Thursday, 31 March 2011

Meet Mr Emlyn

Last Thursday I waited in for delivery of my new arm chair and here he is....ta-da!!!

You like??
I brought it from Habitat.... well I say brought it was free!!!! We have a long service award scheme in Habitat so after 15 years service in 2010 I received a lovely load of gift vouchers!

So I brought the chair & the footstool...

I also brought a new cushion....

It's called Exmouth and I really think it is Exmouth!!!

At only £10 they've been selling like hot cakes!

Since Zoe's been gone Nanny has been sitting on my lap more & more but the problem is he's very heavy!!! She was skin & bones but Nanny is very tubby!
I was hoping we could share the footstool

He seems keen...... & hopefully no more dead legs!!

To get the chair in I had to tidy up big time....... I do all my crafting while sat in my chair watching TV but the mess had grown & grown!!

As you can see it's still messy but loads better then what it was! I can now find things :)

Whilst tidying up I found 6 bags of wool..... yes that's right 6 bags!!! That's on top of the very large garden trug. So if you hear me say.... 'I must get some more wool' please slap me!!!!

It's been tiring going back to work & after only 3 days of standing & walking around my back is really playing up again :(
I'm off today but have loads to do for the fair on Sunday.... I still haven't finished my list & I need to pack as I'm working tomorrow & Saturday!

Best crack on then...... back soon

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A day in Looe

On Friday me & OH set off to sunny Cornwall. After a 2 1/2 hour train journey that was very busy..... our public transport is so rubbish!!! ... we arrived in Looe just in time to see the sun set whilst enjoying a cold cider on the harbour front.

It's a funny little town..... our hotel was very cheap & cheerful but not the best I've ever stayed in. The toilet & shower were in a box in the corner of the bedroom..... I kid you not!!! They toilet was less then 2 foot away from the bed & the sliding door didn't close, thank goodness it had a flat roof with a bench because that's just too modern for me!!! 
We headed off to see the night life but I think we must have been in the wrong area because the 2 places we went were full of nutters!!! A fisherman had died the night before so maybe everyone was letting off steam. We went back to the hotel to watch some guy sing along to a CD..... dear oh dear.... & to think I should have been in London watching The Men They Couldn't Hang!!

The view was beautiful from our bench

The fish market
As you can see the sun wasn't shining on Saturday :(

It's very hilly!!

Our plan was to get the early train back & stop off in Totnes so I could visit the vintage fair but I think I drowned my sorrows too much on Friday & felt very rough.
So it was a slow journey back but this time the trains were empty & by the time we got to the boarder the sun had his hat on again!

This bridge is amazing.... well done to OH for hanging out the window to take this!!

And the view is breath taking......but what's that???

The Union pub..... thought I'd share the Union love with you!!!

The painting on the side is great too!

We had a lovely time but I was glad to get back to my own bed & a nice cup of tea..... getting old!! And of course to see Nanny.

I think we'll be going back to Cornwall...... we had both forgotten how lovely it is :)

Back to work for me tomorrow.... boo hoo..... not happy at all!!!

I hope you all have a good week

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Still here......

Yes I'm still here..... it's been a week since my last post & I've been really bad leaving comments..... sorry everyone! I will try harder...promise!

So the count down to work has began..... I can't believe I had 14 days which has now turned in to 4 days left! I'm starting to have that back to school feeling already. I've been so lucky with the weather as it's been beautiful here in Exeter. I spent some time in the garden trying to cut back the blackberry bushes..... they've taken over!!

Have you all seen this...

Lovely t-shirts at a fantastic price!

 You can find them here

I checked yesterday but couldn't work out the sizes.... if you check on the pop up size page it says the XL size is an 18 but then in the next block it says it a 16..... I'm very confused!!! Anyone know?
I brought a jumper from there years ago that's XL & it's massive!

They're selling like hot cakes, yesterday nearly everyone was in stock in only 3! Does that mean all CK fan are larger ladies??? Then why are all her clothes for little people??!!!

I wonder if they'll get more in?

I hope you all enjoyed Comic Relief on Friday..... I was out but spent Saturday watching it on catch up..... 6 hours!!!!!
What was your favourite bit? 
I love the Smithy sketch....... soooo funny!!!

Today I'm waiting in for my new armchair :) 
It's being delivered between 12-6pm which is a complete pain as I can't do anything in the morning so it's a wasted day :(
Hopefully I won't be the last on the route!

Enjoy the sun

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

Top of the morning to you all!

Well this is the 3rd St Patricks day I've spend with you my lovely blogging friends & this year we've decided not to celebrate with drink!!!

For the last few years we've been flogging a dead horse ....sat in the pub on our own watching the racing & trying to find Irish music on juke boxes. So this year we're going to stay in & watch Cheltenham :(
It will be odd but I think it's a good plan as I've been naughty for the last 2 days & gone out to watch the racing. You know how it goes.... ohhhh lets go to the pub for lunch & come home early....mmmm doesn't happen does it?

Cheltenham update: Lost every race..... rubbish!! But 2 days to go :)

One of the reasons I've been out is the fact our Internet has been really playing up this week..... typical when I've got the week off!.... I have so much work to do with Folksy & Make, Do and Mend but couldn't do anything :( 

OH got it working this morning but I'm not sure how long it will last..... sorry for not leaving any comments but I will be back when things are sorted.

On Monday I treated myself to an ipad.... hooray!!! 
I've been saving for a while & planned to buy the new one but I went to the Apple shop on Monday & was told if I didn't queue up at 3am on Friday 25th March I would have to wait months! Well I'm really not that bothered about it! The new ones are going to be faster, have a camera & lighter...... but the old ones now have £100 off! 
I do love it & being cheaper it means I can now buy a CK case!!!

Hope you're all having a good week so far..... loving the sun, in fact I even took my cardigan off yesterday....heavens above it must be spring!!!!

Back soon

Friday, 11 March 2011

The countdown has began.....

Only 2 more days of work before my annual 2 week holiday

Hopefully I'll have more time to visit you all & of course making things for the fair on Sunday 3rd April :)

Have a great weekend

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Vintage Week

Today while looking back on my week I realised it's been a bit vintage!

It all started on Monday when I dashed through WHSmiths & spotted this...

As this is issue 7 I'm sure some of you would have already heard of it. I can't believe I've never seen it before (WHSmiths have only just started stocking it)..... I must say it's excellent! I've read it cover to cover & really enjoyed it..... so much so I've subscribed today :)

My favourite article.... it made me think of my Nan & all the questions I never asked when she was here :(

Make do and mend!

On Tuesday it was more make do and mending...

I've also found out they're showing Shine On Harvey Moon on the yesterday channel

I loved this in the early 80's!

I found it while looking for Ration Book Britain....

Have you been watching? You can check out the web site here

The week was finished off by a little treat...

Prefect for the garden & it looks good on my shelves 

So as you can see it's been a bit vintage in this neck of the woods!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Another month has gone but looking back February was quite a crafty month!
I did really well with the Folksy listing club but think I might have a break for a bit. I really need to make quanity now for the April fair..... more about that later :)

My journal seems to have taken a back seat...... or should I say it's been buired under magazines by my chair! Must try harder this month!

Last night was Make, Do and Mend so I'm recoviering today! It was our busiest one yet with 30 people squeezed into one room.......oh my goodness!!!

Hope you're all having a good week