Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lovely day out & a first......

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.
I had to make another plead for The Big Knit...... I thought with all you talented people out there in blogland I would have a flood of people wanting to help.... it's for the old folks you know.... but no.... hardly anyone has signed up!!
I was really disappointed :(
I think I might have worded it wrong in the last post & on Facebook because I'm not asking you to travel to Exeter...... all I want is for you or someone you know to knit at least 1 hat to be posted to me. I'll deal with all the forms to sent to Innocent.
I'm being sent an event pack as I sent an email saying I was setting up a virtual knitting group through Blogging/Facebook/Twitter..... please don't let me down!!!
I promise they're really easy.... I made 2 while watching Strictly on Friday night, I will be putting pictures on soon.
Anyway begging over!!!

So today I had a lovely day, I'm not sure if I told you that a friend of mine passed away 10th September.... she was a very close friend of a lady (Liz) I worked with years ago, we used to go out for meals etc.... lovely girl & only 33... very sad :)
So I vowed I was going to be a good friend & spend more time with Liz. She's not one for going out & getting drunk so today we went to Topsham with my friend Claire to do the Treasure hunt.... remember I got a map for my birthday???

You can see the map here with my lovely new handbag that I brought in Camden....

What do you think???
It's made from recycled leather which is as soft as puppy dog ears!! It's lined with vintage floral fabric........... it was more then I normally spend on a bag but because it's a one off I thought I go for it but only after having a pint of cider & OH telling me to just buy it!

So back to Topsham.... it was a beautiful day here.... the first clues where on the quay...

Lovely isn't it??? We didn't know it was going to be so hot so at this point the cardies came off!

We had to walk along the river which had benches so we though we'd rest & take in the view...

Like 3 old ladies we sat & talked about our vegetable gardens!People were walking by with their dogs all saying 'morning'..... how nice is that???

The hunt is 2 miles & took about 2 hours so we were more then ready for a spot of lunch.
So we headed here...

It was the custom house so it's very old, we decided to sit inside because it was so hot. We all had fish.... well you just had to being that close to the water!!!
The hunt was great, really good fun. Take alook at the web site, they have loads all around the country.

Right opposite is the Topsham antique centre which has 3 floors of just about everything..... we had such fun walking around as we all had very different taste so we enjoyed laughing at each other! My goodies....

Claire has a lucky pair of football socks...sad I know!!.... they're really old & need darning so I brought this so I could do it for her.

Ok so now for the first.......

Are you ready for this......

I've been looking at everyone's blogs & you all have pictures of yourselves & I thought no one knows what I look like! At first I thought this was nice but now I feel you're more like friends I felt a bit mean not sharing it with you. I hate having my photo taken as I'm sooooooo tubby but I didn't think this one was that bad.... believe me there are worse ones!!!

So this is me on the left........ (Liz on the right)

Hope I haven't scared you all off!!!!


  1. Not scared - you look great! I ADORE Topsham. It was one of our favourite days out with my mum when we were young teenagers (strange tastes, perhaps).

    Joe, I just can't knit! But I will put a link to your post on my blog all the same, as this is a very good cause and I hope you get some more takers. My mum used to volunteer for Help the Aged. It's a bit ironic, as she is very ill now and won't live into old age herself... Sorry, don't want to be depressing. She has led a very giving life and is very peaceful now. Off to make the link now...

  2. Well flipping pretty are you?
    Its been two yrs since I met you via here...well Fb and its so nice to see what you look like!
    Lovely yo see you at last Joe....If If could knit I def send hats to you....But I'm totally clueless!


  3. sorry to hear about your friend, xxx
    and i hope you get more takers for the big knit xx

  4. Yay now I can put a face to a name!!!!

    I'll def give making the hats a go, I'll try and do it this week,

    Victoria xxx

  5. Looks like you had a lovely day, wouldn't mind doing a treasure hunt, looks fun! What are you on about with the photo, you look glam with all those cascading locks (of hair!) Thanks for your messages about Jacky-Ginge, what a bad boy! He's back home now and acting as if nothing's happened!
    Hen x

  6. So sorry about your friend - very sad.
    I think your picture is very pretty! I love seeing photos of bloggers -- nice to put a face with the blog so to speak ;-).

  7. hey
    i havent been around blogland in ages,so i didnt see your post about the big knit!thanks for reminding me!i have been meaning to get involved for years,but every year i forget and every year when i see those little hatted bottles,i realise that i am too late again!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.
    hope your okay