Sunday, 21 September 2014

Another Year In Blog Land!

Today I celebrate my 6th anniversary in blog land!

Who would have thought?

In the last year my attention has turned more to Instagram as it's quick & easy but I do like to catch up with my favourite blogs with my morning cup of tea.

Today I'm off with the family to another 1940's event, I'll tell you all about it soon.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

August Book Review

1940: as war closes in and the bombs fall, on the Homefront, two sisters must find their place in a new world of ‘men’s’ work, in which a telegraph can break your heart and nothing in the future is certain. Growing up in Birmingham, Sylvia and Audrey Whitehouse were always like chalk and cheese. As young women, while Sylvia dreams of her forthcoming life married to fiancĂ© Ian. Audrey can’t bear the thought of being tied down by marriage and children. Instead she jumps at the career opportunities the WAAF throws her way. Joining the ranks at RAF Cardington, she finds these new freedoms come with confusion and irresistible temptations. When she goes too far in one careless moment, the consequences will ripple through the whole Whitehouse family. Meanwhile, Sylvia has come round to the idea of war work and, doing her bit, becomes a railway porter, much to Ian’s dismay. Fetching and carrying are just not feminine, not like Sylvia’s new friend Kitty, who is as sweet and pretty as can be. But Kitty’s innocent, girlish nature hides a far darker secret that no one could guess… As the pressures of rationing, bombing raids and sleepless nights grow, the two sisters must decide what they really want from life and if they’re brave enough to fight for it. A heartbreaking yet inspiring novel, perfect for fans of Margaret Dickinson and Katie Flynn.
Only one book read in August. 
This was brought to the shop by a lovely lady who keeps me supplied with WW2 romance.
It was a great book, with lots twist & turns.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

August 2014

Summer has nearly gone & autumn is knocking on the door.
August was a funny month...... it started with lights out to remember WW1, lots of knitting, treats from customers & volunteers, starting my Christmas jumper, treating myself to yet another cardigan & spending lots of time with my girls.

It finished with my birthday

My gifts this year 

Beautiful vintage candle holder

I spent a lot of August alone, including most of my birthday. OH has decided to move out as he hates living here, at the moment he's taken a room in the city centre for 6 months to see how it goes. It all feels a bit weird & lonely but I have to get used to it. I'm learning to cook to try & save money as I'm paying all the bills so takeaway & M&S is not on the cards!

September is my favourite month but at the moment it's hard to look on the bright side. My deputy manager has left so I'm alone in the shop, I'm trying to sort out cover for days off but not getting very far. Fingers crossed we find someone soon. I need to knuckle down & focus on now rather than worrying about what will happen in 6 months time.

Hopefully September will be better!