Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lovely goodies & help needed (again!)

Hello again, I was so looking forward to today as I had so much planned but after getting up at 6am the day has run away...again!

About 2 weeks ago I popped to the local charity shop, I go once a week just in case, for months now I couldn't find anything I wanted but this time I hit the jackpot!

All of this was £3...bargain!!!
The pillowcases were only 25p each, not sure about the frill around the edge but after a wash & iron they may look better (if not I'll cut them up!)
I keep on looking at beads but never buy them, I never wear jewellery, but I fancied some. My friend says that jewellery is a fat girl's friend! I normally wear scarfs but theses beads were 10p so I thought I'd risk it. I love the plates & the cats are sure to like the little pussy bowl.

On Friday I received a little gift.....

It was from Mel, thank you. I'm hoping to find time to make it soon.

Today I headed off to the boot sale with my folks, it was so busy but I brought nothing. I went because I'm doing my first craft fair (more about that in a bit) very soon & I needed some props etc but couldn't find anything. It didn't help that I took my parents lovely golden retriever with me so I couldn't look at every stall. I was pretending she was mine & I think she was the best looking dog there until we saw the most beautiful St Bernard, I love them!

So we were heading off for breakfast when we spotted Steptoes, our local 2nd hand shop, before I even entered the shop I found these.....

I had a pair before but I left them behind when I moved so for the last 3 years I've been kicking myself as they're so useful. I then saw Hen had made over a pair & I was really angry with myself yet again! These were only £3 which I think is a bargain, I don't think I'll leave them like this.

As I walked in the first thing I saw was this....

Any guesses?

A fantastic canteen of cutlery, now I never thought I would want to own a canteen of cutlery....suddenly I feel very old! I've been collecting this cutlery for a while but it's hard to find nice clean pieces at boot sales that don't cost the earth. They sell it in our local kitchen shop but the knives are £10 each so I think it would take a while to build up a collection.

Place setting for 6 including dessert, soup & fish, also fruit knives, craving knife, serving!

Lovely fruit spoons..... is that right?..... & a serving spoon to match.

What is this????

Sorry my camera hates close ups!
I'm thinking pickled onion spoon....hahaha!!
My mum was saying that both of my nans had the same set but she didn't remember this.

It smells a bit old but hopefully that will fade over time & once all the pieces have been washed. I just love it..... it's best find to date!
I keep thinking who did it belong too?
This shop deals with lots of house clearances, I think it may be a wedding gift which is why it's in perfect condition..... I just hope who ever owned it before knows that they have made me a very happy girl!

Now this is where I need your help....

Do you know the name of this cutlery? I thought it was called Old English but when I've looked on net it seems that lots of china is called Old English!

How much would you pay for this?
Not sure if I paid the right amount.
I'll let you know how much I paid in my next post.

So my first craft fair..... I've been thinking about doing one for about 3 years now but never got around to it. Exeter city council hold an annual craft fair & I sent an email with a link to my web site & they loved it so now I'm booked in for 7th November.....aarrrrggg!! That's only a month away & I have nothing made yet! Today I was planning on making list....can't beat a good list....of everything I need to do & buy. I guess I'm going to have to have about 10 of everything, not that I think for one moment I'll sell that much but the table would look a bit empty & rubbish otherwise. I've taken the bull by the horns & been asked to do another one in December so wish me luck!

Busy, busy now for a while but I'll be back soon to let you know how much I paid for the cutlery set..... ooohhhh did I tell you how much I love it!!!..... don't forget to let me know how much you think it's worth!


  1. What lovely goodies you picked up and a gorgeous parcel from Mel......lucky you!
    Beki xxx

  2. Fabulous things you picked up. I remember the friut spoons from when I was little. My friend Christines mum had some and I thought they were so posh I wanted my mum to get some just like them.x

  3. Hello're very welcome!

    cor I love what you have found....loving the steps....are you going to make them over or leave them as they are?

    hope you get your Christamas makes and fair stuff done...EEKKK....list needs to be made!

  4. OMG you've got some serious making to do lol good luck I'm sure you'll be fine, I'd love to do a fair but they charge so much for the tables it worries me I wouldn't make any profit, I suppose it's the price you pay for living in London.
    Good luck

  5. Wow - the cutlery set..! I think that what it's worth depends on how much you value it (sounds obvious but do you know what I mean?) Some people would say: 'old fashioned junk, not worth £5' but in fact it is not only beautiful but useful, and also a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new set bit by bit, as you say. So, if you are actually going to use it, it could be worth up to (wild guess) £65, in terms of still making a good saving compared to buying new. SO WHAT DID YOU PAY?????

    Best of luck on the craft fair - where is it held? I remember the Mayor's Michlemas Market, which was upstairs somewhere. That was always fun...

  6. Looks like you got yourself a genuine bargarn there! I like the pillowcases, but I think I agree about the frills, I would proabaly use the fabric for something else. Lovely finds! Suzie. x

  7. wow, how lucky to find the full set of cutlery like that, wouldn't have a clue how much it would be worth,but would expect quite a bit.

    Good luck with the craft fairs - where are they going to be ? We'll have to come by and see you. hope the list making goes well. x x

  8. The cutlery set is wonderful, I agree with Floss it's only worth as much as it is worth to you. Some London shops would have offered it for an awful of money so I'm pretty sure you got a bargain.

  9. Hiya Joe
    I have emailed you RE: the big knit but I'm not sure if I've got the right email address or not hehehe
    Basically If you still need some help please can I have your address.

    Good luck with the craft fayre by the way you are way braver than I am and I admire you very much.


  10. Hi Joe,

    This post is crammed full of lovely goodies! I have no idea how much you would expect to pay for something like that... My cutlery is from Argos lol

    Good luck with making bits for your craft fair! I am signed up for a Christmas Market - my first craft event! - in December, and feel much like you do! Although I guess anything you have left over from the first one you can sell at the second one!

    Have a great week :-)

    Rose XXX

  11. So sorry but I really don't know how to knit :( But I DO volunteer for Age Concern, is that ok?? Thanks to Hen for pointing me to your blog. Good luck with the Big Knit!

  12. Can't help with the cutlery but can say its lovely!!!!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  13. Great bargains! You just have to keep popping in the charity shops whenever you can. Only a week or so ago I bought two double sheets in the candy stripe - clean and no wear at all. Wasn't sure what I wanted them for, but I just had to have them! I'm coming to Exeter in a couple of weeks - do you know of a retro/vintage shop, I read about it on the net but can't find it now. Thanks x

  14. You're cleaning up at the CS's at the moment are you!!!

    Victoria xx