cutlery!

  7. Wow, you sure got a bargain there! Well done you!
    Laura x

  8. a fiver!! Blimey. I was convinced it would be up around the £25 you thought he'd said. Bargain of the year there I think.

    Sounds like a busy few days ahead, enjoy the good bits and hope the work meeting isn't too boring (and that you manage to stay awake on Saturday!!) x

  9. I think the older sets are lovely - far more solid and they will go on for ever. What a bargain! x

  10. wow that was an absolute bargain!


  11. blummin brilliant bargainus maximus! x

  12. What a bargain! You must be a great shopper!!!!