Thursday, 3 September 2009

Happy holiday & a great birthday

Hello again everyone, well as promised I'm back to tell you all about my birthday.

I finished work at 12pm on Saturday the 29th & travelled to that's a pain to get to if you don't drive!!!
OH was flying back into Exeter from Majorca so I left work & dashed home to get changed, pack & feed the cats before being collected by OH in a taxi..... of course the flight was late so I was hanging around not sure what to do! Finally we got to St Davids station & headed off to Taunton.
Once at Taunton we then needed to get the bus to Minehead as this was the only place we could get a hotel. On the busy hot bus we got & just sat....... it wouldn't start!!! We then had to wait for a replacement bus to arrive....luckily this was a double decker so not so busy.

This bus takes an goes all around the houses.... we went to the steam train station, we went to little hamlets that had flower shows etc. Then we came to Watchet.... we could see where the festival was but just couldn't work out which stop to get off & how far we would need to walk.
Once in Minehead we went to the hotel..... it was the first time we've stayed in a Wetherspoons hotel & I was looking forward to it, it's cheap & cheerful but I always think it clean.
So we arrive only to be told that the company we had used to book the room didn't work for them so our money was lost!!!! Not a problem, OH knows this company well so couldn't see why we wouldn't get the money back.
However they didn't have any rooms......aaarrgggg!!! It was now about 6.30 so we were really pushed for time. It turned out they did have a room that wasn't in use during the weekend as it was over the nightclub & the smoking terrace was right outside the bedroom window..... oh well better make sure we have a few drinks then to help us sleep!!!

Apart from that everything turned out really well, after a well earned pint we headed off to the bus stop.... it turned out it stopped right outside the gate & it was about 10 mins walk to the main stage. I'm not a fan of festivals but I must say this was great, only 2 stages not that busy & everyone having a good time. Cider was only £2 for a can so nice & cheep!!!

We timed it just right & after 30mins of walking around we got to the front to see these......

The Men They Couldn't Hang.
I've mentioned them before..... they're great!
I saw them for the first time around my 18th birthday..... so I was celebrating my 20th anniversary while they were celebrating their 25th!!! I must say it was one of the best times, although seeing them playing in the centre of Berlin was pretty good. We got back to the hotel 11.30 ish & the noise was really bad so we sat in the bar til 1am..... we closed all the windows in the room only to wake in the early hours boiling....yes they had the heating on full!!!! Heating on in August???? My goodness what will they do in winter.

So Sunday saw us repeat the journey which seemed to go on forever.... we had planned to go out for lunch & come back slowly but we both just wanted to come home!
I had a lovely nap...... had roast chicken then went back to bed to watch The Walton's..... perfect birthday!!! I didn't even open my!!

I managed to drag my birthday out til Tuesday when I found the time to sit down & open them slowly.....

First up a lovely new clock.......

I love gnomes, sorry the pictures bad...... I had a problem taking this because the light kept shinning on the glass!

I wanted to do a fancy mosaic picture with all my presents but it wasn't working tonight..... or if it was I was too impatient to wait for it!!!

I finally got my wii fit..... I had some birthday money & I went to Sainsburys on Tuesday & it was really cheep...... better then spending it in CK!
The other wii game is really hard..... it's suppose to be for 3 years plus so I thought I'd be ok, I just can't work it out!!!
Lots of books..... I'm just finishing the ones from last year! Thank goodness for my Amazon wish list!

Some CK goodies & a lovely silk scarf.....

A treasure hunt map of Topsham...look forward to doing that.
Some book marks...need those... the one with dogs on cool is that???!!!

A lovely hand knitted scarf, my crochet buddy made this..... even nicer because it was me who taught her to knit all those years ago. She was also the naughty one who gave me the CK goodies.

And some magazines......

Now on to garden gifts.....

Liv's dad made the planter for me... great isn't it??? My brother gave me the bulbs etc...

Didn't I do well???

Sorry there's so many pictures..... just one more...

My goodies I brought when I went to the zoo...... I really needed another hankie!!!

Well my holiday is nearly over, I've cleaned the house from top to bottom over the last 2 days ready for my trip away. This will be the first time I've left the cats for more then 1 night in nearly 3 years.... I hope they'll be ok.... my friend will pop over on Saturday to feed them but she can't stay... I'm hoping the wii fit will change her mind!

I'm off to Sutton on Friday to another festival then back to Camden on Saturday before OH heads back to Majorca on Sunday & I head home back to work :(
It's been a great holiday......... & it's not over yet!

Back on Sunday to tell you all about it.


  1. sounds like a lovely day apart from the travel heartache - have you heard whether you'll get a refund/compensation ?

    Loving the gifts you got, they are all fab - what's the treasure map of Topsham all about - sounds intriguing. Would be interested to hear what you think of the Housewives Handbook too.

    Enjoy your trip away - better luck with the travelling, xx

  2. Wow, busy, busy! It was lovely to read all that, especially to see all your birthday goodies. I'm having a little Rentree giveaway if you'd like to pop over...

  3. wow you got some great gifts!!
    Happy birthday to you x

  4. So many lovely presents. Certainly sounds like you had the birthday you deserve.

    I love Gil McNeils books, I hope you enjoy it too.

    Have fun in London this weekend.

    Victoria xx

  5. Lucky birthday girl!! Love those presents! Suzie. xxx

  6. Hi Joe,

    Glad you had a great time despite the travel/accommodation probs!

    You have some great pressies there :-)

    Hope you have a good time this weekend!

    Rose XXX

  7. Sounds like a very adventurous birthday!

    Your presents are lovely - bet you are having fun with them.

  8. Belated birthday greetings to you.