Friday, 21 August 2009

Lovely day out

Hello everyone, first up thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, they really cheered me up..... who needs scales to feel good?
I've done 10 sessions on the fitness coach so had to update my info, I was really impressed with the results....... you have a chart to see how well you're doing.... I was really pleased about the stomach crunches as I only did 4 in the first week now just 10 days later I did 25...yippee!!!!

Just have to mention that it was my mum's birthday on the 19th, it's also their wedding anniversary..... not sure how many years..... about 48???? I'm sure mum will let me know if I'm wrong!!
It's also my friend Charlie's wedding anniversary, it was 3 years ago........ I was a bridesmaid with Liv. Me in a dress???? Yes but it didn't last long....... I don't sit very lady like if you know what I mean so I couldn't wait to get back into my jeans!

This is my parents last year......

We went to Tiverton & had a trip on the horseboat then a meal after.
This was a very difficult day for me as I had a mad dash to the vets before heading off, Charlie was very ill at the time & I knew that it was only a matter of time before he left us.
I remember sitting on the boat trying to put on a brave face.
I can't believe it was a year ago, we lost Charlie September 10th...... how fast has that year gone?
I was speaking to a friend & I think she was shocked when I said I still have a little cry everyday for him :(

So what about my lovely day out??

Last friday I headed up to London to meet my friend Teresa..... we used to live in the same road in the early 90's & shared many a fun time. Teresa now lives in Lincoln with her husband.

Last year we decided to meet up at the Innocent village fete.....

No pictures of Teresa this year as I forgot...... she's having her first baby in 10 weeks so this will be the last year we meet alone.

After meeting from the train it was straight down to business....... meeting at Baker St we headed off to the shops..... can you guess where??? Oh yes I went again....... I'll save the goodies for another day because there's a few photo's on this post.

After shopping we stopped for a cup of tea in Marylebone high street to watch the world go by before jumping in a taxi to the zoo.......!!!!!

First stop the tigers..............

This was the best picture I had because the tigers are in a glass box so when you get home you realise all the pictures you have have reflexions of another people...... damn those people for getting in my way!!! But my look how big his head is??

We went to see the Meer cats.......

hello...... behind you.......

Thank you....... everytime I took a photo he turned his head....naughty meer cat.

Next the lions...... ok so there's a lot of photo's of these!

We were so lucky as we didn't know 2 cubs had been born in June, it was lovely watching the mum wash & play with them.

So here goes.....

Enough for you???

Look at the keeper of the gate???

We did have a chuckle at this one....... aren't giraffes funny animals?

We only had a few hours together before heading back home...... it was a lovely day, here's to next year!

Back soon


  1. I love fave animals!

    Glad you had such a fun day!

    Congrats to your folks....:>))


    P.S.....fantastic you're doing so well with your fitness trainer....x

  2. Hi Joe,

    Glad you had a good day out with your friend :-)

    Wow, 48 years, thats a long time! Well done to your mum & dad :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. Pleased to hear you had a good day out with your friend. What agood idea to go to the zoo.
    48 years!! congratulations to your parents.
    Well done with your attempt to loose weight. I'm pathetic at it and as for doing stomach crunches, well I might manage 1 or 2.

  4. What a busy post - it was good to hear your news and see those lovely animals!

  5. Congrats to your parents on their wedding anniversary!

    Your trip to the zoo looked great fun

    Victoria xx