Thursday, 28 January 2010

Make, Do and Mend, goodies & sad day.

Thanks for stopping by, sorry it's been a while.
First up here's an update on the new group....

Things have quieten down a little I'm pleased to say but I received a phone call yesterday from Make it and Mend it...............have you heard of them?
I said in my last post they were very keen on the idea & yesterday they offered me a chance to become one of their pilot projects.
On listening to their plans I know don't know what to do........ as you can imagine they get more out of it then me. They would like to offer a starter kit, you would normally buy but we can have it free for the first year. It would include an agenda that we would need to stick to & would cover everything from crafts to cookery.

So what should I do??
I don't want them hijacking my idea.......after all I've worked so hard on this but if I don't get involved they may just take the idea anyway, I was stupidly open with them :(
What would they do for us apart from supply materials?
I have to call them after the first meet to keep them informed.
So what should I do?
Go for it alone or team up with them?

The new web site is up & running, I've had a few new members since I mentioned it last time. We need more people to join & start this little community.
It's not just for people who can attend the's for everyone, so come on over ladies & share your tips & ideas..... the link is on the side bar top left.

Anyway back to the point of this post........ 2 weeks ago I visited London & brought some goodies.....

A lovely new bag, I've looked at this one so many times full price..... I'm glad I waited because it was nearly 1/2 price. I love the apple mug, I thought it was going to disappear so I had to buy it for my ever growing mug collection!
The bowl is for OH....he's been waiting to use this for weeks but he had to wait until the photo shoot!
Also some union jack tissues & a little cat tin.

Today is a sad day for our family, 10 years ago I lost my nephew. It seems weird that 10 years have gone by so quickly. He was born in 1995 & they had to bring him back to life a few times, then a few months later we discovered he had a disease called Hunters syndrome.
Sometimes people say it's easier if you know....wrong..... it hung over our family for years just waiting for him to get worse. It was terrible when he went but he was so ill we all knew it was for the best. I'm a carrier for this disease as is my mum & 3 of my sisters, you really have to decide if you want children enough to risk spreading it......I don't & that's one of the reasons why I won't have children, thankfully I'm not that keen anyway!
Sorry to end on a downer but it's important to me so I wanted to share it with you.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Blimey what a busy week!

Hello, I'm going to start by saying sorry for being a bad blogger....... I've been up to my eyes this week, I keep checking the blogs but the missed posts list just gets longer & longer & I'm starting to feel really bad for not commenting.

Thanks so much for all your comments about my bad's started to ease now but I'm still on the pills. I'm going to ween myself off them this weekend...... I don't want to take really strong painkillers so ever.

So what have I been up to this week???

Well on Monday I received an email from the art centre to say I needed to send all the marketing info over by the end of that day......oooohhh no.... I was still feeling rough & it was the last thing I wanted to do but needs must...... I could end up losing money on this little venture if I'm not careful so I had to do it.

While I was at it I thought I'd email a few people....... the response I got was fantastic!
The group will be in Let's Knit and a starter pack is on it's way, Cloth Magazine are going to do a feature on us & we're in the event listings......we will also be selling their great magazine.

I've also been asked to write a feature for Make it and Mend it..... they're having a meeting about possibly making us a pilot project.....yippee!!!

It's all going really well........but the down side is I'm coming home from work then spending about 4 hours replying to emails etc. It will be worth it....or so I keep saying!

On Wednesday me & OH set this up............

I'm really pleased that 4 people have signed up already, it also has links to Facebook, Twitter and the new blog.......see I have been busy!

Today I received my first email from a lady who saw one of my posters.....that was quick they only went up yesterday!

I'm off on Sunday so I hope to be back with photo's off my new goodies from last weekend, in the mean time I'll try & be a better blogger :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Surprise trip......

Hello, hope you're all enjoying your weekend....although it has gone very fast.

I had a very pleasant surprise about a week ago, I was trying to book some time off before my holiday in March & was told I could have 4 days off this weekend. When I got home I had an email from my favourite band The Men They Couldn't Hang saying the were playing a one off gig in London on Friday!!!

After looking at each & every way we decided not to go because Zoe hasn't been very well & also the money....we just couldn't really afford it.
On Thursday I received a text from OH to say he had gone ahead........ everything was booked...including our favourite hotel in Tottenham Court Road!!

It meant leaving really early on Friday morning, when I got to the station the ticket had gone up by £14 since I checked the day before :(
After buying the very expensive ticket I was told my train was running 40 mins late so I could have waited the 1 1/2 hours until the cheaper train.
He told me to get the train that was leaving in 3 mins.......after a mad dash I made it only to find out it was the slow one that took 3 hours to get there. Not a great start!

Once in London there's only one thing to!!! After dumping my bag with OH at the hotel I set off to Marylebone High Street.
First stop..............

