Sunday, 16 August 2009

Another busy week......

Hello everyone, yet another week has flown by...... it's been a busy week here in sunny Exeter.

The week started with a lovely surprise, I won Sam's giveaway a few weeks ago & couldn't believe my luck when this arrived for me......

Fantastic isn't it??? I love it..... I've never been able to draw, my sister can but it's not something I've mastered...... I think Sam is a very talented lady don't you??

Attached to the parcel was another little parcel....what could it be???

How lucky was I????
The box of Maltesers is empty in this!!
A CK travel purse & some lovely hand cream. Inside the purse was a pocket mirror & 3 beautiful homemade badges.
I felt very spoilt by this...thank you soon much Sam.....sorry it took so long to do this post.

I've been a very lucky girl because the week before I received this crochet flower brooch from Rose.

I mentioned this in my last post but the photo didn't come out so I had to try again.

I was off on Tuesday & headed out for the day. Me & OH spent the morning doing cleaning jobs while the sun was shinning so at midday we thought sod this & headed off to the horse racing at Newton abbot.
This is the view from the train window......

This train journey always reminds me how lucky we are to live in beautiful Devon. I didn't win any money but OH had a very good day.

I just had to show you this photo....

We brought a new printer & the box was left on the landing waiting for one of us to remember to bring in down to be recycled!! Well Nanny has decided to make it his new bed!!!
He sleeps there all the time now & I've even put a towel on it to make it more comfortable.

So we're only half way through the week..... I'll be back later to tell you what I did on my other day off.... it involves trains, shopping & animals. Also to keep you updated with my birthday challenge.... I've been doing the exercises all week so I'm hoping I see some results tomorrow morning... only 2 more weigh in's before the deadline.

Hope you're all enjoyed your weekend.


  1. You're such a lucky thing winning that picture, oh how I wish i could draw like that too.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hello off?

    What a beautiful picture, lovely win....some fab CK goodies too.....brill!

    Nanny looks so cute...

    Have a good day!xxx

  3. What a wonderful picture ~ I can't draw either and it's something I really wish I could do too! Love all the other CK goodies you got in your parcel! Well Done :O)

  4. Hi Joe,

    what fab goodies you have received!
    I used to be good at art at school... that was some time ago now! I keep meaning to try again, but there is always so much to do I never seem to get round to it!

    I really hope you like the brooch :-)

    Rose XXX

  5. Wow - the goodies keep pouring in to your place, don't they? I'm so glad to hear it's sunny - how are the grapes?

  6. The train journey is the best, isn't it?
    Sunny Exeter? ;-)

  7. wow,lucky you what afab win, it's a beautiful picture - makes up for not winning at the horses! keep meaning to do that train ride with the children - it's so lovely.

  8. Oh my heck that picture is gorgeous! I love Moonface & Saucepan Man!
    Yes I am the hospital tomorrow,2.45pm is that around your time,we could meet up! I am in a right state truth be told,nerves sigh.& the journey getting there is such a parlarva,120mile trip to a hospital is not ideal is it, I am trying to remind myself I am lucky to have the appointment :o)

    GTM x x x x