Friday, 7 August 2009

Terribly British & being naughty...

Hello everyone, sorry I've not been about...more about that later.

Everyone was so keen to see what I treated myself to at the famous CK so I feel you may be disappointed!!

Here it is.......

Nice shadow there...sorry about that.
Once I'd laid it out I realised it was all terribly British!
The cowboy mug is for OH, he wanted a large mug for his coffee as he broke his last one, he said he wasn't fussy so could I just pop to poundland .....
I don't think so, it won't go with the kitchen!!!!...... with that I just got a shake of the head! Now the mug had to sit in the kitchen since Monday waiting for me to take the just don't understand!!

I love the EB beaker, I've seen this on a few blogs & really wanted one. I'm going to take it to work as I'm fed up of everyone using my plastic cup, now there is no mistake who this belongs to!
I'm loving the CK hankies this is my 3rd... I think I might wear this to work tomorrow as a little pick me up.

More garden photo's now........

This was my harvest on Tuesday...not much is it?
These are all my potatoes, they started to get blight so I thought it was best to pull them up now. I brought the plants from B&Q ....£5..... the most expensive potatoes I've ever brought!

Butternut squash has grown loads but no fruits as yet.....

I've heard they take a while to take off but once they do you can't stop them.
See the kale in the pot? The slugs have been having a field day, I seen some the size of small rodents.... yuk!!
I think this may be the last year growing veg as it's such a waste of money, I planted alot this year because they said it was going to be 'a BBQ summer' & look what happens? My peas have rotted & my potatoes & tomatoes have sad :(

Now I guess you want to know why I've been naughty?

Well I treated myself to a wii...... I've been wanting one for about 2 years but can't bring myself to spend that much. Last month I got another bonus...enough to buy it out right.... so I've been checking out the deals for the last 2 weeks but still haven't brought one.... I'm rubbish at making a decision!
OH decided enough is enough & brought it for us..... I only have to pay half...yippee!!! It arrived yesterday which so happen to be my day off.
I'm planning on getting the fit board, OH didn't get that deal, I went to look today & couldn't decide...... do you see a pattern?!!

So yesterday afternoon when I should have been doing jobs & blogging I was playing tennis!!!
If you don't hear from me for a bit you know what I'm doing!
I determined to get to that target weight for my birthday...only 8 pounds to go but only 3 weeks to do it..... tennis everyday me thinks!!

I received a lovely crocheted brooch from Rose in the post last week.... thanks so much.
Sorry I haven't got a photo... it didn't come out.... phew I hear you say!! I know my photo's are rubbish, may be I should buy a camera with my next bonus.

Hope you've all had a great week, enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned.


  1. Sending you your blog prize tom!
    The parcel is a bit of an ugly shape i'm afraid!

    Love Sam xx

  2. You've done well with the vegetables. And love your recent purchases - I couldn't resist the UJ beaker either, and still love it. Good luck with the wii - they are great fun.

  3. Oh no not blight - I hardly dare go to my allotment now -suspect it might be the same there!

  4. I love the CK London print hankie ~ it's a great print. Wii's are fantastic but you just have to get the fit board too ~ it is so much fun. I hope you have a lovely weekend :O)

  5. I so love your garden pictures, wish I could have some success.....still maybe one day!

    I LOVE the CL and BW purchases!
    The hankie/scarf is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good weekend!xx

  6. Great purchases from CK!

    Victoria x