I didn't buy anything but it's nice to wander around looking at pretty things..... I find this a funny place..... the staff are not helpful at all! There was 2 ladies behind the counter chatting, they didn't say hello or anything........ in the last few years I've decide I will not spend in shops that don't deserve my custom. Sorry VV Rouleaux but you really need to sort this out....... it may be the posh part of London but at the end of the day you're a shop!!

So rant over stop..........

I found the service better here so I did spend a few pennies!!! I wanted the Robin mug that I saw on the web site that was in the sale but unfortunately it's different in the shops.

And then finally of course I went here...................

The guy in the window was dressing it with all the new things!!! I love the new small green spot hand bag! He was very friendly & we had a chat about the colours for the Spring collection.... I can tell you ladies it's not red...... it's going to be very muted blues, greens & beige......mmmmmm that will save me a fortune as I not keen on blues & I find something I like though!
The pictures not great because outside the shop was full of Japanese tourist taking photo's!

I'll be back to show you my goodies later.

So in the evening we went to The 100 Club in Oxford street, I really like this venue....... it's a bit odd being in a busy street & I wonder how many people know it's there!

The band was fantastic as always..... you can read about here, here & here...... yes as you can see I do like this band! I think everyone was a bit worse for wear by the end of the evening including the band!!!!

We came home yesterday & that's when things started to go wrong :(

I could feel a pain in my chest & I knew this was the start of my really bad back pain...... I've been in hospital twice for this, the last time in July 08.
When it came again in October I stayed calm & took pills ......I used to have about 18 months break between each attack but not this time.

I was lucky that I got home just in time...... I collapsed on the kitchen floor & was rolling around in serious pain..... I've never had it that bad before. OH was trying to make me go to A&E but it's just not worth it....... they can't find anything wrong with me. I was firing very strong painkillers down but nothing would make it go away. It comes in waves, normally 2 attacks but this time it was 3...... the last 2 being very bad....... It knocked me for six......OH had to carry me to bed where I slept for about 10 hours.

Today I've been sleeping..... it really annoying because I had loads to do trying to sort out the knitting group but I'm so worn out.
The pain is still there & I'm taking my 'crazy' pills, tomorrow I'm going to the doctors to try & get some answers...... this is not good enough.... can you imagine what would have happened if it came on on the train???

I'm trying to work out if there's a pattern, the last time it happened I had been away & also been drinking but the first 2 times I hadn't. I just hope it goes away for a long time this time.

Today the weather has been beautiful.......Nanny has enjoyed the sun.......

I just had to share this funny photo........ he was yawning but I think it looks like he's laughing! Now if you knew Nanny you would know that wouldn't happen....... he's a miserable git!!!

Have you seen this....... I know everyone is donating money to the earthquake but please spare a thought to the animals.....that's where my money has gone.

I'll be back soon to share my goodies.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Hello everyone, hope you're having a good week & enjoying the weather!
I woke this morning to find all our snow gone...... it only really snowed the once, we had a bit on Sunday but nothing much :(
They did forecast blizzard like conditions today but at the moment it's raining .....blimey it's cold. Glad it's my day off, I'm happily tucked up inside with my pussy cats & OH.... in my PJ's :)

Last week I treated myself to something I've been looking at for months.......

Do you know what it is yet?????

Ah yes a lovely BRIGHT red glossy shopping trolley!!!!

I love it :) I've been waiting to see if it came down in the sale as I already have a trolley (only a small fold up one from work that's about 3 years old & is very dirty now). I had a figure in mind but hadn't seen it in the shops for a while so thought they had all gone, I went in last week & they had one was only reduced by £10 & was still too much, the lady said that I'd been in several times & gave me discount!!!! Well I couldn't say no!

OH puts up with my little green trolley as it means I carry all the heavy things but he's told me I'll be shopping alone with this one!
I tried to show you all the added extras but as there's no natural light at this time of year it didn't work. It has an inside insulated pocket for chilled food, a pocket on the side & back & a nice pouch to hold your brolly.

I'm still waiting to take it out because it was snowing last Wednesday when I went to the shops & I didn't want to get it wet! ......

Next stop furry boots & a head scarf :)

I also treated myself to this.......

I'm really enjoying it.....anyone got it??? My favourite can weigh your cats!!

Now anyone who knows me would know this would make me the weigh in was....
Nanny 10lbs....tubby!!
Zoe 5lbs......very old & wasting away :(
Me....... not telling!!!!

I love the fact they will come & help you if you're doing rubbish in a game, it makes me smile.....simple things!
What's your favourite game?
I'm liking snowballing at the moment :)

And finally my new hat......

Really bad's so dark..... I found the pattern here. More about this lady soon.
So far I've been asked if I brought it from Monsoon & CK......people don't believe I knitted it!
It took slightly longer then I thought which doesn't leave me much time to make my hand warmers before I start making things for the spring fairs.

