Monday, 24 August 2009


Hello everyone, well this wasn't what I was going to post about but I've just finished this book & wanted to share it with you. You'll have to wait a bit longer to see my CK goodies.

As you know I did a post about the 1st Jennifer Worth book... Call the Midwife.... lots of you had read it & I wonder how many have read this?

Call the Midwife was in my book cupboard for months before I finally got around to reading it, I loved it so when Penny gave me this to read I couldn't wait. At the time I was reading another book......

Have you read it?
My friends mum lent it to me...... I'm not sure.... it was a bit fluffy for me. It took for ever to read..... in fact about 2 months which is a long time for me!! I was glad when I finished it so I could start on the next...... don't you just hate it when someone says 'read this book it great'.... well no it's not great, I must confess it was too happy for!!! OH always says I like doom & gloom things!

This book is excellent, I couldn't put it down at the end...some sad stories.
I love social history books, I find them fascinating, how times have changed & this was all in my parents life time. It does make me angry looking at some of the children today after reading this....... last night they were climbing over the roof of my doctors..... I could see them running over the roof & trying to smash windows. They aged from about 6 - 10 years old, they were jumping off & I was really hoping one would hurt himself...... god that makes me sound terrible!!
I called the police as they are supposed break up gangs.... there was about 20 of them.... I was told they were only children!!! I don't think so....more like animals! Where are they parents?
Would you let your 6 year old go out & play without knowing where they are?

Just before I go I wanted to tell you about the film I watched on Saturday night...... I'd taken the weekend off because The Pogues were playing at the Beautiful Days festival which is in Ottery St Mary..... about 15 mins from my parents house....but I couldn't get tickets. Oh yes!!
Anyway about the film..... it was The Wrestler..... Have you seen it??
We couldn't decide on a film we both liked & after hearing all the hype I thought we'd give it ago.
It's was really good, I can't stop thinking about it. No Victoria I'm not going to take on the role of this!!
I thought it was really moving & I really felt for him. Micky Rourke was excellent, which did surprise me. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I do recommend it. There was only a few bits I couldn't watch...hate violence, gives me nightmares!

Only 1 week to go before my holiday...... off next weekend to see The Men They Couldn't Hang..... I'm seeing them on Saturday & it's my birthday on Sunday. Funny thing is OH took me to see this band for my 18th birthday in London...... it'll be my 38th birthday next weekend..... still enjoying seeing them but can't keep up anymore :(

Back soon


  1. I like the look of that workhouse book - I love stuff like that too. I wanted to be a shoeless victorian waif when I was a little girl (I think I may have had romanticised ideas!)

  2. I've read the Shadows of the Workhouse. I really enjoyed it. I haven't read her other book though. Must look for it sometime.

  3. Ha! Ha! So wrestling isn't for you then!

    Victoria x

  4. Hi Joe....

    Sounds like a good read...will add it to my list...


  5. I like those sort of books too :) I was delving into my family tree and love reading books that give me a bit more of an insight into what life must have been like in those times. I have recently been reading Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson as the area where I live now was probably quite like Lark Rise in those times. Fascinating stuff :) x

  6. Have a great birthday keeping up with everyone at the concert.

    You guessed my hide the junk secret, plus I only took above the floor shots in ths buns rooms as you can't move in there.

    Lisa x

  7. will have to look that one out - I did enjoy (the less gory bits) of the other Jennifer Worth one - especially because it's all where my Dad grew up, so very personal to him - he can remember some of the types of surroundings she describes (yes, it was a bit grim for him when he was a kid!)
    Can't believe those kids - what utter horrors - I can't imagine Christopher doing that, but then, as you say, he'd never be in a position where he'd be out playing without me knowing exactly where he was and what he was doing. Can't believe the attitude of the police either - what do they think these kids will grow up like if they don't respond to them now ??!!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy going to see the band xx

  8. Hi there,
    I've read both of these and loved both, I'm now reading the third one Farewell to the East End and it is just as good as the other two, I love this kind of book it just shows how easy we have it now in comparison.
    Take care

  9. I love your blog, it is great. love the header because I really like those old fashioned pics, Enid Blytonish! I am following you now. will be back to keep up with what you write. Please pop in to see me some time. Suzie. :)

  10. I love your blog! Love the beautiful header too. I am following you now. Please pop in and see me soon! Suzie. x :)

  11. OOOPS!!! Sorry thought the first comment hadn't gone! Sorry. x :)

  12. Hi Joe,

    Just to let you know there is an award waiting for you on my blog :-)

    Rose XXX