Monday, 3 August 2009

Another week is over..... where do they go?
I can't believe it's August already.... only a few weeks til my birthday :) another year older...but at least you get presents!
Last week was very stressful at work so I was very glad it was over.... sometimes I wonder just how stressful working in a shop can be.... I mean I'm not risking my life or saving others so why does it get so stressful? I've worked in retail for nearly 20 years & the change in the consumer is unbelievable....... I've been verbal abused, threaten & called lower class.... but they always finish by saying 'so how much compensation will I get?'... the famous 'c' word... I'm sorry but do we live in America?

Anyway enough ranting about the general!
I was off Saturday & Sunday to go on a little trip. As I mentioned in my last posts me & OH made our way to London..... we used to go away together loads but over the last 3 years with my aging cats...(worse then children)...we have to go away separately as no one wants to look after them any more.... I'm sure you can work out why!
But this weekend we decided to risk it & head off together to see these.....

Not sure if you've heard of them..... they were around in the early 90's & on lots of kids TV...anyone remember 'Eggs & Bacon'?
Me & OH used to really like them & saw them play many a time..... after 16 years apart they played 2 gigs this in their home town of Liverpool & one in London at the Water Rats...more on that later.
Now if you haven't heard about them you can check out some video's here... remember that these were from the early 90's so it's a bit cheesy but the music is still as good today.

Saturday morning bright & early we set off to the big not so bright eyed & bushy tail as I had to work several late nights but after a few coffees I picked up a bit!
We arrived at lunch time & instead of heading straight to the hotel we had somewhere far more important to go to.....any guesses???
Yes we headed to Barker street tube.....why??
Well I had to go to CK's!!!
Thank goodness for pubs is all I can say..... after settling down OH with a newspaper & a pint I raced to Marylebone high street in record time..... didn't want to be too long or OH might have drunk himself silly!
I'll show you my goodies another day...they're still in my bag waiting to be unpacked.

It wasn't a relaxing shop as I've never seen it so busy, it was packed with tourists with arm loads of stuff. I didn't hang around just grabbed what I wanted & left.... I'm hoping to go back in 2 weeks time & have a proper shop.

So then on to the hotel..... this was near Kings cross in the middle of a council estate.....Nice!!
It's a 4* which we stayed in once before & it was ok, it's just down the road from the gig & was £100...cheaper then the west end where we normally stay.
The heavens opened as we tried to find it so 20mins later when we arrived we were not happy with our greeting.... after taking all the details the young lady on the desk told as that our £100 a night with no breakfast room was very small & had no air conditioning! She then went on to say she could up grade us for a discount price! This was not what we wanted to hear & I think we made ourselves very clear..... she then went on to explain that she could take a copy of our card so we could have breakfast at £17.95 EACH!!
No I think a sandwich will do from Sainsbury's love!

So after a short rest we headed back to Kings cross to find the venue.....has anyone ever been to the Water Rats? It's a bit small.
It was soooooo hot.... after 3 songs we left for some fresh air but OH couldn't face going back in so I went in alone. It had started to thin out at the back because everyone was walking poor lady collapsed in the heat. I must admit the band was very good....just like the old days...however I'm 16 years older which is why I was struggling! OH is 10 years old then me so no wonder he found it hard!!!
45 mins later & I'd had enough.... I met OH in the pub across the road & I was soaked..... my hair looked like I'd just got out the shower...not a good look!

Yesterday saw us wake to lovely sunshine, we had an early train so headed back to Paddington before most people were up...I love London on a Sunday morning when no ones about.... so peaceful.

It was a great weekend, so nice to great away.... back to work today :(
I'm now running the store for 2 weeks so got to be on my best behavior.... no sneaking in with a hangover!

Hope you all had a great weekend, here's hoping the sun will show it's face this week


  1. Can't wait to see what you treated yourself to in CK

    Victoria xx

  2. You haven't unpacked your CK goodies?!!!!
    Glad you had a good deserve it!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, bet you needed to recharge your batteries!!! Looking forward to seeing your purchases :)

    Mel xxx

  4. Glad you had fun away from stinking work!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the CK goodies....yippee!xx

  5. How great having a Wii!!! cool!
    I'd love one of those!
    Are they good fun?
    What package did you get?

    Look forward to seeing what tempted you from