Today I've had some good news about my knitting/crafty group....... as some of you know I've been trying to get this off the ground for about 5 years but every time I hit a brick wall I give up. Not this year....... I had a venue but it fell through so last week I sent some emails & now have space in the local art centre!!!!
It was very expensive but after emailing about what & why I wanted to do it they finally agreed to give it to me at a reduced rate.....well very reduced!!

They think it's an excellent idea & would like me to talk to their education manager as well........ they're also holding a big knitting event in April that's joined with iknit so she thinks it's good for me to be on board!!!

Yep today is a good day, told you it was going to be a good year........
hope it takes off for me...... I'm very excited!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy day & Christmas gifts.............

Hello, Like everyone we had snow yesterday....yippee!!!!
I'm sure you all remember me telling you how much I love snow...... This photo was taken about 6am..... I think the passing cars thought I was crazy in my front garden in my Pj's!
In true British style we couldn't cope.................. the buses stopped running until 9.30, lucky it was my day off! The schools all closed but that didn't stop the kids from hanging around the streets all day throwing snowballs etc. I bet there's so older folks out there that could tell us how to cope in the snow........even in my day you still had to go to school even if it meant everyone in one room with one teacher!! Health & safety.......blah I hate it!!!!

So back to the point......with Britain at a stand still I stopped too..... I found it really hard to do anything yesterday so I just sat in my chair looking out the window. Please tell me I wasn't the only one?
The pussy cats were all tucked up in bed for most of the day, when Nanny finally dragged himself out of bed he popped out to see what all the fuss was about......

He was trying to get to me in this photo without getting his paws too cold!

At last I'll show you my Christmas gifts, so I can put them away......

Some lovely books from my wish list, as you can see I've already started 'Keeping Mum' & very good it is too.

Align Centre

And everything else...... you see that's the trouble with not giving very many don't get many back :(
I love the Kitsch craft book... I would love to learn how to Macrame again, it does show you in here but only a pot hanger, I would like to make a wall hanging. The same friend also gave my the Union jack goodies!

Did you see the tea towel??

From my nephew..... I love it but it's far too nice to use!

I've also been off today as I'm working all's going so fast :(
I've had a very thrifty day....I've been cooking all morning....soup with left over veg for my lunch box & a lasagne for tomorrow using left overs.
The only trouble is my soup is very thick...... as you all know I'm rubbish at cooking...yes even soup!! So come on ladies what can I do??? Shall I just add a little hot water before heating it up???

We have more snow forecasted for the weekend....I'm keeping my fingers crossed it comes......maybe I could have a snow day :) Keep warm everyone.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Well other year is over and judging by all your comments on my last post I'm not alone in feeling like a hamster!
On New Years eve I sat alone at midnight thinking back over the year & reading my posts to see what I did .....well it seems I did alot!
It started in January with a new addition to my family, Bracken, then other in March, Matthew.....then the joy of finding out my friend was pregnant ....finally!! She gave birth in November to Samuel. So 3 babies came in 2009.

In February I had the problem of having to move due to mortgage problems which thankfully sorted themself out in April so it was all change again..... not sure what this year will bring but we're thanking our lucky stars we didn't move back to my home town. I visited it the other day for the first time in months, lots of shops have closed & most of the really is sad. Tesco's opened a superstore just outside the town......need I say more!

In May I set off to the Vintage & Handmade fair to meet fellow bloggers.....and talking of fellow bloggers I've been lucky to meet quite a few in the last year.....

Sal......more then once but we had a lovely day shopping in Totnes, Hen, Nicky, Jayne, Michele, Julie, Donna, Posy..... I started chatting to a customer about her shopping bag, sewing & crocheting & it turned out to be her!!.........Victoria & Kelly...A lovely evening out in London with pizza....Let's hope we can do it again this year!

2009 was also the year I joined the Brownies....and left very quickly!!! I didn't go back after the summer holiday, she called me one day saying there was a planning meeting that evening & I must attend as they started back the following day..... rubbish organization....I think it would've been better if I had joined another group but I found it a real drain on my time. For 2010 I have other plans for my evenings....something I've been trying to sort out for about 5 years!

We all took part in the Innocent Big Knit with some great's to the next one :)

I started selling my makes in a local shop in March & sent stuff to my first fair in November I took the plunge & did my first one! I finished the year with 4 & they were very successful.....I've also got a meeting with a local shop this month so they can sell my things. I've been working towards this for the last 15 years....I need to keep going otherwise I'll be back to square one...... hopefully 2010 will be a good year for josiemary.

At the end of the year I sometimes feel I haven't made as much as I wanted....due to the fact my list is always so long!....I look at other peoples blog & wonder where they find the time! However I decided to delve into my photo's to find I have made more then I thought!

But the list is still very long :(

Thanks so much for dropping by over the last year, I've enjoyed your company :) For some reason I feel really positive about 2010...... I don't normally bother with the new year but I feel this will be a good 'un