Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another week, another fair

Hello everyone, I say this all the time but where did that week go? Older people say 'you wait til you get old it goes even faster'.......well & this rate I don't think it's worth even getting up in the mornings!

I was going to be good this week..... try to post twice & leave some comments but no yet again the time has raced by.

I went back to work on Tuesday....blimey that's hard work! I've have a 5 day week including an 11 hours day, I feel very tired now.
Would someone please employ me to sit at home & make things???
Thought not!!

Here's some delayed photo's.

First up.......

My lovely deer book ends that I purchased at the Vintage & Handmade fair, these came from Michele........she knows I have a thing for deers so she was tempting me!
Well of course I couldn't resist & now they have a lovely new home with all my other deers.

A long, long time ago I mentioned my friend (Hello Claire!!) was going to Ikea & I was planning on going with her ....however I felt under the weather with a rotten cold so stayed away.

She very kindly brought this for me.........

I'm so pleased as I regretted buying it all those years ago & was really happy when I heard they had brought it back......I need more bedlinen like a hole in the head but hey this is lovely!!!

Notice Nanny?.......I think he spends his whole life in bed....lazy tyke!

Today sees me heading off to Bow.....a little village not far from Exeter. I'll be selling at Heart of Devon's like a festival with live music all day & free to get in!
Hope it stays dry..... I thought I'd be sitting in the sun all afternoon, now I'm just hoping I don't get wet!
I'll be going with my crafty partner in crime.....Amy

I'm also getting ready for yet another Make, Do and Mend meeting on Tuesday.

Must dash as I need to finish my hair slides.

Back soon

Monday, 24 May 2010

Handmade Home Fair

I'm back.....I've been off work for the last week in order to be ready for the fair & it past in a blink of an eye :(

Saturday came & went in rather a blur but I survived...only just!

I thought I'd share some pictures.....

Packed & ready to go
I set up my table at home so I would be prepared......

Lucky as I didn't get time to take any photo's on the the little white bear in the basket? He's now on his way to Buenos Aires! In fact all the bears & cats found new homes :)

After a rocky start things got under way....

It was so hot & sunny I felt no one would come but I had my sister on the door with a clicker & we had over 300...yey..I was very happy with that!!

My neighbours.....
The lovely Louise from Lucky Lulu & Jo from Saints & Pinners.....Jo was very busy, people couldn't get near the fabrics....I managed to grab a piece with deers on :)

My good friend Kimberly......
Kimberly took these photo's for us you were thinking they're too good for me!!!

Penny.... and can you spot some very colourful things?

Yes you guessed it Sal was there....

Lovely goodies from Shabby Chick....

and the lovely Amanda herself....
I don't have any photo's of the fantastic Amy but check out her brooches here......this was one of the hottest items of the day, I think everyone in Exeter is wearing one.

It was a good day but not something I'd rush into again.....but never say never.....we have some thing very exciting in the pipeline for Nov/ watch this space.

With all the fuss I forgot Crafty Sunday.....I think you can all see I've been crafty this week!
Back to work for me tomorrow.......fingers crossed I have another fair on Sunday, outside so I hope the weather stay this good.

Have a good week.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafty Sunday

ooohhh I'm late, sorry! I've been working today but I really wanted to join in the first Crafty Sunday.......It's being organised by Maria, pop over to take a look at her lovely dresses.

This week I have been crafty, it's all go here making sure I have enough to sell at the fair.

First up....crochet bunting....

Hung up to dry after being pressed & starched.


Not sure about these, they took forever to make & I don't know if they're every one's cup of tea. I'm only making 4 & if they don't sell I can keep them! I've also made cover coat hangers which are unfinished so you have to wait until next week for those.

Today was my last day at work for 8 days!!! So tonight it's off with the Habitat hat & on with the organiser hat :)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

April 2010

ooohhh blimey I forgot to do a post about April & we're nearly half way though May!!!
I didn't post very much in April so there was hardly any photo's to choose, although I'm getting the feeling April was all about making & pussy cats!

Sorry I haven't been around much......with only 9 days to go until the Handmade Home Fair I'm a little busy!
Hope to get back into blogger once it's over :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

VE day....

Today is the 65th anniversary of VE day.......

To mark this event I asked my parents to share their memories of this fantastic day......

Dad was only 4 but he remembers it being sunny & watching the US troops parade through Taunton, Somerset. The troops were cheering & throwing gum, cigarettes & cigars to the crowds.

Mum was only 3 but can still remember being put on a train by her 2 cousins as it pulled in a station near Crediton......she walked through the train asking 'Any gum chum?' She got loads as everyone was was happy, but when she got off the 2 beastly boys took it off her!!!!
Can you imagine putting a 3 year old on a train full of soldiers these days?!!!

They both remember it was a joyous time with lots of cheering & parties.

To be there must have been amazing....
I did a post asking 'What day in history would you go back to?'
this would definitely be my choice.

So I say thank you to these brave, strong fact I'm sure you all feel the same.
Would we cope if we had to face the same thing?

I think not.......I mean who would we sue? I'd need compensation if my windows broke due to bomb blast!

I will be back to show you my lovely goodies from the fair last's been a busy week, where did it go? Feels like only yesterday I was getting excited about going.

That means only 2 weeks until Handmade Home Fair......eek.....I haven't made much this week! Best get on.........

See...not a word about the'll have to follow me on Twitter for that!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Show and Tell Sunday.....

Morning all & welcome to Show and Tell Sunday..... I say it every time but where has the month gone!

So with out further a do this months topic is your favourite china......

I have chosen this .......

Yes it's the 1950's Homemaker you all thought I'd show Cornish Blue didn't you?

I'm sure you all know the story of this china but I'll just re cap.

It was designed for the Stoke-on Trent potters Ridgway by a virtually unknown Staffordshire student. Sold by Woolworth's....oh how I miss Woolies! the masses. At the time it was very affordable....plates cost 2d (2 1/2p). However now it's a very different story, if you're lucky enough to find a perfect terrine it could be worth £100!

You can google Homemaker china & find lots of sellers but I don't believe in paying over the top for things just because it's 'on trend'....I've wanted some of this china for about 5 years but could never find it at boot sales, charity shop etc.

Then one Sunday a few years ago I came across this saucer in a box of odds & ends at a boot sale, just 50p....I was so happy!

Then just like buses this happened......

We had a Show & Tell at work...don't ask!....& I took my saucer. A lady I worked with had some pieces & she explained you could buy it anywhere...if you want to pay!

On my birthday a few months later she gave me the cup & saucer plus a side kind!
Then within 6 months another lady found 2 side plates in a charity shop!

I'll keep looking & one day I'll have the whole set!

But in the mean time I'm rather taken with this.....

Spode Baking days.

No surprise there then! I only have this plate (nothing matches in my house) but I would like more......I'll have to sneak it pass OH, we do have loads of china & certainly don't need anymore!

Do any of you have Homemaker china?

Does anyone remember Woolworth's selling it?

I'd love to hear your stories.

Thanks for joining in, the next one will be Sunday 6th June.....OH's birthday!.....
Topic - your favourite book, so get thinking ladies!

I'll be back to show you my goodies I brought at the Vintage & Handmade fair yesterday.
It was lovely meeting you all again.....great job Jayne & Michele...
looking forward to November!