Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lovely treat....

What do you think of my grapes???
Looking good huh? I'm really pleased, all I need now is some more lovely sunshine.
Wasn't it great this weekend? Hope you all enjoyed the sun... I had to work all weekend but I tried to make the most of it when I finished.

I've put the photo's on in the wrong order so please bear with me.

Thought I would show you my blanket......

Getting big now!
I haven't worked on this for a while...must get back to it soon.

Now here we new treat.....

Great isn't it????

You may have seen it before...... I spotted it in one of Sal's photo's of Amanda lovely wears.
I've been looking for one for years....I always hoped I would find one at the bootie for a couple of pounds but no such luck.
So when I spotted it I just had to find out more..... thank you so much Sal for sorting it for me & Nich for bring it to my work........ however I was disappointed that it was in a bag... I wanted him to come skipping in with!!!

Now all I need is Toto & a pair of red slippers!!

But for the time being I'll find something to fill it with......

This will do to start.... can you spot some red, white & blue knitting in the corner?
This is part of my giveaway which I do hope to finish & get posted soon.

On Saturday I also treated myself to this....

I just couldn't bring myself to pay £70 for the wii fit board, I'd seen some fantastic reviews about this & at £9 in the sale I couldn't say no.
Has anyone got it?
It takes a while to sort out your profile as you have to put in your weight & measurements but it looks really good. My coach Maya thinks I should loose weight so that's my focus..... I've got a plan I need to stick to, 15 mins one day, 30 mins the next then a day off yippee!!
I've done it twice now & I can really feel it..... mine you if Maya tell me to 'feel the burn' one more time I think I might punch the TV!!!

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Hi Joe,

    Your grapes are looking really good :-)

    And your blanket is amazing!
    I have one I am working on, but I have to say I keep overlooking it for other crochet projects that give more instant results! It takes so long to do blankets!

    Your basket is cute too :-)

    I don;t have that wii game, but I do have the fir board. I really should be using it more, last year I was using it every day and really noticed the difference! Although if I'm honest, I can tell I haven't been using it! Squidgy round the edges and a few pounds (or more) heavier lol... damn those cupcakes!

    Rose XXX

  2. What DO you think I have brought Nich up to be? Lol
    Mind you, he had strict instructions not to leave it with anyone else!

  3. The grapes are looking fantastic, and I love the blanket. I had the Fitness Coach for the Ds and that was good. My daughter's got Wii Fit, but none of us seem to go on it enough, although you've given me some motivation - I could do with losing a few pounds!

    Love Jayne xxx

  4. The grapes are looking great! Having got back from holiday yesterday evening we've found that the birds have eaten every ripe grape on our vine, despite the bird scarers I put up. There are plenty more green grapes still there, and we're just going to net over the whole pergola. So, watch out for the birds if you get the sunshine you need!

    That basket is great. I love practical vintage things like that - storage always seems like a justifiable purchase!

    Lovely blanket - I'm jealous of your skills.

  5. hi thanks for the welcome home message. Wasn't it a beautiful weekend ? We spent most of yesterday in a pub garden in Ide basking in the sunshine and it was heavenly. Shame it seems to be over now! How lovely to have your own grapes - few more and there could be a J-M wine!!

  6. We have been so lucky with the weather, less good today, we there, however I am planning to saty in to do some housey jobs, some sorting is badly needed!

    I have my little charge arriving at better get my skates on!

    Your blaanket looks lovely!
    Chat soon...melxx

  7. Cute basket!

    Good luck with Wii fit!

    Victoria xx

  8. Hello award and tag for you on my blog!xx

  9. i really like your granny blanket and the basket, ive been looking out for one too but cant find one that i like for the right price, he he!! fliss xx