Thursday, 23 February 2012

Are you on it???

I joined about 6 months ago & I must confess that I'm hooked!!!

I can't stop....... help!!!

As you might of guessed it's full of cats & crafting 

Money well spent!

A cat in a knitted jumper..... 2 of my favourite things!

If you're a crafty cat lover pop over & follow me.

Must get back to my knitting :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hello...... over a week ago I treated myself to this

I know what you're thinking..... what a waste of money, why doesn't she use the cooker??

It cost so much to use our big oven so I haven't made cakes for years. This little gadget is great & it was on offer!

It taken a while to get use to the mixture..... I followed the recipe in the book but it made 21 cakes! As the machine only makes 6 it took forever. 

I was making cakes for the Make, Do and Mend's 2nd birthday so it was ok..... I made plan (I had planned to ice them but OH forgot to order icing sugar on our Sainsbury's shop!) & coffee & walnut..... my fave!

The tin was full so they must have been good!!!

Today I halved the ingredients & made 12 apple cakes..... they're not very big (I have 2 at a time!) but they're handy for my lunch box & saves me popping to the bakery around the corner!

We also brought a Panini maker which has been very good..... I love toasted sandwiches :)

Next on my list is a pie maker...... anyone got one?

I've been so busy making for the big vintage fair in March...... must crack on!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yarn Bombing!

We had a fantastic time on Tuesday at Make, Do and Mend..... we went yarn bombing!!!

The Blue Boy statue complete with scarf & moustache in the main shopping centre...... this was the hardest one as the centre is patrolled by guards & cameras 24/7!

All the trees along the high street had scarves with labels!

The bunting was placed on the railings outside the museum but had disappeared by 9am the next morning..... I think someone pinched it!

Mr Hooker on the Cathedral green kept his pom poms on until mid morning! 

I used my new cupcake maker for the first time over the weekend & made a batch of walnut & coffee cakes to celebrate our 2nd birthday.......... they went down a treat!!

We've been featured on the local newspaper's website  and I've received lots of emails from people who spotted the scarves on the trees!!

You can see more photo's on the website

Who would have thought it's been 2 years since our first meeting!

All in all it's been a good week!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Lately I have been trying out a new hair style!

I saw this in issue 8 of Vintage Life magazine last summer. As some of you know I have very long curly hair..... I'm not brave enough to take the plunge & have it cut in a 1940/1950's style..... OH would hate it anyway!

This is easy to do & creates a great look..... I normally wear the rest of my hair in a bun & add a scarf to hide the ends.

Sorry the photo's are blurred...... I left it too late so had to take them in the dark!

It's very easy..... buy a hair bun, only £1 from Primark..... cut in half & roll. Pin the hair bun in a horse shoe shape & use a scarf to disguise it.

Make sure the edges are neat & spray with hair spray..... simples!!!

My fringe is nearly 2 foot long but I can still do this so it really can't be hard!!

Next time I do it I'll try to get a photo :) Do let me know if you give it a go.

It's Make, Do and Mend this week & we're yarn bombing!!! We're been planning it for over a year but as it's our 2nd birthday..... why does the time go?..... I wanted to let Exeter know we're still here!

Hope to be back soon unless I get a arrested with my wool & needles!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 2012

So that's January over with..... normally I find it hard but this year it's zipped by!

It's been a busy month for Make, Do and Mend..... getting ready for our secret mission on 7th Feb!!!
I've also been very crafty...... making new lines for spring/summer & updating my new website.

I've been working hard & on a few occasions playing hard...... never again... haha!! Plus I've been enjoying the best TV for a long time.... Call The Midwife & Birdsong!

It's been a good month & I'm looking forward to seeing what February will bring :)