Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Big Knit - the results are in!!!

Morning everyone, just a quick post to let you know how it went last night at the Big Knit......
I had about 20 people planned to come but unfortunately a few people cancelled at the last minute & a lot of people just didn't turn up!!!
In total there was about 12 of us on & off, some people had other plans so only stayed for an hour, but I do think that was a good turn out. The pub wasn't happy with us as we didn't spend very much money..... £2 for a glass of coke, £3.10 for a pint of cider!!!!.... so most of us only had 1 drink! We were hoping to make it a regular event but I think we need to look for another venue!

So here are a few snaps.....

Look at the concentration on Erica's (with the blond hair) face!!!....she'd only ever practiced before, she was over joyed with the fact she made a little hat..... bless her it did take her 3 hours!!!

The good thing about last night was the fact I didn't know many people, they found the group on Facebook or Ravelry & decided to just come along. It was great to meet new people.

And the results.......

Fantastic...... we managed 25..... ok so I did 12 of them but it was great to see people learning. There was a large cheer for every hat we finished & all the ladies took their own photo's as the were so proud of what they had made.

I also learnt I'm quite a good teacher as I had a few people who hadn't knitted for 20 years plus or had never tried it before! We had experience knitters that now teach people but to be honest I felt I had more knowledge then them so this has given me the confidence to set up the group I've been thinking about for 5 years!!!

At the end of the evening everyone agreed we must do it again.

I'm looking forward to receiving all your postal ones by 10th October?
How are you getting on???
I hope we can reach our target of 50!
Have a good day.


  1. Glad you had fun last night, I'm used to those sort of pub prices working in London! Does mean you stick to one drink doesn't it.

    I've been completely useless in contributing to the Big Knit but I know that Kelly & her mum have been working away for you.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi hun....i did put a plea out via my blog....hope you get to 50..xxxx

  3. Well Done! Those little hats do look fantastic :O)

  4. I'm so glad it went well, I was thinking of you last night.

    The hats look gorgeous!

  5. Oh, well done you! There are always 'no-shows' at things like this, and there's nothing you could have done about it. To think of you there, uniting people who hadn't met before, and teaching some of them to knit, makes me feel really proud, maybe a bit weepy! Great stuff.

  6. glad it went well, so sorry that I couldn't be there in the end, but they all look fab!

    Look forward to hearing more about that beginners class (will you teach crochet too ?) x

  7. It looks like a workshop for pixie hats! Well done - it looks like fun.