Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birthday challenge

This was me on Monday morning.......

As you're aware I've been trying to loose weight for a while now, I was hoping I would be at my target weight for my birthday in 2 weeks time.
Over the last 3 years I've lost, what I thought, over 3 stone...yippee!!!
I must admit I wasn't sure how as I've not stopped eating all the yummy naughty things but since I've moved to the new house the weight has just fallen off because I was being careful. I've been using the same scales for the last 8 years so it gotta be true......!!

So yesterday I weighed in & after doing my fitness trainer on my wii for the last week I was very pleased to see I'd lost 6 pounds!!!

OH spotted the scales & pointed out that I couldn't possibly be that light... yes I know...how rude!
He suggested that I weighed myself on the old scales in the bathroom... I was so confident that I dashed up the stairs only to find
................. wait for it...................

I was 4.... yes that's 4................stone heavier then I thought.

Oh my god............... I felt so sad!
Anyway I still thought it was wrong so I got a very early bus to work & stopped off at the weighing machine...... a little bit better, only 3 stone heavier!

What a great way to start the week..lol!
So you may have guessed the challenge is off... unless I cut off all my limbs I'm never going to loose 3 stone in 2 weeks!

I know I've lost weight because I'm now wearing clothes I haven't been able to get into for the last 3 years & also everyone keeps telling me how slim I look.

That's the only thing that's keeping me going..... can you imagine how much I weighed before???
I'm not giving up...I'm just not going to worry about weighing myself so often.
I'm planning to use the weighing machine every month to keep track but that's it. I'm still going to do the fitness programme & hey there's always next birthday....boo hoo..... sorry just wiping my eyes!!!
Maybe I'll just have to face facts that I will be a lardy all my life :(

Be back with some cheery news soon


  1. I say get rid of those scales! You were feeling great until you used them and then they made you sad. Throw them out the window!!

  2. good grief how horrifying - I feel your pain! are you sure its not just the other 2 sets of scales that are wrong? they were both different after all...I say get a third opinion!

  3. Throw the scales out....I never weigh myself.....
    I keep one pair of small jeans and if they get tight and I have to suck it all in to fasten them then I know I'm in the red zone...DANGER!!!!!

    Remember the post I did about my weight loss......:>((
    Its such hard work...but I'm sure you will get there,

    Email; me and we can chat about it......:>))


    P.s...bet you look fab anyway....coming up for nearly 2yrs we have known each other via the pooter??
    Something like that.....:>))

  4. I agree with Mel, get rid of the scales!
    I've kept a dress from my pre Jack days but i've given up all hope of ever getting back into it.
    Sian from Lavenderhearts left a comment on my blog the other day when I mentioned about trying to lose weight and said 'life is too short to worry about it'. I think I have to agree with her. Anyway, we can be lardies together lol!
    Have a good week
    Beki xxx

  5. Hi Joe,

    I hate scales - they may make you feel great when they tell you you are "lighter" but how you feel when you've put on even half a pound is rubbish!

    I think clothes are by far a better judge!

    I was really big after I had Rianna in 2004, and I stayed big. But since splitting up with her dad in 2006, moving away and re-discovering life and what I wanted to do/be I have found the weight fell off - like you say, just through being careful, doing a bit more, like walking to the shops instead of getting the car etc.

    Although saying that, I've put half a stone back on since being on holiday - I blame all those yummy scones and cakes down in Cornwall!

    Back on weight watchers for me I think...
    That is something else I would recommend... I don't do the weekly weigh ins, I just watch my "points" intake. It def works!

    Rose XXX

  6. If people think you look slimmer and your clothes are fitting better and you feel fit, then the scales are irrelevant, aren't they? I think your apprach of living a healthy lifestyle (ha ha, for me at the moment) is the best...

  7. Awww hun don't be disappointed, if your clothes are fitting better you're making progress! I bet I'm a lot bigger than you, will email you the most horrible photo of me ever from a couple of weeks ago if it makes you feel better! You'll feel like a supermodel next to me lol

    Mel xxx

  8. How disappointing for you but remember... it doesn't matter what you physically weigh but how you feel and that you have still lost a lot of weight.

    Victoria xx